Mike Z talks Indivisible during Salty! Skullgirls tournament (July 3, 2015) - Starts @0:00-9:20

  • According to Mike Z, Indivisible will have a playable demo available on their Indiegogo page for potential backers to play themselves
  • Indivisible uses the Z Engine (a engine Lab Zero Games built from scratch), same as Skullgirls
  • Indivisible will be an Action RPG with platforming elements inspired by Super Metroid and combat inspired by Valkyrie Profile
  • More information will be provided on the game in the coming week
  • There is no “hard date” for their Indiegogo page, but Mike Z is fairly certain they were telling people it would appear in September
  • They have a timeline for the release of the game, but that information won’t become available until the Indiegogo page is up
  • It took “less than a couple months” to turn the Z Engine into a “RPG based engine”
  • Lab Zero Games has a publisher willing to help with the funding of Indivisible, but “not in the same way as Kickstarter’s Bloodstained: Rual of the Night”. More information will be provided when the indiegogo page is set up and permission is given to talk about it.
  • The more money raised “the better the deal is for us as a company”
  • The publisher in question (who they can’t mention by name yet) would not fund the entire game, so LZG turned to crowdfunding for help
  • The core team of artists that were involved in Skullgirls will be involved in Indivisible
  • The publisher who cannot be named is not Konami.
  • Mike Z is the lead programmer and designer for Indivisible, involved in the balance of gameplay and powers
  • News on voice acting a ways off in the development yet
  • Indivisible will feature 2D characters with 3D backgrounds, same as Skullgirls
  • No information can be given (yet) on whether or not Indivisible is multi-player