Blankets and Pillows || Frank&Liz

Frank was up and out of the common room without a second thought. He had his wand and a jacket. However, he didn’t get very far. Where am I going to get blankets and pillows? Frank thought hard about where he would be able to get his hands on the things he wanted. Finally, it came to him. The Hospital Wing. Frank smiled to himself and turned right down the next corridor, his walking pace hurried. 

It wasn’t long until he reached the Hospital Wing and the store cupboard that was just before the main Wing. Frank looked around and strained his ears to see and hear if anyone was coming. He crept over to the store cupboard door and pull it open slowly. Inside there were several piles of blankets and stacks of pillows. Frank grinned and began to gather some bits together; he picked up a large amount of blankets and stuffed several pillows on top of them and under his arms. Making sure it was still clear outside, Frank crept out of the cupboard and closed the door with his foot before hurrying off towards the classroom he was meant to be meeting Liz at. 

Thankfully, Frank didn’t see anyone on his journey. He made it safely to the classroom and let himself in, thankful that Liz wasn’t there yet. He shoved the things he’d borrowed from the Hospital Wing on the wooden table and wondered what to do next with them.

The Visit || Frank&Liz

Frank didn’t bother with a bag; all he needed was his watch, his wand and his head. And a cloak. His wand was studded into his cloak pocket that was hanging around his shoulders. Frank breathed out heavily and rolled his head around on his shoulders. “Right, focus. Just focus on where she is and how you’re getting there,” he said aloud, thinking about Liz and her house and the street corner with a tall lamppost. “Yeah, that’ll work.”

Closing his eyes, Frank tried to clear his head once more before focusing on only one thing: where he had to be. One, two…three. He turned on his heels and found his core being tugged backwards, twisting and turning into comfortable shapes. His eyes were still tightly closed when the twisting stopped and the ground could be felt under his feet. Frank swallowed and slowly opened his eyes. It was snowing. It was dark and cold but as Frank looked around he could see a lamppost up ahead of him that was on the corner of the road. That must be it

With his head still spinning and his feet feeling uneasy, Frank took a step forward and held his head up looking for any signs of trouble. As the lamp light reached him, he stopped and wait under it for Liz.

Brisk Walks || Liz&Frank

It was cold in the corridors of Hogwarts that say. There was a draft that seemed to run along the stone floors, catching peoples ankles as they moved from classroom to classroom. Frank was struggling to find something to fill his free period with so he was thankful to of bumped into Liz in the corridors. On seeing her, he broke out into a wide, toothy grin, straightening his cloak and Gryffindor tie. “We can go for a walk down to my willow then,” he said, pointing in the general direction of the Owlery.

It had been a long time since Frank had ventured out to visit his favourite spot in Hogwarts; he was looking forward to showing it off to Liz. “I hope you’ll like it,” Frank continued as he backed up slightly so that they could head in the direction of the doors that led to the school grounds. “It might be a bit cold though but you can borrow my cloak.” He smiled softly as he and began to walk towards an exit of choice.

Breaking the Ice || Frank&Lysandra

It was about time that Frank shook off those cobwebs that were building up around his shoulders. He needed to get outside, feel the crisp autumn air and breathe in the cool air before winter set in. The grass was crunching under foot from the brown, fallen leaves that were scattered across the grounds of Hogwarts. They completely changing the scenery. 

The ground was too damp to sit on so Frank wandered over to the edge of the lake where there were some large rocks that some students would use to jump into the lake in summer. He stretched out his hands, avoiding the moss, and pulled himself up onto the cold surface and looked out at the lake. Spirals of breath came from within Frank’s mouth as he slowly breathed in and out. It might be cold but it’s nice, he thought as he rubbed his hands together.

A Little Gift || Frank&Liz

With one last glance over his shoulder, Frank caught a glimpse of Liz disappearing off to Ravenclaw Tower to find his Christmas gift. He turned on his heels and began the familiar walk towards his abandoned classroom just a couple of floors below. Frank took a left and declined the steps walking, a smile across his face. Something within him made him feel a little silly to be so happy with himself but Frank tried his best to embrace it and not let it bother him; he didn’t know how long this feeling of happiness would last.

It was quiet down the corridor that led off to Frank’s favourite classroom. It was always quiet though because this part of the school seemed somewhat forgotten by the rest of the students and teachers. Frank reached the old, heavy wooden door and flicked up the latch and pushed the door aside. He walked in, closing the door behind him but leaving it unlocked so that Liz could enter later. Frank pulled out his wand and aimed it in the direction of the fireplace and lit the logs that were pilled up in it. He wondered over to one of the armchairs and took a seat to wait out the time until Liz’s arrival.

Burning Lessons || Frank & Liz

It was getting late but Frank wasn’t about to get into bed and buckle down for the night. Instead he had his favourite green jumper on and some thick socks under his shoes. Tonight he was off out again to his secret little haven in Hogwarts that he hoped not many students actually knew about. The only issue was that it was passed curfew.

In his seven years of being at Hogwarts, Frank had only been caught a handful of times out of bed after hours. He’d become quite well educated on the corridors and halls that the Prefects didn’t monitor as hard making it easier to sneak around at night. But tonight was different; for the first time in years he was going to try and teach his sneaky ways to someone else.  

Frank easily made it out of the Gryffindor common room without bring any attention to himself. He kept his foot steps light as he made his way towards the Ravenclaw tower to meet with Liz. He’d owled her before leaving to let her know that he was on his way and, as he grew closer and closer, Frank’s smile grew. He was excited to share his classroom with her. You’re so strange, Longbottom.

The stairs that led to the Ravenclaw common room were straight ahead. Frank slowed down and sunk into the shadows of the hall and waited for Liz to appear.

No Entry // Liz&Frank

With another blink and quick flash of his teeth, Frank turned his head to look up and then down the corridor him and Liz were standing in. It was quite which was usual for a Sunday. He looked back at his girlfriend, a grin still playing on his lips. His tongue flicked out across them before he reached out and grabbed Liz’s hand, tugging her towards him. “Come along, Locke,” he whispered, squeezing her hand and turning to walk up the corridor. 

As they walked hand in hand to a destination Frank was yet to work out, Frank was aware of the rapid beating of his heart and the growing giddiness in his stomach. He held onto Liz tightly and shot her a quick look, unable to read her expression. As the neared a narrow staircase, Frank took a left turn and continued down the corridor until they met another slightly wider staircase that led up to the seventh floor. He smiled to himself suddenly working out where he could take Liz. “You okay?” he asked as they climbed the steps one at a time.

Dinner for Two || Frank and Liz

It was late afternoon and Frank had everything planned. He was rather pleased with himself for managing to sort everything out in order for him and Liz to have their first meal together. Granted, he hadn’t cook it; the elves had been very helpful. Behind Frank was the door into the kitchens. He waited patiently for Liz to appear so that he could tickle the pear and get down to eating. The table was simply and the food that was going to be served to them was too, but it was the thought that counted, right?

Frank waited, wringing his hands and rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet. He was nerves to see what Liz thought about it and whether she was going to like the food. Just breathe and it’ll go to plan, he thought trying his best to calm himself. It had been a little rushed because Frank hadn’t been able to get to the kitchens until after his work had been completed. Slughorn had been extra harsh on the amount he was handing out. He glanced up and down the corridor trying his best to spot Liz. “Come on, Locke,” he said, something that he often came out with.