Bitty’s filled his head with romantic ideas about sharing a bed with Jack. When he laid in bed back home, squinting against the light of his phone in his dark room - so much darker here than in Samwell - he imagined saying his goodnights to Jack with a kiss on the cheek instead of fuzzy words on a screen. He would rest his head on Jack’s shoulder and fall asleep to the steady up and down of his chest.

It does not go like that.

His first night in Providence is spent navigating loose limbs, careful shuffling that sets the whole bed to shaking, Jack’s breath too loud in Bitty’s ear and his chest too hot along Bitty’s back. It’s finally falling into a fitful sleep with only their feet touching, and waking when Bitty rolls over, his knee landing on Jack’s groin. It’s Bitty watching the sky go from black to orange to blue through the sliver of Jack’s window with heavy eyes that can’t stay closed.

“We just need more practice,” Jack says before wrapping his arm around Bitty’s waist and pulling him tight.

i think the toughest part is that i genuinely adored these characters. they taught me so much about life and about myself. the show inspired me to be myself unashamedly and then in tfp they tried to take that away by saying that who you are doesn’t matter? unacceptable. i won’t accept it and i don’t accept it