I’m not good at drawing or designing weapons so I used a lot of random references from the net and mash things up. I draw simple cuz drawing detailed weapons is torturous for me… Yeah, I love the idea of solar powered guns. They do use regular guns now and then but bullets are sparse so the engineers modified them to solar powered laser guns.

Anyway, ya’ll should recognize Ford’s Laser Gun and his Stun Gloves from DDaMD, the Laser Blaster was just how I imagined the gun strapped on his back looked like in NWHS.

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As we know, the ashes of Achilles and Patroklos were mingled in one urn. Not even a god could sift one from the other. Achilles has come back with his fierceness and his pride, and with Patroklos’ feeling. Each of them suffered for what he was; this boy will suffer for both.
—  –Lysimachos on Alexander, in Mary Renault's Fire From Heaven

Post Apocalyptic Future AU story where Stanford was stranded in a chaotic future where Time Baby rules. Stanford was rescued by a group of people who are part of a small group of freedom fighters (called LYSIMACHOS) led by a young man named Tyrone.

After explaining his situation they agreed to help him find a way to get back to his time (from attempting to build a time machine to magic) and the only one sure way they could help him is by retrieving the Time Wish Orb. However, locating Time Baby was the main challenge for them…

Stanford ended up in the future for more than a decade!

It’s done and RIP to my fingers! Thanks to mistrel-fox​ for supporting me the past three days! The random chat helps lower my stress level! And thanks to those who have been following my progress on Twitter and helping me out to chill with random doodling (will be posted after I sleep)! You have seen me gone bonkers a few times there!

I plan to do a mini AMA session here on the 15th July! (still not familiar with what’s it called? Reddit?)

*There is a sort of part two for Stanford’s travel through the portal. I’m still plotting that one and if it didn’t make the cut it’ll be cancelled.


OMG, I finished it! What was actually a lazy sketch turned detailed sketch. When was the last time I draw what looked like a cover art and fill up a whole page? weeks, months or maybe years ago? I’m so happy to look at this! Stan and the freedom fighters in my Post Apocalyptic Future AU~ 

My bro suggested I named the crew Wings of Freedom (WoF) but I dunno… I felt bad for snorting when he suggested that even though he himself admitted it’s kinda lame. I looked up names and I found Lysimachos. An ancient Greek name that literally means “freedom fighter”. So since the founder of the group is the kind of guy who refers to names and meanings the group is called LYSIMACHOS. But Stan’s crew are the vanguards and their team name shall be WoF (as thanks to my brother for trying).


First batch of sketch-doodle dumps for tonight. First one are my OCs for the Post Apocalyptic Future AU done at work (procrastinating~ *hisssss*) and the second one was done during my *ahem* boring meeting. You can see how I feel about the 2 and a half hours meeting from the doodles. I’m having my late dinner right now so haven’t started random sketching.

“I- I can help you change the past. All you need to do is bring me a little space snowglobe.”

Here’s a sketch related to my next video. I’ve plotted the apocalypse scene for some time, even revealed bits of my finale to @manicpanicroom July/August last year if I remember correctly (maybe earlier? Not long after Safe and Sound was uploaded?). I decided to wait for the canon weirdmageddon to get extra inspiration and to be honest, there’s not much changes since what I originally planned is surprisingly close to canon. I decided not to stick with plan A which involves moon cycle and dark magic. Plan B which involves Bill’s return 3 years later is also cancelled. So going with plan C which I called “plot twist from minor canon characters”. Oh and rejoice! The Lysimachos gang is confirmed to make their reappearance in the 2 part finale!

Silver Stater from Abdera, Thrace, c. 411/10-386/5 BC

The figure of Herakles on the reverse of this coin is considered to be one of the finest depictions of him in Greek coinage. The composition, although showing him at rest, clearly illustrates his power and strength. The griffin on the obverse is shown as if it is at the moment of landing, as its wings are slightly open giving the impression that they are still lightly fluttering. This stater of Abdera is one of the finest engraved of that series.

(Obverse: ABΔH inscribed , griffin seated to left, its wings slightly spread, a cicada on left. Reverse: EΠIΦIΛA / ΔOΣ inscribed , Herakles seated facing three-quarters to left on a rock draped with a lion’s skin, his torso and head turned facing, he holds a club in his right hand that rests on his right knee, and he rests his left elbow on his thigh, all within a shallow incuse square.)

Abdera saw its height of prosperity soon after 544 BC, when the majority of the people of Teos (including the poet Anacreon) migrated to Abdera to escape the Persian yoke (Herodotus i. 168). The chief coin type, a griffin, is identical with that of Teos’ coinage. The Teans brought the Gryphon myth with them to Abdera.

In 513 BC and 512 BC, the Persians conquered Abdera. In 492 BC, the Persians again conquered Abdera, this time under Darius I. It later became part of the Delian League and fought on the side of Athens in the Peloponnesian war. Abdera was a wealthy city, the third richest in the League, due to its status as a prime port for trade with the interior of Thrace and the Odrysian kingdom. A valuable prize, the city was repeatedly sacked: by the Triballi in 376 BC, Philip II of Macedon in 350 BC; later by Lysimachos of Thrace, the Seleucids, the Ptolemies, and again by the Macedonians. In 170 BC the Roman armies and those of Eumenes II of Pergamon besieged and sacked it. The town seems to have declined in importance after the middle of the 4th century BC.

Abdera (map) is not far from the mouth of the Nestos River, almost directly opposite the island of Thasos.The site is occupied by the modern town of Ávdhira in the Xanthi regional unit of Thrace, Greece.