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I know nothing about lytnes or his personality or who he is or anything but all I know is that hes cute and needs cuddles and fuzzy socks and a good movie n some popcorn. Oh, and ily your art is a+ and rlly good I love it

hes a reaLLY FUNNY GUY, although simultaneously really cunning and smart (unbelievably strong too). 

he was once with (insert cool name here) gang along with kagana. some things happened but i cant really share much since its sort of spoilery. :3c

a younger ver??? (16-17??)

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where do you get inspiration for your ocs' clothing?

lots of insp from things i see (esp my fav anime). since my story takes place somewhere in the distant future, the clothing styles are sort of funky if i could explain. its very casual, although direct inspiration comes from trying to portray characteristics about my ocs actually. MOST OF THE DESIGN INSP ARE OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD LMAO

above is a sort of insp chart for kitos clothing. his color palettes and the like were my ideas (contrasting purple/blue with yellow/oranges). 

ill put a cut below for those who want to read a sort of breakdown for clothing designs

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Heey I was wondering if there was anything in particular that inspired Lytnes's design/outfit?

there were a lot of small details and characteristics that went to his design, but the most prominent could be yuu from guilty crown.

oc booty game

kito: average, its cute with the right pants

minah: average to thicc, her legs are more built bc she jogs and squats alot

kagana: S T R O N G but its always usually hidden by his long jacket so nobody knows– nobody

jeoei: strong, has butt bumping battles with kagana (usually loses bc kagana is too op and ends up getting sat on)

lytnes: weak, surprisingly 

hope: cute booty game