for my best friend in real life, erin~ today’s the 15th anniversary of the day you hatched! ◕‿◕

i figured i should make you a zelo gif (which you already saw when you opened my photoshop omfg) since he’s your bias and all. and this is kinda sorta making up for me not baking you something or getting you balloons because derp. but ya, think of this as the continuation of the cheesy message i wrote in your card omfg haha. again, i’m really glad you’re my best friend and i hope we stay friends for a really long time. ‘cause like we have discussed before we still need to go to south korea for our college/high school trip where we’ll meet our s(e)oulmates and then we can be the maid of honors at each of our weddings. LOOOL am i lame or what. anyways, you’re such a smart, nice, lovely person who deserves everything good thing that happens to them (’: thank you so much for being my friend and the sister i never had since second grade-ish. and safhaskjhfasklf i can’t be cheesy for long ok. /shudders/ anyways i am giving you a virtual hug 'cause i just realized i didn’t give you a hug today omfg. but you know how i am with hugs -_- i’m awkward.

also, you suck. love you erin!<3