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I loved the small interactions that Danai & Andy had in the panel :)

I did, too! Considering how they had everyone separated, I’m glad we got what little we did. My favorite is Danai’s face when Chandler sold out Andy over the “Coral” thing. (How you gonna go against the family, Carl?)

But she went right to defending him. She was like, Y’all not about to gang up on my TV man like this. 😄

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Hi Oliver! I have a present for Host. It's not anything fancy or anything like that, but. .. Well, I saw it and thought of him. *It's an old silver locket, worn but still in good condition. When opened, it plays a soothing music box melody*


Oliver takes the locket from you with careful fingers, but after a moment, he hands it back to you with a smile on his face. “Here, why don’t I take you up to give it to him personally? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

The android leads you to the elevator where he presses the button with the Host’s name next to it. When you reach the library, Oliver tells you that the dragon will lead you on from there. “I have to stay in the lobby,” he says, pointing down as the elevator doors close, and Lewis tugs on your shoelaces (I’m assuming you’ve got shoelaces, bear with me) to get you to follow him.

He leads you to where the Host sits at his desk, writing. “The Host hears Lewis and a visitor draw near. He stands from his desk and faces the visitor with a polite smile.” You explain your reason in being there, holding out the locket to the Host and placing it into his outstretched hand.

Host runs his fingers over the tarnished surface of the locket slowly and delicately before putting it on over his head and opening the locket. A little song begins to play softly, and a smile breaks over the Host’s face. He listens to it all the way through before closing the locket carefully and letting it drop against his chest.

A moment of silence passes as the Host fiddles with the buttons on the front of his jacket before you can see a slight blush rising on his cheeks. “The Host does not know what to say. He… he likes the gift very much and wishes to thank you.”

enjoy right now, today - peter parker x reader

fandom: the avengers/spider-man

word count: 1945

character pairing: tom holland’s spider-man x chubby!reader

warnings: chubby!reader expresses their dislike for their body, and look down upon themselves for it 

prompt: I was just gonna ask for a Peter Parker x chubby reader because there’s not really any out there that I know of but it is not of importance if you don’t wanna write with that in mind

notes: AHHHHHHH i wholeass snatchedt my brothers laptop from him so that i could write this lmao. i’ve struggled wit hating my body for so long, and i’m glad i got to express myself through this piece. this one meant a whole lot to me, so thank u to the honey that requested this. never forget, kids, that your body is a temple, built to be worshiped. love ur bodies! u only got 1 of em! (please take care of urselves ur all so lovely & beautiful) 

There was no way Peter Parker would ever be into you.

That was what you ingrained into your mind every time the thought of kissing him crossed your mind. There was no way you would ever feel his hands in your hair, holding your jaw as he guided your lips against his. You would never tighten your fingers in his shirt and laugh against his lips, because in your eyes, Peter Parker and yourself were two very different entities. It was best to not entertain even the thought of the impossible.

You’d been ridiculously in love with Peter Parker since you could remember. There was just something about him that drew your heart closer and closer to him, leaving an ache when he could never be reached. Like you said; you were two different entities.

Currently, MJ had her head on your shoulder, holding a highlighter between her teeth as her eyes scanned over the word-search book the two of you had laid out on the table. You spun your own pen in hand, not really paying attention to the scramble of words in front of you. Your mind was clouded with the thought of Peter, the thought of lacing your fingers through his and holding his hand, contentment filling your lungs.

And then Flash took a seat in front of you, and your mood instantly soured.

It wasn’t that Flash was a bad person- except that he totally was. Not only was he the prime source of your insecurity, but you also saw the way he treated Peter. You squeezed your fist around your pen, halting its movement. MJ raised her head off your shoulder, narrowing her eyes at the boy in front of you.

“What do you want, Flash?” MJ drawled, taking the highlighter from between her teeth. “Don’t you have literally anybody else to bother right now?” Your fingers twitched at your side, and MJ discreetly linked her pinkie with yours under the table, trying to bring you a sense of comfort.

A table away, Ned and Peter quieted down, watching the interaction go down.

He shrugged, elbows resting on the lunch table as he appraised the two girls, cocking his head to the side and letting out a small chuckle as his eyes landed on you. You rose an eyebrow as you met his stare, anxiety rattling your ribs.

“Y/N, you do know it’s lunchtime, right?” Beside you, MJ huffed, and squeezed her pinkie tighter around yours. You nodded stiffly in response. “Well, then, I’m surprised you’re not eating.” MJ sat up straight, opening her mouth to let a flood of insults out. You caught her eye then, shaking your head, eyes begging her to keep quiet. Your weight was something you were always self-conscious of, and you constantly found yourself poking and tugging the extra fat on your stomach, your hips, your thighs. Anywhere that was bigger than you cared for. Because you were chubby, most of Flash’s cruel jabs were at your weight’s expense.  

You cleared your throat, a ghost of a smile on your lips as MJ huffed beside you, now gripping your hand and squeezing your knuckles to keep herself from exploding. “Big breakfast,” you muttered, glaring down at the word search. You could feel Peter’s gaze burning into the side of your head, and your cheeks reddened at the sudden attention. “not the hungriest, at the moment.” And it was true, too. You had a spare period right in the morning, which meant you ate breakfast a little later than usual.

Flash laughed, quite loudly, and stood to his feet, leaning closer to you. You fought the urge to flick him in the eye. “You know, maybe if you-”

There was a slam, and Flash’s words stopped abruptly, eyes focusing on none other than Peter Parker.

He had slammed his hand down on the table, the cafeteria quieting down for a fraction of a second before resuming its continuous chatter. Peter’s hard gaze on Flash didn’t falter, his jaw tense. This was a side of Peter Parker you’d never seen before; you weren’t sure how to feel.

“Leave her alone, dude,” Peter said, his tone as calm as ever with a bite of ice behind it. He was standing up, one hand on the table, the other clenched at his side. Beside him, Ned’s hands twitched with anxiety. “no one deserves that kind of shit. Especially not her.” MJ was squeezing your hand ridiculously tight, and you wouldn’t be surprised if your knuckles broke right then and there.

Flash scowled then, kicking the table they sat at so it rattled, obviously at a loss for words. He wasn’t expecting anyone to stand up to him, especially not Peter Parker.

Once he left, Peter turned to look at you, opening his mouth to speak. But you were on your feet in an instant, staring at Peter with burning red cheeks. Before he could get a word out, you tore your hand from MJ’s and sped down the hall just as the bell rang.

Peter Parker could never ever like you.


It was ridiculous how very much into you Peter Parker was.

He watched as you disappeared down the hall, wondering what on earth he did to scare you off like that. He turned to Michelle, who was staring up at Peter with her lips parted some, blinking once before collecting her stuff and standing to her feet, disappearing before Peter could say anything.

He turned to Ned, who shrugged at him. “She was probably embarrassed,” Ned tried, picking up his own belongings. “I mean, Flash deserved that, but I kind of understand why she’d feel embarrassed, or whatever.” Ned shrugged again, avoiding Peter’s gaze. Ned wasn’t noticed around school very often, but when he was, he was usually the target of rude bullies who hadn’t learned yet that the appearance of others was none of their damn business. “But hey, if you’re looking for a way to talk to her,” he walked over to the side of the table you and MJ had occupied, and held up a battered copy of Me Before You, a colourful collection of sticky notes protruding from the pages. “looks like she left something behind.”

Peter had been trying to find you for the rest of the day, after the encounter at lunch. He wasn’t expecting it to end with you running away from him like he’d grown a third eye. But he also wasn’t expecting to confront Flash either; life came at him fast.

He’d been vying for your attention for as long as he could remember, shyness knotting his stomach every time an opportunity to talk to you presented itself. You were just so- just so beautiful, Peter thought, butterflies bursting in his belly at the thought of the smile that you only seemed to wear around MJ. You were beautiful, and ridiculously kind- it was true, he’d never seen you be rude to anyone, consider all the shit you got. For what? For looking different than some people? Peter didn’t get it. Everything about you was just so perfect in his eyes. He couldn’t understand how people hated all the things he loved about you.

Peter’s head was in the clouds as he wandered down the hall in the direction of your locker, clutching your book in his hands. His motive the rest of the day was to see you again, and apologize for stepping in places he probably had no business stepping into. Guilt clawed at his insides as he thought of all the possibilities you could be mad at him. He should’ve paid attention to where he was walking instead.

He groaned as he walked face-first into an open locker, a hand coming up to clutch his forehead. The owner of the locker slammed it shut, turning in horror to see who she had just unintentionally hit.

When Peter’s eyes met yours, the butterflies returned, this time climbing up his throat and preventing him from speaking. He just stared at you, watching you pause whatever you were doing originally to stare back at him.


“H-Hi,” Peter stammered, blinking at you and swallowing hard before realizing he still had your book in his hands, and you were now staring down at it expectantly. “um, this is yours.” He thrust the book into your hands, crossing his arms over his chest immediately.

You took the book back from him, sighing in relief as you placed it back in your bookbag. You shifted nervously on your feet, not sure how to say what you knew you needed to say. “Thank you, by the way,” you began, and Peter could feel the colour seeping into his cheeks. “for what you did at lunch. It really- it really meant a lot to me, and I’m sorry I ran off the way I did, I was just-” you cut yourself off as Peter began to smile, realizing you were rambling. “I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t apologize,” Peter grinned. “you have a really pleasant voice.” His smile dropped as he’d realized what he’d just said aloud, and you bit your lip to fight off a laugh. “I-I on-only meant- meant that, uh- would you like to, uh, go out sometime? With me?” It was your turn to stop and stare at Peter, and he couldn’t fathom the nervous and somewhat confused expression you wore.

“W-What?” you stammered, clutching the strap of your bag tightly. “Is this- is this a prank? Did MJ put you up to this?” Peter shook his head, confusion muddling his mind as his eyes scanned your face.

“No, nobody put me up to this,” he said softly, “I wouldn’t be asking you out if I didn’t really wanna go out with you, Y/N.” You swallowed thickly, nodding slowly as you felt excitement and anxiety and disbelief race through your bloodstream all at once.

You fumbled with your open locker for a moment before producing a pen, uncapping it and shyly reaching for Peter’s arm. He let you take it without hesitation, smiling as he watched you lightly write down 10 digits on his bare arm, pulling back and releasing his arm with a content smile as you capped your pen.

“Um, there,” you said nervously, shutting your locker and taking a step back. “I’ll um, I’ll talk to you later, I guess?” Peter nodded wordlessly with a smile, feeling his heart thump sporadically as your face lit up just a fraction. As he watched you go, the smile on his face only seemed to grow, and he maybe, he thought to himself, the city could go a night without Spider-Man.

That night, you were laying on your bed, flipping through the book Peter had returned to you earlier, visiting each and every sticky note and thinking of the reason you placed it there. As you flipped, read, and continued, your phone lit up with a text from the same reason.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: hiiiiii !!!! it’s peter btw

You grinned, and typed back a quick greeting.

Y/N: peter parker ??? ohh that kid who runs into lockers n stuff

A few blocks away, Peter grinned at his phone screen, the butterflies nesting in his body aching to get out, wings battering against his ribcage.

PETER PARKER: yeah, that’d be me :’-)

You stared at his text, grinning so ridiculously wide that you had to bury your face into your pillow to muffle your loud laugh. As soon as you were about to type up a response to Peter, a text from MJ appeared.

MJ: jus thought that i’d let u know that peter parker is totally fucking into u lol


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Maybe Sebastian's "I've never encountered someone like yourself." He just means that he's never met someone who's a bigger little shit than his own Lord. "God, I know that my young Lord is a giant prick, especially compared to his size, but just... wow, you just take the bloody cake, that's just hecking impressive. Where the heck do you keep that giant ego and bad attitude? For the first time in his service, I'm grateful I got him, only because I see that you'd have been the much worse option."

Hahaaaa, yes!!! You solved the mystery, Anon. That must be what Sebastian meant. I mean, he doesn’t lie, right? So it must be true. XD


Hello beautiful followers! I hope you guys had a great week! I had an awesome one, and now starts the post-vacay downer 😞  But I’m glad I got you guys and Camila in overalls to get me through this 😂

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When I was in 1st grade my teacher had to put my desk next to hers, away from the other kids, because I kept talking and disrupting class. It didn't change until my mom came to open house and was appalled because that is, by far, one of the worst solutions to handling an ADHD child ever. That was the catalyst to me getting diagnosed. I just wanted to share because people don't realize how much harm they can do; and I still think about this over a decade later and it still hurts.

I want to reframe this for you.

Your teacher didn’t have to put you there. She chose to do that. She may not have had any other tools at the time, but that doesn’t make it okay. There are absolutely better ways to deal with your behaviour, and I’m glad your mom got you assessed and got you out of that situation.


I’ve tried to get the secret ending what feels like a million times and at this point I’m just gonna stop cause I'm emotionally drained

✔️Got all S on Robert’s route

✔️got all S on Damien’s route

✔️walked Mary home

✔️Did all that, and got all S on Josephs route

✔️Did all that again but got all C ranks on Josephs route

✔️Went back, changed my answers on Dadbook to stuff that sounded to me like it was catering to Joseph and then did all of that again

✔️Went through Josephs route again and just picked the options that resulted in something when looking around (Looking on the floor of the house to see the necklace, looking at the crosses on the table, picking up the wine and the glasses at the yacht and not looking at anything else, in another play through, I just picked up the wine and the glasses and looked at the photo) 

✔️asked Robert about the tattoo and did a whole play through 

✔️didn’t ask Robert about the tattoo and did a whole play through 

✔️Got S Roberts and Josephs routes but picked Roberts route instead of Josephs route

✔️Got S on Roberts route but got C’s on Josephs route and picked Joseph

✔️finished all of the dads routes and then did Josephs route again

Joseph Christiansen is cursed he has cursed me both emotionally and physically… I am so, so tired.


- I N T R O D U C T I O N     P O S T -

I didn´t make a proper post, so here we go.

-My name is Hannia

-I´m 18 years old 

-My birthday is June 7th

-I live in Mexico

-I´m going to law school in less than 3 weeks (Escuela Libre de Derecho de Puebla), so I´m moving to another city two hours away

-My mother language is spanish, but I also speak english, I am learning french and german

-I´ve read around 80 novels since I´m 9


-I got a diploma for having one of the best averages in my hs generation and that makes me very happy




-I have a cat and soon a guinea pig 


-Taking pictures for my personal instagram: @hannia.bm

-Tumblr: I have two blogs @cromaticly and @aart-angel

-Writing, painting, drawing, singing, playing piano, anything artsy

-M U S I C (Indie, alternative, pop, indie pop, etc)

-My boyfriend he he (we´ve been together for two years and a half, he´s a lawyer too)

-Going to the gym

Studyblr information: 

-I made this studyblr to keep motivated

-I love minimalism, so it will be minimalism oriented

-I am a perfectionist so I need this to, again, stay motivated

I think it´s all for now. Don´t forget I have a study gram @theradlawlife​ and see you in the next post

Why waste time searching for the faces I used to know when in all reality, I now couldn’t single them out in a crowd. People come and go, times change and so do the ones that surround us. We grow apart. So much so that what we thought we knew becomes unrecognizable, because what we thought we knew isn’t what we know now. The people we thought were ours just end up becoming apart of the crowd. Yes, people come and people go. Even so, I’m glad I got a moment with you despite all the odds.

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people tend to condemn libra placements for being conflict avoidant. but any type of fear comes from a place of emotional trauma of some kind. no one is afraid of something for no reason. perhaps growing up, conflict often lead to some sort of punishment for the child, so they grew up becoming a people pleaser or a pushover. i'm grateful you're one of those open-minded astrobloggers, alexis.

(cont) and I’m in no way saying that conflict-avoidance isn’t something that doesn’t need to be dealt with, it definitely is. I know both parties get hurt in the end when people are passive-aggressive and “fake”. but there’s always a reason behind everything, and I feel like people who are conflict-av would be more open to change if they weren’t constantly condemned for being so as if it were an inherent part of who they were. they should take responsibility and heal that wound and change

I’m glad that I got to see this message. I think society right now really strongly emphasizes on independence and direct conflict (very Aries-like) to the point where that a lack of conflict isn’t always bad. Like choosing your fights? That’s conflict-avoidant. Being mature and holding your tongue from being unnecessarily rude? Conflict-avoidant also. Are they bad? No.

Libra placements are passive-aggressive because they were either conditioned or forced to express their aggression other ways - and people aren’t gonna point that out because they don’t have the heart to find the story behind that lack of conflict and just call them pussies in the end. People also aren’t gonna point out that the reason why Libras are like this in the first place is because they’re a very, very sensitive sign.

Some Libras are passive-aggressive because that’s just how they are, and it shouldn’t be shamed if it’s not hurting anyone or themselves. I have Libra placements myself and I understand where they come from. I never got the luxury to express my aggression genuinely without blacklash. People I grew up with told me to be real is a luxury. I think any Libra can relate to that.

And yeah, I agree with passive-aggressive people needing to take responsibility for their actions. But honestly, if you’re going to call out passive-aggressive people, you may as well call out those who are too aggressive - the ones who really go out of their way to cause conflict with ill-intentions. The one thing these people have in common is a conflict with knowing what they deserve and knowing what others deserve.

BTS Reaction: To When they come home from pratice their GF In transparent shirt with only a bra and underwear under


You were just waiting for him to get home cause he was bringing you your bubble Tea from your favorite cafe on his way home. You hadn’t washed your clothes yet so you couldn’t find a shirt to wear. So you just dicided to get one of his shirts. you truly didn’t think he’d care.you were on your phone just sitting on the counter. “ baby I’m home.” When he got to the kitchen he looked at you not even giving you you a chance to say hi he picked you up. “ Are you trying to punish me, we’ll see who will be punished when your screaming my name.”


You knew what you were wearing was, going to make him horny so thats what mostly pissed him off. The fact that you knew what you were wearing was going to do to him, to him that  practically told him you wanted a punishment so he wont punish you till your on your knees begging at his mercy. You: daddy come on please I’ll do whatever you want ? Yoongi: Your going to do what i say regardless, my little slut. Your going to play a speacil game, for what you did to daddy. Just by his words you knew he that night would show no mercy.

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His sweet little princess as he would call you, your innocence were one of the things he loved the most about you. But even princesses get horny at times. He was a little shocked when he got from pratice and saw what you were wearing. It wasn’t odd that you were wearing his clothes you always wear his clothes as you feel that they are comfortable, but you would never dare to wear something that showed so much skin to him. He instantly took you off of the counter and threw you onto the bed you both shared. “ Your going to do this daddy right now, you have 8 seconds to be naked and ready for me.”

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He was completely tired after the long hours he spent praticing, his dance. He just wanted to get in to the shower go to bed and cuddle you to sleep. You had something differnt in mind.You were wearing on of his white shirts, which was transparent and showed your bra and underwear. You were standing infront of the mirror just washing your face, till Hobi came out of the shower with his towel wrapped around his waist. He sighed. “ 1. You should have told me what you wanted to do before I got in the shower. 2. I’m too tired so I’ll give you my thigh and enjoy the show.”

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The fact that you would even dare to give him a boner after he was worn down from a hard day of hours on end of praticing made him angry making him think of every way he could punish you. “ You. Clothes. Off. IN. Bed Now.”

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Jimin can be your little fluff ball, but with seeing you wearing what you were wearing turn’t him in to daddy. he hugged you from behind rubbing his boner across your ass. “ Listen your going to be a good girl and do everything i say or you won’t cum for two weeks.”

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The fact that you thought you could get away with something, mostly what pissed him off was the fact that you knew once he got home he was tired, and would just want to sleep cause you had to get up for work soon. “ Really Y/N, bad girl your being very selfish, we’ll see who’s so selfish when you I don’t let you cum tonight.”

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dream daddy honestly just made me feel so comfortable and valid in being both gay and trans without either becoming An Issue. i can think of literally zero other games that have created that space for me to exist in and it felt incredible to be able to manifest that in game

honestly I’m so grateful i got to experience that and all the other charming moments that make this game what it is. i know i cant fucking shut up about it but like it really does feel amazing. obviously this game isn’t perfect (no game is) but it got so many things right and even though it was short, i have a feeling it’s going to stick with me in a major way for years to come

For queer men who’ve been victims of bullying: if you’re no longer enduring bullying, I’m so glad you got out of that environment. I’m so glad you found more friends who like you for you and who would never hurt you like that, who would defend and support you if things like what you went through ever came up again. It’s amazing how much you’ll be able to grow as a person now that you’re free to be yourself and away from that negativity. If you’re still being bullied, I know it’s rough. You’re scared to go to school, dread spending the 8 hours there, and can’t wait to leave. I hope you find someone to talk to about this who takes you seriously and will help you take action, like a parent, relative, teacher, or a friend. I hope it’s able to stop. But if it isn’t, please know that this isn’t forever. You could switch schools and things could change for the better, or you could graduate from high school and finally escape that hellhole that your high school is. I have found college to be a much better environment with kinder, safer people. Find those people and surround yourself with them. It will be okay, you’ll get through this, and things will get better. I know that sometimes, in that moment, when you feel so horrible and worthless, words like this seem fake – like positive change can’t happen to you. But please push through. Don’t let them win. You’re better than that. Don’t give anyone the satisfaction of snuffing you out like a bug. The best revenge is becoming a better, stronger person and not letting them have any power over you anymore.

The likelihood of me writing anymore for the Mad Max AU is. Kinda slim, if I’m honest. I’ve got a lot of other work to do that I should have been doing instead of writing that second part.

So long story short:

Tord organizes their little group with a plan of attack on one of the small, nearby War Boy bases. It’s no big deal, just a place for War Boys to gather scrap and shit and stake claim on territory.

So they raid this place; 8 idiots against maybe 50 War Boys. And they honestly didn’t expect to find Jon alive because what use would War Boys have for some random guy they attacked in the wastes.
There’s lots of cool fighting and shit (very little with guns because ammo is so hard to come by and very rare in the wasteland). Tom goes almost full monster mode and just fucking wrecks the place and Edd and Matt totally ride on his back, whooping and hollering and generally making fools of themselves. Tom eats a guy and when he shifts back he immediately starts throwing up because he’s never done that before, he just lost control, and–fuck he ate a guy what the fuck.
But they find Jon. They find him locked in a cage, ready to be shipped off to Scrotus or the Citadel or something to be a blood bag. Because lo and behold Jon’s a Universal Donor. O blood. 

So yeah, they kill all the war boys, raid the base and take what they need, leave the place in shambles, take Jon, and go on their merry way and live happily ever after.
And everyone teases Tom for a month about eating a guy.

The End

I Seriously Love my Mutuals

I want you guys to know that. Regardless of how we found each other, I absolutely do, but let’s bring up those of you who found me due to the content I produce and not just what I like to reblog.

I think it’s so freaking amazing that I was able to meet and make friends because I post the occasional story and headcanon. The fact that you guys like those enough to want to talk and get to know me as an individual is beyond awesome and I’m so happy I got to meet you.

You make me smile whenever I see that you’ve reblogged and/or commented on something that I’ve done. I notice. It genuinely does register with me. I swear. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have “bad days”, however, when I’m struggling to write and my confidence level just isn’t where it should be that day. It happens when you’ve got an inferiority complex like mine. I’m human.

I hope everyone sees this and this puts an end to anyone getting perturbed when I post sometimes about being frustrated for not being able to properly construct a story the way I want to. I THINK I’ve weeded out the folks who for some reason REALLY have a personal vendetta against a fic writer who doesn’t conform exactly to their expectations but I want to make sure.

Anything for You (Ten x Reader

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Admin: Mimi

Prompt/Ask: Could I please have a fluffy scenario with NCT U’s Ten??? Thanks!!! (:

Fandom: NCT U

Genre: Fluff, slight angst?

Pairing: Ten x Reader

Warnings: vague mention of sex

Word Count: 2845

Authors Note: My first NCT request, and for one of my biases! (Well, my bias from NCT U, and I say one of, because I honestly can’t choose just one from NCT altogether) I absolutely love Ten, and I’m so happy I got to do this request. I’m sorry if it doesn’t seem as fluffy as you had hoped, but let me know/send in another request if you want! Let me know if there are errors, and happy reading ^^

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