lyth art

Moirén the wolfskin pirate! She left her home at a young age with a lust for adventure and a free spirited life at sea with several like-minded wolfskin pack members and picked up several other vagabonds along the way. She’s now a self proclaimed “Pirate Queen” that raids along the coast of Nohr and other neighboring countries with a penchant for treasure and anything shiny with her motley crew. 

So I designed Profiteur’s Daughter if he ever had one!!

  • Her name is Idelle Profiteur
  • She comes to hold the Merchant Asterisk
  • Was spoiled rotten and pretty much Daddy’s Little Princess, but she turned out nothing like her dad. She’s actually a huge sweetheart with a literal heart of gold.
  • She’s completely into volunteering and charity and Daddy Erutus is just “where did I go wrong”.
  • She uses all the money her father left behind for the good of Ancheim and its people. 
  • Becomes friends with Khint’s daughter.