Alessandra Ambrósio faz ensaio sensual para a Revolve

Alessandra Ambr&oacute;sio mostrou toda sua sensualidade ao participar de um ensaio para a nova cole&ccedil;&atilde;o da grife Revolve. Com diversos looks que marcaram sua silhueta ou at&eacute; mostrando sua boa forma, Ale, como &eacute; chamada pelos amigos mais pr&oacute;ximos, tamb&eacute;m abusou das poses e dos car&otilde;es.</p>
Vale lembrar que o corp&atilde;o de Alessandra Ambr&oacute;sio…<p><img src=“http://ift.tt/2f8AybD; alt="Alessandra Ambrosio faz ensaio sensual para a Revolve” title=“Alessandra Ambrosio faz ensaio sensual para a Revolve” /></p>


I’m Blue da ba dee

I haven’t had really any motivation to draw something related to Eddsworld for a while but yesterday I did. So I drew Jon in my Mini Chibi style, I think I will draw eyes like this from now on when I draw the Mini Chibi style.

And yes the title is the main lyrics from I’m Blue (da ba dee) by Eiffel 65
{I been listening to that song alot lately}

First post is Jon, second is Cat!Tomtord.

Tom is too tired for Tord’s sh*t.
I felt like drawing Tomtord but didn’t feel like drawing fullbody humans so then I drew Cat!Tomtord (The Grey/Blue/Black cat is Tom’s cat counterpart and the Brown/Peach cat is Tord’s cat counterpart.


Little bit of backstory first: I’m playing DA Inquisition as a Qunari, and have romanced Iron Bull. Everyone also knows I’ve romanced him in the game.
So I’m talking to sera, and I ask what she thinks of Bull as well as every other character, but his stood out.

Adaar: “Thoughts on Iron Bull?”
Sera: “Yeah, I got thoughts. How can you still walk? Never mind, mostly don’t want to know.”

And so it got me thinking from just how much they have banged and it seems as though Adaar is always the bottom. How does he still walk fine afterwards??

Accesi la sigaretta e pensai sorridendo,
Ho visto questo albero perdere le Foglie, fiorire e adesso lo stavo riguardando perdere le foglie, nell'aria c'era più freddo del solito, e poi pensai a te come ultimo pensiero prima di rientrare in casa, e mentre spegnevo la sigaretta m'illuminai da questo pensiero,
Erano passate 3 stagioni, circa 260 giorni e chissà quante ore fuori in questo guardino, e non c'era stato una sera in cui io non ti avessi pensata.
Che scemo mi ripetevo mentre rientravo in casa, sempre sorridendo.

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I have no clue whether or not these have been asked before, but 1. What career do you plan on going in to? And 2. Do you watch anime (or any animation for that matter)? If so which ones do you like? Also how are you today? I'm fine except for the wasp in my house (dead serious. It's sitting on my living room window! 😨😰) which I'm terrified over. Locked in my room, not coming out until it's out.-TabiKatt (yep I'm back, and I'm da one cosplaying Mel).

1. Animation and Media. I’ve always loved cartoons, I love the ones today, and I want to continue making my own cartoons. Maybe even work for a movie studio ^^

2. No, not anime. I watch Steven Universe and MLP FiM. Those are like the only cartoons I like. Normally I watch a bunch of classic movies like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and stuff like that. And it’s cuz that there’s not that many stories out there where they’re cartoons yet don’t tell a timeless tale like those stories. At least none that I’ve seen lately. The only ones I can think of are Disney related. So What I wanna do is create a movie/show that will take the nostalgia of those powerful movies and animate them creating a story that’ll hopefully be just as good as Disney. I know it sounds hard, but it’s also fun for me. ^^

And I’m doin alright. ^^

Léo Chaves realiza nova 'atividade' nos palcos. Saiba mais!

L&eacute;o Chaves realmente adora estar em cima de um palco. Al&eacute;m do imenso talento que possui, para o cen&aacute;rio da m&uacute;sica, o cantor decidiu aproveitar sua pr&oacute;pria hist&oacute;ria de vida e carreira, para participar, como palestrante, do evento Um Dia Depois do Amanh&atilde; - MUDA, realizado em S&atilde;o Paulo.&nbsp;</p>
Com relatos de suas pr&oacute;prias…<p><img src=“http://ift.tt/2eAddNr; alt="Leo Chaves realiza nova atividade nos palcos Saiba mais” title=“Leo Chaves realiza nova atividade nos palcos Saiba mais” /></p>

My dad came into the living room with the letter in hand threw it on the table & said

well….all this is a bit much but…well I don’t really know what to say

shortly after my mum came in, by this time I was crying my eyes out

my dad kept saying that he wants me to stay as I am, if he’s honest but…

he said he doesn’t understand it at all & someone where he use to work is trans & she (MTF) got a lot of abuse for it, she went through hell, like she apparently got absolutely destroyed as people are shit, & he doesn’t want that for me (he of course called her a him & said a bloke at work) :/ 

He said he always thought I was gay, & that he could…well…just about get his head around that  (i’ve had boyfriends in the past so I’m like da fuq??)

He said what do you want from this? what do you wanna be?

He kept saying well I want you to stay as you are I don’t want you to change but that’s just me, he said can’t you just act like a boy?

I said I feel as if that’s not enough I need to feel comfortable & I need to be happy as I’m not at all, I said it doesn’t change who I am, it won’t change my personality, I am still me!

He KEPT saying what I don’t understand & what I wanna know is where do you wanna go from here? what do you want from all this? I said hormones, then my mum was like hormone replacement treatment or whatever it’s called & I nodded

My dad said, ok well if you go on hormones, where do you go for there?

What do you want from this, what do you see yourself as in 5 years time?

He said he doesn’t want me having any operations at all, but I am desperate for top surgery so I have no idea what to say now

He kept asking what do I want, will hormones be it?

But I couldn’t pluck up the courage to tell him I want top surgery

I expressed though SO MANY TEARS that I feel as if I have disappointed him & my mum & he said no not at all, so did my mum which is such a relief, I then said maybe you feel as if you have to say that & he said no, not at all I haven’t disappointed him

He wants me to stay exactly as I am but obviously I don’t wanna do that but he said you gotta me happy

My mum kept saying to him that I want to be a boy, & so I said no you’re not understanding, i feel like I AM ONE & that what I have does not match what I’m feeling within my brain

I said to my mum quietly that I feel as if my dad now hates me, & that all of the expectations he had for me have now been destroyed

When he came back in the room I was crying even more, my mum said these things to my dad & he said no, he has never hated me & kept asking if I have spoken to people about this which I said I have & that I have been feeling this since I can remember, & that I just wanted it to go away but it gets worst & I can’t think about anything else but the fact that I am trans, for years I have been questioning it so that has been extremely difficult to deal with too..

He cried, I cried, my mum cried. It was horrible…

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Anong sabi nung isda nung mamatay na sya? Sabi niya "I'M DAING!" Hahaha k bye beb! Haha let's be korni together diba? -i


Beitrag zu PAPER MARIO Color Splash posten - Miiverse - Nintendo
Mario: Even after 20 hours in that game i'm still surp... - Das Miiverse ist ein Service für Nintendo 3DS und Wii U. Über das Miiverse kannst du mit Spielern aus aller Welt kommunizieren.

Mario: Even after 20 hours in that game i’m still surp… - Das Miiverse ist ein Service für Nintendo 3DS und Wii U. Über das Miiverse kannst du mit Spielern aus aller Welt kommunizieren.

Falls du das hier noch liest … der Brief ist gestern bei ihr angekommen und sie wird ihn morgen weiterschicken an mich, sodass er hoffentlich Dienstag hier ist …

Ich vermisse dich. Ich liebe dich. Ich kann es nicht erwarten bis du endlich hier bist … zumindest dieser Teil von dir …