m!a: bodyswap


finally. im going to go back to my leaf pile now.

//Bodyswap event’s over!! Thank you to those who participated!!

Pretty sure it was obvious at this point but I’m the mod of @asktheblueoceangem, the mod of @askperidotgem has been drawing for my blog throughout this event. We traded accounts and everything so thats why the art here’s been so different.

I’ll be going back to my blog now and a personal thank you to askperidotgems mod for letting me butcher their blog doing this event with me, it was a blast! I’ll be giving you back you blog now haha

Being a pilot

Its hard to be a pilot and not know what you are doing. This is my dad, I never get to see him often because he is always flying all over the place and not just in America. He gets to go all over the world, I wish I could have a life like that.

Well now I do, I was walking home from school (I’m a senior) when suddenly I see a store that I have never noticed before. I went inside to find the storekeeper. In a very low voice I heard “So you want to see your dad more often, yes?” I said yes so the keeper gave me a weird looking stone and paper and said while holding the stone say this spell. I thought what do I have to lose so I went home and said the spell.

I blacked out, finding my self waking up in an airport. I had different clothes on, my face felt different. I went up to the nearest person and my voice was different. Where have I heard that voice before? The sudden realization made me run to the bathroom.

I was my dad. The man at the store took me literally. I wanted to see more of my dad. He swapped our bodies. The bulge in my pants grew hot. My next flight wasn’t for 2 more hours. I went into the nearest stall, they have mirrors in here too? Awesome. I quickly undressed and looked down at my new body. My hands slowly went down my chest. The more down they went the more memories I grew of him. The more like him I became.

Oh dad, there is no going back now. I feel myself becoming him, I wonder if I will remember ever swapping. Well that doesn’t matter I have a new body and I was gonna enjoy it.