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young married christian blogger: Guys. I get it. Singleness is SO tough. I’ve been there! During those 6 months in 8th grade before meeting my wonderful soulmate (jared the sexiest hubby in the world :):):) ) I was so alone. It’s a season of life that just knocks you off your feet, doesn’t it?! Haha. I’ve been there ladies. So if you’re 25 and have a crippling fear of being alone, WAIT ON GOD’S TIMING. His timing was conveniently perfect for me so I guess I just feel like I am the appropriate person to give you advice :) By the way, we’re expecting!!!!!!!!!

a 19 year old player that looks like a 19 year old in Hockey Years: auston matthews

a 19 year old that looks like a normal 19 year old: mitch marner

a 19 year old that looks like a straight up 14 year old oh my god release your birth certificate stop conning the NHL: sebastian aho

a 21 year old that surpasses Hockey Years and absolutely looks a solid 32 years old also stop conning the NHL dude: aaron ekblad

thx 4 your time

My aesthetic:

Red hair, green eyes, fiery personalities, taller guys, warmth, campfire smell, sea-salt ice cream, free sea-salt ice cream, guys that playfully mess with you, annoying smirks, know-it-alls, hips that don’t lie, numbers 13 and 8, former members of some organizations, loud off key singing but great dance moves, Axel as a person in general

I just couldn’t resist after the new update. I loved it so much and I hope Old Xian knows how much her work means to us. 19 days is a fucking blessing, my heart jumps whenever I re-read it.

(Have an older He Tian and Mo Guan Shan cuz I hope they’ll end up together, stay a (gorgeous stupid bitch ass) couple for the rest of their lives and love each other like idiots. I have this headcanon that Satan-Tian has this scars on his neck and hand and proudly shows them off cuz he protected his property back then. Btw, dunno what He Tian did this time to piss Momo off, but I bet it wasn’t just a dick pic XD )

Work Story.

ooc: A young lady who just turned 18 and was celebrating with her mother, tried to flirt with me using anime today. She was adorable. Way too young for me but damn precious. She gave me her number even tho I didn’t ask for it, but it must’ve taken an enormous amount of courage on her part, she seemed super shy. 

É muito bom voltar para New York, lá em New Orleans foi ótimo e maravilhoso mas nada como a nossa cidadezinha querida, ainda mais que agora estou com essa barriga enorme e tenho quase um time de futebol. - riu baixo olhando para a barriga de seis meses e sentiu os gêmeos chutando. - É lindo, mas tem hora que chega a doer… Bem que você poderia pegar um pouco de pizza para mim né? 

taxidembry replied to your post: [Ring ring!]

What? No, it’s Embry. I found a nice hotel for our stay in Seattle. It’s kinda pricey, but I think I can, um… afford it.

[Radio stops slurping his coffee, slowly sitting down on the table, face in utter shock.]

…Embry…? Embry Westhaven?

[No… It couldn’t be… It certainly sounded like Embry Westhaven, but how did he get his number? And what on earth was he talking about a hotel in Seattle for?]