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EXO react to playing twister with their crush

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Xiumin: He’ll be rather composed in this situation, albeit the intimacy between him and his crush. “Twister? Are you sure? I’m really not that flexible…” Minseok would casually try to dissuade her, however, inwardly, he is hoping to get closer to her through this. While actually playing twister, he wouldn’t show much of a reaction with the way her body threatens to press against his. 

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Luhan: At first, Luhan would agree readily, without even thinking of how close he would get to his crush through this. Luhan comes across to me as someone whose especially competitive, so anytime someone doles out a challenge to him, he’ll take it without hesitation, seeking out a triumphant win. However, mid-way into the game, Luhan would start to falter in concentration, noticing how closely his crush is pressing to him. Eventually loosing balance, he would fiercely attempt to conceal his evident flush, demanding a rematch. “T-that was just me going easy! Next time, I will win.” 

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Kris: Oh gosh, how could Kris carry a game of twister without falling in the first few minutes? As we know, Kris isn’t exactly the most dexterous of the members. Like Luhan, he’s pretty competitive and confidant, so without realization, he’ll accept this challenge brazenly. And within minutes, he’ll lie flat on the mat, seemingly in defeat. “Twister–not my style,” he’ll mutter surly, before lowering his voice to a more flirtatious tone. “But, with you, I can make an exception.” 

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Suho: “Twister? That sounds like a lot of…work. Are you sure you don’t want to cook or go out shopping?” Suho knows how this is going to play out, and is doing his best to not elicit anything embarrassing out of it. When his crush starts questioning why, he’ll become slightly frantic in trying to find a sufficient answer. “Ah! Well, it’s just that…mm…maybe it’s not a bad idea…” He’ll agree reluctantly, but it would be all convivial once the game commences. He’d be a blushing mess afterwards, no doubt. 

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Lay: It wouldn’t be until the actual game starts that it would dawn upon Yixing what is going on exactly. He would agree to playing twister without any qualms or second thoughts. Since Yixing is quiet and a lot more modest than some of the other members, he wouldn’t say much to his crush when things starts getting ‘close.’ He would just merely shy away, blushing profusely trying to avert his gaze. However, Yixing would probably be one of the best at twister. 

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Baekhyun: First, he’d guffaw loudly at her request, than proceed to suggestively raise a brow. “Interesting how you choose me and only me to play~” Baek likes the sound of the idea initially, but when the game actually starts to transpire, he’ll take his words back instantly. Though it would be fun and relatively loud, he’d get flustered pretty easily, being this close to his crush’s body. But, Baekhyun would be supreme at obscuring his modesty by loudly exclaiming how he’s in pain and needs to start over, solely to get in a new position. “It’s not fair! When did you get so flexible?” 

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Chen: He’d give his crush that ‘amused yet befuddled’ look; raising a brow while smirking slyly. And in true Jongdae fashion, he would express his feelings as frankly as possible. “So…basically you want us to be alone, together, in all sorts of weird positions,” his smirk would broaden suggestively with the abrupt fits of laughter he’s elicited from his crush. Jongdae will agree to it, most likely he’ll end up regretting this decision, but that wouldn’t stop him from bragging on how good of a twister player he is. 

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Chanyeol: “What? You know I can barely touch the floor!” he’d pout aloud, genuinely unsure of partaking in twister–he just doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of his crush, knowing flexibility isn’t his strongest suit. But seeing her pleading look, Chanyeol would eventually give in. He’d be the most awkward of all the members when playing twister with his crush. He would try his best to not let his gaze wander to far with how close her body is to him. “It’s not…what it looks…like! I promise! I can’t see a thing!” he would blurt aloud without warrant as he’s about to crash to the ground. 

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D.O: Kyungsoo would be the most reluctant of all the members to partake in twister, let alone with his crush. “That’s…an interesting way to pass of the time…” he’d murmur with evident hesitation. He knows fully well how awkward things might get through playing twister, but, knowing this would be a convenient way to getting closer to his crush, Kyungsoo would agree, but with skepticism. Analogous to Kris, he would struggle immensely with the game itself. 

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Tao: Without realizing the implication playing twister with his crush has, Tao would readily agree to her request, as he wants to seize the opportunity to make a lasting impression on her, with his strong penchant for exuding a cool and aloof disposition. “Twister? Too easy! You’re on.” Something tells me Tao may regret his decision, with how hard he wants to seem unfazed during the game. “What? Why are you laughing?! I’m not struggling, I’m calculating!” 

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Kai: Poor baby, he’s going to be especially flustered, albeit being adroit and adept at the actual game. “Are you sure…? Won’t that be…kind of uncomfortable? Y’know with all the stretching I mean,” Jongin would be quick to come up with an explanation without fully revealing his feelings, only to give in modestly. Like I said, Jongin would be exceptional at playing twister, but he would be so distracted with observing his crush, with how close she would be to him during the game. “Yeah…you’re doing really….good!” 

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Sehun: Like Chen, Sehun would be blunt in pointing out the obvious. “I’m not gonna lie, it’s going to be hard for me to concentrate properly.” Though Sehun is timid inwardly, he’d be proficient at masking his inner abashment. “Is that all? I hardly feel anything,” and of course he’d be as boastful as ever mid-game, eliciting chuckles from his crush. If he lost balance, he would be quick to concoct a witty explanation, unable to make full eye contact with her. “You’re distracting me, that’s why I lost. Why? Mm…no reason. I just know.”  

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