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- 04/03/2015

Wiesz.. Gdy człowiek kocha i zostanie zraniony ma do każdego jakieś pretensje, krzyczy, płacze, po prostu wariuje. Najczęściej mówi, twierdzi, że tego nie wybaczy. Nie i koniec, nie wiadomo jakby ktoś przepraszał. Ale jak się kocha tym takim narządem w klatce piersiowej, na które mówią “serce” to wybacza się nawet największe świństwo.
—  x.

anonymous asked:

What project is Gaider leaving to work on (or at least, what do we think it is)? I am v out of the loop

I have gotten this question a few times since we received Gaider’s big news, from yesterday. There has been no official announcement from BioWare as to what “project” Mr. Gaider is referring to. But naturally the roamer mill has been running at full steam.

Gaider first mentioned his involvement with "The Project" (super mysterious) on March 1st. Fans have been speculating that this could potentially be the upcoming RPG, Shadow Realms, or even the next installment of (the currently untitled) Mass Effect. Though these speculations send me into fits of fangirl squealing, I personally have my doubts.

From all appearance it looks as though David Gaider intends to stay with BioWare’s Headquarters, in Edmonton. Which is important to note, considering that the production of the entire Mass Effect franchise was moved to Montreal, back in 2009.

As for Shadow Realms: The title was announced at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Com and was in production in Austin, Texas. It was planned for release in 2015. Sadly, on February 9th, BioWare Austin announced that Shadow Realms was officially canceled and the team had already moved on to other exciting projects that will supposedly be revealed sometime later this year.

What does that means for all of us Fanboys and girls? I think it’s safe to assume that BioWare has some cards hidden up their sleeves, and we can all expect to be hearing about some brand spanking new titles/games very soon.

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Jeżeli się kogoś kocha, trzeba go uwolnić, i jeżeli ten ktoś też naprawdę Cię kocha, wróci.
—  "Z tobą lub bez ciebie"

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