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A Proposal by Any Other Name, Chapter 32: Breakfast | A Reylo fanfic


Chapter summary: Kylo & Rey find themselves locked in a two-person war to see who can one-up the other with this fake-engaged nonsense, and … well, the tensions start bleeding into their lives in private.

Chapter preview: 

Rey throws him a dirty look. He smiles to himself and starts walking. 

“Do you give all of your friends pet names?” Rey asks, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye as they make their way down the street, Kylo keeping a far closer eye out for sharp objects than Rey, who seems to care very little that she’s walking barefoot on a dirty sidewalk. 

“Only the cute ones.”

She slaps him with a shoe to the arm and he hisses, trying not to make a big show of it. “Don’t tease me.”

Author’s note: <3 I’m pretty sure this is the longest chapter this story has ever seen. You’re welcome. Enjoy ;)