lysa bell

Fanfic (Freewood GTAV AU): Primed to Go Off

So, I lost the actual prompt for this because I had it all saved in my Outbox and then my Xkit went and fucked up, but I still remember the general gist of it.

This one is for the ever-wonderful @lysa-bell. Thank you for being so patient about me posting this prompt, lovely.

Content warnings for: smut, slight dubcon, rough sex, Dom/sub undertones.

[AO3 Mirror]

~* * *~

“I’ve got a job for you, Ryan.” Geoff draped himself over the designer chair, one of the many dotted around the ludicrously spacious lounge room of his penthouse apartment. He wasn’t sure if he was actually sitting the right way on the artistic piece of furniture - he certainly wasn’t sitting comfortably - but he didn’t care. The chair had cost five figures and he was going to sit in it, dammit.  

Ryan didn’t look up from the gun he was cleaning. “When don’t you have a job for me?” he asked mildly, purposefully smudging more gun oil onto the thick glass top of the coffee table that was scattered with gun parts, primarily because he knew it drove Geoff insane.

The older man’s eye twitched and he forced himself relax. His bowtie was loose around his neck and there was a bottle of whiskey drooping from his fingers, which he lifted to his lips to take a calming sip, the picture of nonchalance.

“Well, that’s what I’m paying you for,” he drawled, resisting the urge to try and squirm into a more comfortable position. Seriously, who the fuck had designed this chair? But Geoff had committed now, there was no way he could let on that his entire abdomen was tensed to keep himself from sliding to the floor.

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