EXO - 150304 EXO from Exoplanet #1 - The Lost Planet in Japan DVD teaser

Credit: Avex.

Éste es el epicentro del insomnio /
la luna que atraviesa las persianas
pone rejas en la pared del sur /
el cielo raso está desvanecido

repaso los centímetros del día
cuento hasta mil doscientos treinta y ocho
pongo a saltar canguros y koalas
ya que los corderitos se cansaron

susurro nombres que empiezan con hache
rememoro boleros / valsecitos
tangos / milongas / liras de fray luis
dos estrofas del himno / una balada

voy cerrando los ojos despacito
pero el sueño no llega / ni siquiera
lo espero con codicia / no lo espero
soy el rey del insomnio / soy un búho

han vestido de oscuro la vigilia
desde la calle sube un gran vacío
por la ventana entran los silencios /
son el lenguaje oculto de la noche

sé que antes del alba he de dormirme
sé que antes del alba he de dormirme
lo repito a ver si me convenzo
sé que antes del alba he de dormirme

y dormido por fin acaso sueñe
que soy un búho / nada más que un búho

—  "Nada más que un búho" - Mario Benedetti.

anonymous asked:

i want Himuro to fuck me hard in his Christian school while saying the most dirtiest things that no one could have expected from this sweet and gentle Jesus-loving boy.

Anon you please me with this (●☌◡☌●)

"H-himuro!" Your body rested on the teachers desk as he teased your opening.  He had cornered you in the empty classroom and locked the door. From the look he gave you, he was in the mood to "play".

"That’s a nice sound there, do it again" Himuro purred in your ear. He pushed himself into you in one thrust. You grabbed the front of his shirt to keep you from sliding off the desk. "N-not so rough…" you breathed wrapping your legs tightly around him. "You say that, but down here tells me you like it" Himuro teased nibbling on the shell of your ear.

"Hm~!" you jolted feeling him start a rough pace. His thrust were rough but held a balanced pace. You could tell he had full control over himself, the smirk he held confirmed your suspicion.

"You like it this way don’t you?" he teased pushing you back on the desk. Himuro leaned over you and pulled himself closer. "Can you feel me ___? Deep inside you…" he said kissing you hard. His pace changed to a pace of slow hard thrust. "I can feel you, all around ___" he groaned stopping deep inside.

"Did you think I would cum? I’m going to need some begging first" Himuro teased staring you straight in the eyes. "H-himuro…please"

"Not that name"