[FROM KAI] Hi everyone, Kai is here.

Hello, this is Kai.
How did you spend the golden May holidays?
I spent my holidays with my family. How about you?
I am giving some presents to those who were busy during the holidays and not able to enjoy during this period.
Jjan~!! Half of the year 2015 has already past.
To those who are tired because of their works, hopefully you can get motivated from this holiday or from this post!

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to have the video links to where all these Utopia gifs are coming from please?

I haven’t watched it yet but here’s the links;


① Opening Interview+Middle Interview+Ending Interview [X]
② The Parade of Black X [X] 
③ 다칠 준비가 돼 있어 (On & On) [X] 
④ 저주인형 (Voodoo doll) [X] 
⑤ 어둠 속을 밝혀줘 (Light Up the Darkness) [X] 
⑥ Secret Night [X] 
⑦ Performance – Surgery [X] 
⑧ After Dark [X] 
⑨ Talk [X] 
⑩ Say U Say Me [X] 
⑪ Love Letter -Japanese Ver- [X] 
⑫ 청춘이 아파 (Youth Hurts) -Japanese Ver.- [X] 
⑬ Performance – Mother [X] 
⑭ Hyde [X] 
⑮ Beautiful Killer [X] 
⑯ 기적 (Eternity) [X] 
⑰ VCR – End of the World [X]
⑱ Error [X] 
⑲ Encore -이별공식 (Love Equation)+ 대.다.나.다.너 (G.R.8.U) [X]

 Thanks to Pinker Bell m^v^m

Mein Leben besteht in letzter Zeit aus so vielen Hochs und Tiefs, die in immer kürzeren Abständen stattfinden. Immer wenn ich mich wieder aufgerappelt habe, passiert etwas, was mich wieder runterzieht. Es kostet mich so viel Kraft.

Lay - 150525 Zhang Yixing’s Studio’s weibo account update: “想夸夸我老板:谈工作不误洗剪吹(小秘书这样夸对吗?你们平时都是怎么夸的?)”

Translation: “I Want to boast about my boss: discussing work and not delaying his blow-dry (Is it right for a Little Secretary to boast like this? How do you guys normally boast?)”

Credit: 张艺兴工作室.