when youre being unnecessarily mean to your dog:

  • forcing it to go into the pool/ocean
  • forcing it to go down a slide or on a swing
  • yelling at it for comedy
  • scaring it for comedy
  • setting it up for a dangerous / harmful outcome as a joke
  • provoking it as a joke
  • hugging/kissing (if your dog doesnt like it. some dogs do, but make sure your dog actually enjoys it)
  • choke chains + prong collars
  • negative reinforcement 
  • generally just being mean to your dog. stop doing this for vines. just because its “quick” or “doesnt really hurt it” doesnt mean that you arent abusing your dog. just because you say “it likes it!’ doesnt mean your dog actually likes it. 
Exo Dick Size


P.s: in inches


Suho: 6

no bias I swear. This baby would actual surprise you. More likely on the girth side so he probably just makes 6 inches. By god that girth.

Baekhyun: 5 ½

Byun Baekhyun would be the proud owner of his cute girthy penis aha. Oh boy his manhood would be thick af.

Chanyeol:  7 ½

Woo don’t get me started on this boy. His dick is more son on the length side than girth, kinder just like him. With his length he could do amazing things

D.O: 5

On the smaller side but let me just say GIRTH. Fuck he would be thick. Size doesn’t even matter with a dick like his.

Kai: 6 ½

I reckon under those jeans and ballet tights, Jongin is sporting a really nice dick. Kinder just nice all over really. I reckon it will be those thrusts that will be the end of you tho.

Sehun: 7

mhmm boyyy. He has got a dick that needs to be worshiped. He has that length to make you scream yehet and that girth to make you scream his name. God damn the things he could do to you…

Xiumin:  5 ½ - 6

I reckon my baby has got a really nice package. Not too big yet not too small, but… FUCK ME MINSEOK THAT GIRTH. Ohhh god damn. He would know exactly how to use it. His size would allow for the perfect fit that hits your g-spot just right. Oh and the way he fills you up? girl you ain’t even ready

Lay: 6- 6 ½

Is there just something about dancers or the way their tight jeans fit over their cock? But our Yixing would be on the length side of things. But don’t get me wrong he has just the right about of girth to make you feel good.

Chen: 5 ½

Surprise I reckon this kid has a really nice dick. Mhmm that girth. But despite that he would know how to use it!  

Tao: 7

One of the larger dicks of Exo, Tao would be well endowed downstairs. On the length side just like Chanyeol yet not as thick as him. But don’t stress he’s got the girth just not as much as the others ;)

Luhan: 5

Sorry Lu-ge! But Luhan would be the same size as Kyungsoo. But don’t get me wrong he would fill you up in just the right places! Despite the length he has girth on his side to fill you.

Kris:  7 ½

Oh dear. He would be long and thick af. Oh shit he would have you seeing stars that aren’t even in our galaxy. This kid would be thick and I mean thick. And length? well it speaks for itself. You would definitely need to be wet for this boy but I think he’s got that covered ;)


HOTSHOT - I’m a hotshot

whenever i try to respond to things and sound humble im reminded of that tumblr post that was like"people on tumblr: im a gentle baby im nothing spit on me uwu" and im like hte fuck?? cant sound too humbl


Chris Hemsworth - B & W photos 


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