i keep laughing because golden boy gavin and vagabond ryan absolutely have equally stupid aesthetics but theres no way either of them would ever own up to it? like yeah gavins wearing actual gold flakes but ryan you have a skull manscapped onto your chest so who’s really being ridiculous here.

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Any ideas for a nonverbal character?

  • The NV Character could refuse to learn sign language even though it would drastically improve their lifestyle, followed by them meeting a deaf person who will only communicate with them through sign language.
  • The NV Character’s lack of speech is due to a family curse that only afflicts every fourth generation, but their family thought it wouldn’t happen anymore because the NV Character’s great, great, GREAT grandparent had supposedly “made a deal” to lift it but failed in the end. The NV Character sets out to lift the curse on their own after seeing the non-verbal signs in their younger sibling.
  • The NV Character has taken a vow to no longer speak because they have a power to control others with their voice and after one fatal accident, they never want it to happen again.
  • The NV Character may not be able to speak, but they can expand their feelings and thoughts into a bubble around them, making sure that everyone knows EXACTLY how they feel about stupid ideas or using them as bait…again.
  • Everyone assumes the NV Character doesn’t speak because they don’t want to, but it turns out they cannot because someone stole their voice when they were small.
  • The NV Character has always wanted to sing but never could, so instead of just managing the choir, they perform an interpretive dance instead that blows the entire performance out of the water.
  • The NV Character has an enormous affinity for foreign languages but cannot dictate them which makes them a silent walking dictionary of knowledge.
  • The NV Character chooses not to speak within their group of friends because honestly?…they have far better things to do.

[requested by anonymous] nymeria of the rhoyne 

To celebrate [her union with Mors Martell, and the integration of her people into the House Martell], and make certain her people could not again retreat to the sea, Nymeria burned the Rhoynish ships. “Our wanderings are at an end,” she declared. “We have found a new home, and here we shall live and die.


Hey guys!

I’m gonna be in New York next Friday attending an event!
It’s basically like an anime con rave except LEGIT and in an NYC club. 

So if you’re in town or just in the area, it’s gonna be a lot of EDM, TeddyLoid, anime remixes, cosplay, and fun nerd stuff. I’ll probably be dancing with some other online friends so I’ll be ultra hyped . Since it’s in a club with alcohol, it will be 18+ only so apologies to everyone too young to go. Let’s meet sometime in the future!

⟫⟫⟫ Buy Tickets

⟫⟫⟫ Where: Space Ibiza NYC

⟫⟫⟫ When: Friday, Oct 7th 9PM - 2AM

For more update, you can check out their Facebook event page