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Girl, I'm too scared to contour 😂 might f my face up real bad. but i'm subscribed to this makeup thing where you get $160 worth of makeup each month for only $21 ITS ANAZING

Boxy charm? ME TOOOO! I love it!

Let me just write out what I do to beat my face (so the anon who asked can see, you answered yours and now I feel bad for not writing mine out lol):

1. Mario Badescu facial spray because I’m basic

2. Primer usually urban decay or smashbox (let sit for 5 min)

3. Color correct with l.a. girl orange concealer

4. Foundation drugstore idk what brand and am too lazy to look (let sit for 5 min)

5. Highlight (not shimmer but like a part of contouring) l.a. girl concealer (sit for 3 min)

6. Contour with anastasia beverly hills contour palette

7. Set with my sephora banana setting powder

8. Bronze with some stila bronzer that they sadly don’t sell anymore (rip) or I use california sunglow which I got on a cruise

9. Kat Von D blush duo

10. Eyeshadow, lately I’ve been using the morphe Jaclyn Hill palette but I’m gross and own over 20 palettes which is why I’m broke af

11. Eyebrows which I use an ulta brow pencil, then a brow gel

12. I prime my lashes

13. I put on my eyeliner which is some eyeliner pen I have who knows where I got it

14. Mascara which is the covergirl tease

15. Set with ulta dewy setting spray

16. Apply a loose powder highlight because it stays on better and shines brighter if you apply it after setting spray

17. Lip liner, usually kylie cosmetics

18. Then a lipstick

If I’m not doing foundation I usually:

1. spray

2. prime

3. california sunglow my whole face

4. highlight

5. mascara

6. lipgloss

7. light eyebrow fill in

8. setting spray


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Aargh, I'm at my mum's for the holiday, and I'm finally in a place where I can accept professional help and therapy, but now I have to listen to my mum telling me every single day that therapy is Bad and Doesn't work and Keeps me from having holiday with her and it is really depressing and working on my guilt and I know I can't make much use of therapy because at home I will have to pretend and lie and be mum's slave anyway, and it just feels real bad or something

i’m so sorry she’s saying those things to you :( therapy does work if you find the right therapist and it’s not selfish or anything to get help!! maybe talk to your therapist about this if you trust him/her enough?

actually there's more

I’m in the middle of the second season and I’m starting to get to know the fandom and the cast and I can already tell that this tv show is one of my favorites of all times.
It really makes me feel like I am a part of something and the way every character interacts with each other is just a beautiful pure connection that also makes me feel like I’ve known them for a long time.
This is a connection I’ve never felt with characters of a TV show. It’s so special and brings up so many important subjects, like imagine if we, as humanity, could treat each other like they do, like a family, accepting our diversities.

I’m also kinda wishing so bad that this thing with clusters was real you know, imagine if we could actually be able to connect, like in the show, with people all over the world and trust one another, and have these friends with different abilities to help you every time you need. that would be fucking amazing ok maybe I need to get some sleep

it seems I never posted about it here but quite a lot happened in this meantime, if you don’t follow me on Twitter here’s what happened:

  • my grandpa died in March after 2 months being in the ICU, it was real hard on us
  • Because of the above and a LOT of other things, I’m going through some real bad emotional times but I’ve been seeing a psychologist and things have been slowly progressing well
  • I played Persona 4 and it quickly became my favorite game of all time, Persona is the hottest new thing to me right now, I’m currently playing P5 and I watched the entire P4 anime and the P3 movies
  • I also got Fire Emblem Echoes for my 3DS and it’s my favorite Fire Emblem game so far
  • and as I mentioned before I got a Switch, I currently only have BOTW but more games will be following as soon as I finish this hell of semester, I’m getting like Arms, Splatoon 2, Puyo Puyo Tetris and Sonic Mania probably
  • ooooh and talking about it, Nintendo’s E3 was amazing and METROID PRIME 4 AND KIRBY SWITCH EXIST <3
  • also recently Chester Bennington’s death impacted me really hard and it’s one of the things that’s taking a toll on me emotionally, may him rest in peace </3
  • I’m coming back because my Tumblr blog is such a nice visual representation of the things I enjoy and I wanted to update it regularly, most of my posts are going to be queued but feel free to send messages and talk!

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🔥 {ships}

Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion | | > Accepting 

| | > I’m sure plenty of people are going to talk about how ship hate is bad and let people do what they want and such. I 100% agree with that philosophy as well, but I want to tackle a specific factor of the drama that usually surrounds ships, and that’s if they’re “””””””toxic””””””””” or “”””””””setting a bad example””””””””

I’m real gosh darn sick of people that thing that because you ship two fictional characters in a fictional world in a fictional relationship, that means you condone all activities that happen between them an 100% approve of them. Not only that, but people think you’re endorsing and validate those relationships by saying shit like this: 

“This ship is horrible and promotes incest if you ship this that means you approve of incest in real life!!!” 

It’s important to understand that not only does mun not equal muse, but the human brain has the pristine ability to separate reality and fiction.  If we had the inability to do so, the world would be a horrible mess let me tell you. Someone reading about a unorthodox or even illegal relationship will not automatically think it’s okay and go after that kind of relationship. 

And people tend to be selective with that logic too. They’re quick to say rping an abusive relationship is making people think that abusive relationships are okay, but me rping an active murderer and assassin definitely isn’t encouraging people to kill people! Like really, you never see people attacking others for rping murderers but god forbid you rp a not-perfect relationship. 

tl;dr cut the ‘holier than tho’ attitude and let people ship things even if you don’t agree with them.