EXO - 150727 ‘Love Me Right’ making video - [ENG SUB]

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150728 After School Club Ep170 with GOT7

EXO Reaction when their kid asks how you two met

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Chanyeol: *Does a demonstration* “And then I saved her from those bad guys and we fell in love!”

Kris:*Sassy Kris* “Well she saw me walking on the street and she fell in love at first sight… I mean look at me.” *It’s actually the other way around*

Sehun: *Really convinced that’s the original story* “So she was passing by, asking for a picture and when she got close to me, she kissed me. Our of the blue… yeah it was amazing!”

Tao: “Oh I remember…” *Stands there for hours, thinking about it and smiling uncontrollably* 

Kai: “Chicken! It was thanks to chicken! We were in the same restaurant and someone told me a girl was eating more than me. So I looked at her and knew she was the one” *Takes your kid to the same restaurant*

Xiumin: *Smiles and blushes* “Oh it was beautiful! It was her prom and I was there because of a friend… she looked gorgeous” 

Baekhyun: “Oh don’t remind me of that! I was so silly back then!! I tripped and fell just in front of her!!!”

Luhan: “The truth is… that I went to talk to her, and tried to act cool… but I ended up being all nervous and embarrassing myself. Since then we never stopped talking”

Chen: *Really nervous because he doesn’t want to ruin your kid’s childhood* “Well… daddy was a little bit naughty back then…”

Kyungsoo: “I saw dropping some of her things so I helped and I fell in love… She’s always been so sweet.. I couldn’t stop smiling for a month”

Lay: “We met at a cafe you know? She was in the next table and I just asked her out. I couldn’t let her go!!” *Flirty Unicorn* 

Suho: “I don’t want you to know about it… It’s not a good example… she saved me from doing something stupid.. yeah..”