Greek Lysimachos Tetradrachm with the Portrait of Alexander the Great, Lampsakos mint, C. 297 - 281 BC

The obverse shows the now deified King, Alexander the Great. He is shown in the finest Hellenistic style; facing right, his wild, unruly hair held down by a thin diadem, the horn of Ammon curling over his ear, clearly identifying him as Alexander.  The reverse with the goddess Athena enthroned left, holding Nike in her extended right hand, resting her left elbow on a shield with lion headed aegis. The legend reading: BASILEOS LUSIMACOU “Of King Lysimachos.” Crescent and monogram between legend and Athena. Worth $80,000.

Lysimachos (Lysimachus) c. 360 – 281 BC) was a Macedonian officer and diadochus (i.e. “successor”) of Alexander the Great, who became a basileus (“King”) in 306 BC, ruling Thrace, Asia Minor and Macedon.

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Took forever cuz my internet lags and my laptop decided to get laggy as well… I know I’ve posted a few of them already though but I’m putting them together cuz I was taking note on what I’ve drawn in the past 2 weeks.

Some of these are prompted by jimsdeadbones lapisbepis icatciaccolatita dismaydreamer granklestam and laur-rants. Prompts through Skype chat and Twitter!

Man I drew a lot… meaning I procrastinated a lot too. _(:37Z)_ It was so stressful and painful for my little fingers, I am never giving myself project deadline anymore!

Here are the poster sketches:

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Tyrone / future!Dipper Pines

Age: 28 years old

Position: Leader

Dipper was in his early 20’s when The Apocalypse started. He didn’t know Bill took over Stan’s body until it was too late. Feeling guilty and responsible for what he has done nearly ten years ago (he shut down the portal), Tyrone planned to hunt down Bill Cipher, thinking he could talk to Stan to help him but he didn’t realize Stan was long gone. Shit happens and Dipper lost everything. He was left alone in a cold harsh world. He was forced to survive in a brutal broken world.

Remembering his childhood at Gravity Falls, he tried to find ways to go back in time or to send a message to his past self or anyone in the past that he knows. But the world was different. Gravity Falls is nothing but a big crater. There was no Blendin Blandin to help him travel back in time. No Mabel, Soos or Wendy to give him support because they’re all gone. And no Stan to give him an advice or two on how to fight a tough adversary.

Even though he was drowning with hopelessness, he refused to give up. Tyrone looked everywhere to find ways to change the past. From time machines to magic and finally remembering the Time Wish Orb from Globnar. He was captured by TB’s army for infiltrating their base to find TB to get the orb and then saved by Ash and Fletcher (college buddies duo) who were there stealing weapons and supplies.

Tyrone became leader because he knows many things about the supernatural (magic, monsters and time travelling). His knowledge helped them survive in a chaotic world and everyone believed he is the one who can help them change their future (or past). However, he kept the part about him being partially responsible for this mess to himself (this however was eventually discovered by Ford who read his journal).

When Ford appeared and brought to him as prisoner, because Jim and Fletcher thought he was Bill, Tyrone was the first to know who he was by his six fingers and his similar look with Stan (in this case Bill). He promised to help Ford go back to his time in hopes it’ll prevent the current future.

The two got along well. Tyrone often talked to Ford about his guilt though he didn’t mention any names to keep it a secret. And Ford talked to him about his mistakes. So when Tyrone died, Ford was devastated. It was worse when he found out who Tyrone was to him.

THRACIA, Lysimachos, 323-281 BC, AV-Stater, posthumous, Tomis, 110-90 BC, Aversum: head of deified Alasdair with King binding and hippocampus to the right, reverse: Athena with helmet left throning, the left elbow based on a shield, the lance is to the right shoulder leaned; on the outstretched right Nike, the King names bekränzend, SNG Stockholm 839.8. 25 g, almost extremly fine Dealer Auction house Ulrich Felzmann Auction Minimum Bid: 2000.00 EUR (via item 12-A142-32)

Gold Stater of King Lysimachus of Thrace, Lampsakos mint, Black Sea region, struck c. 297/6-282/1 BC

On the coin, the head of the deified Alexander the Great wearing a diadem with fluttering ends and with the horn of Ammon around his ear. On the reverse, Athena, wearing robes and a helmet, seated on a throne, holding Nike and resting her elbow on large round shield adorned with a gorgoneion; on the inner left, a race torch; on the throne, monogram. M.

Lysimachus was a Macedonian officer and diadochus (successor) of Alexander the Great, who eventually became king of Thrace, Asia Minor and Macedon. He had been one of Alexander’s trusted bodyguards during his Persian campaigns.

Since Alexander didn’t leave an heir when he died in 323 BC, a power struggle soon erupted between various diadochi for control of the empire. They argued about who should rule which part and each of them tried to make themselves look like his lawful heir. One of the best ways to do this this was to mint coins with Alexander’s picture, but with their own name inscribed on them. That is exatly what Lysimachus did.

Lysimachus did eventually issue coinage solely in his name, like the one pictured here, which featured a different design than the one originally employed by Alexander. This coin features an idealized portrait of the deified Alexander on the obverse, and a seated Athena holding Nike on the reverse. These types of Lysimachus’ coins were popular enough in commerce to be adopted and imitated in other places, and by other kings up until the 1st century BC. The coins of Lysimachus are some of the most beautiful and realistic portraits from Hellenistic Greece.

Post Apocalyptic Future AU

I finally have time to sit and write all this stuff up! 

Watch the video here.

Summary: In this AU Stanford was stranded in a chaotic future where Time Baby rules. Stanford was rescued by a group of people who are part of a small group of freedom fighters (called LYSIMACHOS) led by a young man named Tyrone.

After explaining his situation they agreed to help him find a way to get back to his time (from attempting to build a time machine to magic) and the only one sure way they could help him is by retrieving the Time Wish Orb. However, locating Time Baby was the main challenge for them…

Stanford ended up in the future for more than a decade!

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LYSIMACHOS 296BC Thrace King Hercules Zeus Ancient Silver Greek Coin…

LYSIMACHOS 296BC Thrace King Hercules Zeus Ancient Silver Greek Coin

External image
External image

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Rare Eastern European stater imitating the style of the Alexander the Great/Lysimachus type coins, c. late 2nd-mid 1st  century BC

This stater is derivative of the Lysimachus gold staters of the Byzantium mint (modern Istanbul). These imitations are found throughout the entire Black Sea area and as far north as the Baltic. They are likely not the product of Celtic tribes, but rather issues of Scythians, Dacians or other peoples who inhabited lands to the east of the Celts.

On the coin is a helmeted head with birds atop. On the reverse is an enthroned figure holding a smaller figure with a spear behind, pseudo-legends in the form of stacked pellets on either side and a trident below.


OMG, I finished it! What was actually a lazy sketch turned detailed sketch. When was the last time I draw what looked like a cover art and fill up a whole page? weeks, months or maybe years ago? I’m so happy to look at this! Stan and the freedom fighters in my Post Apocalyptic Future AU~ 

My bro suggested I named the crew Wings of Freedom (WoF) but I dunno… I felt bad for snorting when he suggested that even though he himself admitted it’s kinda lame. I looked up names and I found Lysimachos. An ancient Greek name that literally means “freedom fighter”. So since the founder of the group is the kind of guy who refers to names and meanings the group is called LYSIMACHOS. But Stan’s crew are the vanguards and their team name shall be WoF (as thanks to my brother for trying).

Laura Cunningham

Age: 23 years old

Position: Scavenger & Chemist

Laura and her brother were caught stealing from one of Time Baby’s supply camps by Stan and Jim. They joined the group because they needed Fletcher to take care of their sick mother and needed the sense of home and safety. Laura is quick to learn chemistry and she likes to make her own improvised explosives from whatever robot scraps or chemical she could find. She likes to use small guns and explosives in battle.

Laura takes things a little too seriously (as pointed out by Rico), she’s a little temperamental and she is oblivious to Jim’s crush on her, always feeling suspicious of him trying to prank her or something. She’s very protective of Rico and feels very responsible of his well being. The siblings work well together and they are often tasked with gathering supplies (because Rico being small and can fit into small spaces and Laura didn’t trust anyone else to watch out for her brother).

LYSIMACHOS 296BC Thrace King Hercules Zeus Ancient Silver Greek Coin…

LYSIMACHOS 296BC Thrace King Hercules Zeus Ancient Silver Greek Coin

External image
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First batch of sketch-doodle dumps for tonight. First one are my OCs for the Post Apocalyptic Future AU done at work (procrastinating~ *hisssss*) and the second one was done during my *ahem* boring meeting. You can see how I feel about the 2 and a half hours meeting from the doodles. I’m having my late dinner right now so haven’t started random sketching.

Jim Hudson

Age: 25 years old

Position: 2nd in command. Strategist

Jim was captured by Time Baby’s men at sixteen and was forced to work as TB’s soldier. He was tortured for disobeying many times and in the end he chose to pretend he was one of them. He sneaked around the base to feed the prisoners and find ways to free them and gain freedom himself. Then his opportunity came when Tyrone and his little group came to free the prisoners.

He joined Tyrone in his mission to defeat Bill and retrieve the Time Wish Orb to restore peace in their world. Jim is thoroughly loyal to people he trust. He sees Tyrone as a role model and Ford as a companion and elder brother. He trained Ford in battle and they always partnered up on small missions like collecting supplies or scouting enemy territories.

Jim is usually serious, sceptical and a little socially awkward. He gets flustered easily when talking with girls, so Monica loves to tease him because he has a crush on Laura. And he fights well with guns and close quarter combat thanks to the training he took while in TB’s army camp.

The top right side of his body has acid burn scars which he suffered on the day he was captured by TB’s men. He was treated but they asked him to join their army in return. The scar on his cheek was from a shrapnel when he the enemy’s weapons vault exploded courtesy of his work. 


Ok, I was doodling (and trying my darnest to ignore the aches in my jaw)… and BAM! I felt like drawing my Lysimachos babies! Some OCs interaction during their down time!  I dunno if I should continue because I did no expect it to be a mini comic…

Lauren, Jim, Rico and Monica belong to me and they are important for my Post Apocalyptic Future AU story. 

LYSIMACHOS 288BC Alexander the Great Athena Tetradrachm Greek Coin i54111

External image
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