Supergirl Introduces Korrasami 2.0, but is it Brave Enough to Also Deliver?

Through unabashed optimism and positive lesbian representation, Supergirl has quickly become something of a Fandomentals darling this fall season. It’s offered a refreshing break from the current grimdark of our TV-scape, with its shock deaths and dead wlw characters.

In its newest episode, and the last until the new year, Supergirl blew-up what we all expected to be a season (or more)-long slowburn romance between Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer, instead sending the good ship “Sanvers” sailing on its merry way.

It seems odd then, for this piece to question the “courage” of a show that gave such a close and personal view of Alex coming to understand her sexuality. However, the relationship in question is not between Supergirl’s adoptive sister and a cop. No, it’s between Supergirl herself, the show’s protagonist, and Lena Luthor. 

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