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Littering is just taking the middleman out of your equation. Instead of recycling it and Then having it end up in the ocean, you would just have it end up in the ocean with this weird devil's advocate position for littering that you're doing

I’m not being devil’s advocate I was making the point that (non-recyclable) litter & trash are equal on an environmental level, and that the reason not littering is considered better is purely a social reason (not that it isn’t valid, just that it’s different than what we generally say). never did I say you shouldn’t recycle, I was just trying to point out that plastic isn’t truly recyclable, & my point of saying that is to advocate for not using plastic whenever possible.

I have just been thinking a lot about trash lately, & on my way home I saw some litter, & had never really considered litter’s place in the trash discussion– specifically, why picking up litter (not off beaches but off streets) is considered environmentally friendly when it objectively isn’t. was trying to relate that concept.

someone glanced at the cover of good omens and said “im gonna guess that this is about…a love story between an angel and a demon”

and i think that reflects on both me (the books i read) and the book’s radiation of gay that even a straight white boy understood from three feet away

Meanwhile a new villain planning to destroy Mystic Falls
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Cade:</b> Lol good luck with that! I'm the devil himself and that didn't stop human Stefan Salvatore from killing me.<p/><b>Kai:</b> Ugh hate to admit it but Damon and Bonnie screwed me over and sent me to hell multiple times.<p/><b>Katherine:</b> It's a shame to kill such hot brothers.<p/><b>Silas:</b> I just wanted to reunite with my one true love.<p/><b>Klaus:</b> Lmao I've become friends with the Salvatore brothers, and fallen in love with a certain blonde.<p/></p><p/></p>