he was so surprised when EXO was announced #1


some genderbends i was thinking about at work and had the BIGGEST urge to draw /////zzzz


the moment: key × bridge ship house ♡ 160826
source: mredwardsanders (i / ii / iii / iv / v)
describing the fonts chosen for each member!

onew: the reason why the fonts for “o” and “new” are different is because the “o” is an image of (the) current onew while “new” is an image of the onew that is a step ahead (of others / himself).

jonghyun: for jonghyun, she expressed how he easily cries, is sensitive and has a quivering voice.

key: she used the “e” in the middle (of his name) to express how he has a strong will / mentality and she purposely used a different font for the other letters.

minho: the “m” is similar to the font used in for mickey mouse; she wanted to express the part of him that’s popular (ie: popular guy) and is outgoing.

taemin: she used a thin font to express his delicacy.