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During Ravi's speech he talked about how N was helping Vixx through a problem they were having, do you think that Vixx is possibly going to be disbanded. Like how EXID were going to disband if Up & Down didnt do well were Vixx gonna disband if Fantasy didn't do well???

While we don’t deny VIXX experience problems or Ravi’s comment last night and we don’t wish to make light of them, we definitely do not think it’s that serious. VIXX are not struggling to that extent.

The Beagliest Male K-Pop Idols Of Them All

Soompi article excerpt

Some K-Pop idols are known for being “beagles” – they are extra hyper, noisy, mischievous, and (of course) adorable – just like beagle puppies! So of course, it’s nearly impossible to resist the goofy charms of “beagle-dols” (beagle + idol = beagle-dol), because who doesn’t love puppies??


ASTRO’s Sanha

I was trying to decide which member of ASTRO would earn a spot on this beagle list, and I was debating between “happy virus” MJ and “beagle maknae” Sanha… and then I found this picture. Done deal. 

(photo credited to @rockybin )

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During Ravi's speech he thanked N and said that a lot has happened during Fantasy era. Would you happen to know if they are going thru something?

We know as much as you do about what Ravi said. Regardless of what it is, it sounds like the members are working through it and that’s what matters. We should respect their privacy and continue supporting them.