Young Peter Hale-You should be proud

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Prompt:”Hey love can you do a young Peter Hale imagine where he’s possessive/protective over the reader and he leaves hickies all over her neck.”

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You never believed in love.Whenever you saw couples on the high school’s halls you would roll your eyes and bet with your friends when they will broke up.You never though that you will ever find one boy who will stole your heart.You always said that no one will ever try to understand your complicated mind.That every boy wants a perfect girl, not a real one.You always said that you don’t need a boyfriend, that you can do everything all by yourself.

But something changed when you met one mysterious boy.One day you were running in the woods.You put your earphones and concentrate on jogging.When the first line of your favorite song comes you closed your eyes for a moment letting the music to take you away.Because you weren’t paying attention your foot hit a fallen brench and tripped.Your earphones fell from your ears.The pain was too much to bare so you started rubbing your ankle.

“Do you want some help?” you moved your look from your foot and saw a man.He seemed familiar but you didn’t know why.

“No,thanks.” you said felling the pain easing a little.After a few moments you were on your feet.

“What do you do here?” he asked you.

“Why do you care?” you said

“Curiousity.Any other girl I know would spend their afternoon in the mall shopping rather than running in the woods.” he said.

“Oh well….I’m not like the other girls.I’m me.” you said and turned back.

He grabbed your hand forcing you to face him and said“Can I at least know your name?”

You were shocked.No one showed so much interest in you before.And no one cared if you didn’t answered their questions.

“Y/N.What’s yours?” you asked.

“You will find out.” he said with a smirk and left.

You looked confused at him but he didn’t turn back to see if you left or you are staring at him.He already knew the answer.When you got home you realised that your earphones were nowhere to found.Maybe you left them behind when you fall.You were extremely sad because just yesterday you bought them.

At school you’ve met your best friend and told her everything about the strange encounter you had.

“I was running through the woods and then I tripped and a weird guy appeared and….” you felt a pat on your shoulder.You turned and saw that boy smiling at you.

“Hi.I think you forgot these.” he said and handed you your earphones.

“You found them?Thank you..” you said

“I think of a good way to say thank you.” he said

“What?” you said.

“Go on a date with me.” he said

“If I go, will you stop being so creepy and mysterious?” you asked.

He grabbed your hand and kissed it”Sweetheart,I will never stop being mysterious.I think that’s why you are atracted to me.So I will take you tonight to the special place that I prepared for our date.” he said.

“So you have everything prepared even though you weren’t sure she will accept?” your friend asked.

“I was sure that she’ll accept.I have a feeling that her heart beats faster when I’m around” he said.

“Will you tell me your name now?” you asked.

“It’s Peter.Peter Hale.” he said

So the day passed and the time for your date came.Everything went perfect.Let’s just say that at the end of the date you were in love with him.Finally someone succeed in stealing your heart.

Months passed and you were the happiest couple.Your friends always said that you became on of those girls who always talks about how amazing their boyfriends are and how much they love them and how perfect their relationship is.But in fact they were extremly happy for you.They were glad that you gave love a chance.

One day you and Peter were in the middle of a make out when he left your lips and started kissing your neck.You felt him biting and kissing the same spot for a few minutes.You pushed him back and asked.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to remind everyone that you are taken.” he said and then return to your neck.He finished only when every inch of your neck was bruised.You looked in the mirror and realized how hard it will be for you to hide all of these marks.He went behind you and kissed your cheek and put his head on your shoulder and his arms around your waist.

“You don’t have to hide them.You should be proud that you found someone who loves you so much.” he said

Peter was a sweet and carring boyfriend but he was also very possessive and protective over you.He couldn’t stand the thought that maybe someone will flirt with you and he wanted everyone to know that you were his.

So when your friends saw you at school with your neck full of hickies they couldn’t hold their laughter.

“I never thought that it will be a day when Y/N will let a boy mark her.” your best friend laughed

“Shut up.Le’t go to our class.” you said.

“You should wear a scarf or you will ruin your reputation” she joked.