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HONESTLY John Stilinski quietly telling Stiles "I'm proud of you," quietly telling Derek "You've done well," and very VERY DELIBERATELY STANDING UP TO BAD GUYS AND SAYING "if you want my boys, you'll have to go through me" is my fucking aesthetic and I will read and/or write a MILLION AND ONE FICS ABOUT IT.

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Listen, I just need Papa Stilinski to do some things, okay?

1.) I need him to sit Stiles down and tell him he is proud of him, that if there is one thing he did right in this life, it’s Stiles. Because Stiles needs to hear that. Stiles needs to hear his dad say, “I don’t regret you.” He needs to hear his dad say, “it wasn’t your fault, kiddo.” He needs his dad to hug him and tell him “you’re a good kid.”

2.) I need him to awkwardly hand Derek a beer, look him in the eye and say, “if you’re ever in trouble, son, or need someone to talk to that isn’t, well, Stiles…you know you can come to me.” 

3.) I need Derek turning up at the Sheriff’s front door, looking absolutely devastated, because he was stupid and wore his dad’s leather jacket and ended up getting into a fight and the sleeve got torn and HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO BECAUSE IT’S THE ONLY THING HE HAS LEFT OF HIS DAD. I need Derek not knowing what to say, just holding the jacket up, but the sheriff understanding. I need the Sheriff gently guiding Derek inside and calling a guy he knows to come take a look at it. Stiles comes tumbling through the door an hour later, frantic with worry because THERE IS A HARPIE ON THE LOOSE, only to see Derek watching some random dude like a hawk while he mends the jacket, his dad’s hand on Derek’s shoulder. (Bonus: the Sheriff also made Derek a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream in Stiles’ favourite mug because he knew it would comfort Derek to have something of Stiles’, which Derek cradles the whole time.)

4.) I need the Sheriff making a really long speech at their wedding which either starts or ends with something like, “it’s not every day a father gets to see his son happily married but I think we can all agree, it’s even more rare for a father to see his son actually marry a boy his father approves of” *insert laughter here, makes reference to over protective sheriff’s with shot guns* “and loves, every bit as much”. At which point Derek is gripping Stiles’ hand so hard under the table, looking over at Cora who is crying her eyes out, despite herself, hiding her face in Lydia’s shoulder. After, the Sheriff comes up to them both, warns each of them to be good to each other or there will be hell to pay, takes a big bite of cake - causing Stiles to squawk and grab the fork and Derek to laugh - before going over to ask Melissa to dance.  




EXO-CBX - 161208 NCSOFT x EXO-CBX x yoonsang ‘Crush U’ Music Video Teaser

Credit: plaync.

Thoughts on Skydive (The Directors Cut)

Warning: This video is slightly more graphic as the director did not need to be wary of an age rating.

Without the dance scenes, the video is shorter and easier to digest, the plot is far easier to process and understand as it is far more coherent, the lack of restraints due to age ratings (in the original, the director chose to make the video less graphic so that the Korean government would not rate it 19+, that way a younger and therefore larger audience could watch this mv) means that the scenes are clearer in their content (instead of just hinting that Daehyun’s girlfriend’s finger is in the box, you see the bloodied finger).

There are also far more shots of Jongup in the first few scenes, allowing the audience a chance to guess who the perpetrator is instead of being told who it seemingly randomly is at the end.

The lack of care for an age rating also means that bloody scenes did not have to become black and white. For example, the scene where Daehyun shoots the informant, finds his girlfriend and in the final shootout, were all in black and white, but these were not for story telling reasons or atmosphere, but to cancel out the red of blood, which makes the video appear more violent. So, scenes that are kept in black and white are far more effective in their purpose; they are all flashbacks. Again, this makes the plot far easier to understand as the order of scenes are easier to pick out without getting muddled with editing out gore.

As a short film, this video is superior to the original video, however as a music video it is not up to par as the original, so I can certainly understand why this is a directors cut; an extra little something for the fans rather than the offical mv.

This is due to two main reasons. The first is that as a Kpop group, B.A.P are incredibly talented dancers, and their performance in the original video (especially Zelo’s solo which built up to the second chorus, and Jongup’s solo which magnificently built up to the final chorus) added a layer of depth and emotion that the directors cut was lacking. The scene where Daehyun finds his dead girlfriend is far more dramatic with Jongup lurching from side to side, twisting in supposed pain, spinning in circles as if in confusion, actions which paralleled Daehyun’s mental and emotional state at finding his deceased loved one.

Also, despite the plot of the directors cut being more coherent, the scenes did not match the intensity of the music as well as the original did, and so as a fan, I was less emotionally invested. For example, the scene where Daehyun finds his girlfriend, and the final shootout, are played at different times in the song between both cuts, with the latter being at less emotional points. This caused the Directors cut to feel like a great short film, that was played over the top of a random B.A.P song, rather than a video created to embellish and support B.A.P’s masterpiece of a performance and song.

So, if you’re looking for an interesting, coherent and a far more bloodied video, enjoy the Directors cut. If you’re looking to be impressed by a set of talented performers in a gut wrenching music video, enjoy B.A.P’s Skydive mv, the original cut.