m!a: younger!mindy

One HUGE THANKS to @mer-birdman for summoning this image in my brain! You’re the best <3 Also special mentions to @sillylittletomatoes (who was also kind enough to proofread~) and @quilleth! <3

I’m genuinely surprised at how attached I’ve become to Falon throughout my 7kpp experience :3 He’s like this awkward dad who tries but simply doesn’t always know what to do with his children the delegates because ‘sigh those exasperating, inexperienced youths!’

A short work on his marriage that’s probably more a character piece than anything else. Takes place an unspecified amount of time before the current summit.

(on AO3 I would probably rate this Teen; don’t think it warrants a nsfw tag but this includes a short and vague reference to the baby-making process)

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planning out my next shepard… her name’s rickey