The Mercedes-AMG GT S has everything you would expect from an authentic Mercedes-AMG sports car, hasn’t it?

[Fuel consumption combined: 9.6–9.3 l/100 km | combined CO₂ emissions: 224–216 g/km |]

Picture by WROOM Media and Mercedes-Benz AutoBeltran Barcelona

  • Jennie: yg put up a huge sign on the fence that says "no trespassing".
  • Jisoo: oh, it's okay. they probably don't mean us.
  • Jennie: there's another sign that says "especially jisoo"
  • Jisoo: jisoo's a common name! isn't there this actor called jisoo? they probably mean him!
  • Jennie:
  • Jennie: there's also a picture of your face