lyricstuck shenanigans

Lyricstuck thing I learned while doing this project

Normally I’ve planned my lyricstuck by drawing the panels in my sketchbook and crossing out panels that doesn’t work.

I found that a more efficient method is to use sticky notes! How come this hasn’t occurred to me sooner? D:

So far it’s been good to me and I think I’ll be using this method from now on OuO. It’s more organized, more efficient, and more effective in putting down ideas. It’s easy to switch around the panels for repetitive choruses instead of having arrows going all over your page and making it confusing (and also having to erase a lot)

 I try to work on something flow of the panels until I am happy with it, so all the stuff on the top are discarded compositions of only 2-3 panels that I thought needed fixing.

Try it out! It’s p dang sweet! Also I hope this helps some c:

I started this lyricstuck

and so have made an effort to catalogue this experience. People who follow my personal blog won’t find anything new UuU

so basically, just a bunch of useless textposts that may or may not give insight to my method of lyricstucking. It’s not easy and there will always be changes made along the way UoU

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moonsrain  asked:

How do you divide up the lyricstuck when you're saving the in-progress digital files? I mean, do you save each panel as a separate file or save short sequences together?

Each panel is a separate, numbered file.

png files are saved in a subfolder.

because otherwise it’d be a mess, hahaha 

You can have several panels in a few files though

and I’ve done that for the first two. But when I started getting ambitious with the colors did I start having them separately. :P I will be doing the separate files for different panels from now on.

yall can have this one panel of the lyricstuck im working on ^u^

officially halfway+ into the lyricstuck, with three more days til my self-imposed due date. but considering i worked all day for the last 4 days to get this far, and with school starting tomorrow, it’s likely i won’t make it. 


im certainly holding it against me when that happens, but i hope you dont feel the same way UoU

asugarplumfairy  asked:

Hi Papers! I've been trying to make the transition from paper/pencil to digital art for a while now, and I decided to make a lyricstuck to force myself to draw a whole bunch of times. Toasty referred me to your composition guide, and I've already drawn most of my thumbs, but I was wondering if you have any advice for actual digital painting/drawing? Your lyricstucks tell such great stories, and beautifully too :D

Sorry for the late late reply— going through messages and replying to what I can has made me very busy this week c: 

Great job for finishing most of the thumbnails—that is a great start! :DDD The best advice I can give you for painting and finishing lyricstucks is to work in large swathes.

The biggest reason that Run to You took so long for me to finish was because in the early days I was working on it, I finished one panel at a time, trying to perfect each one. Most of the panels I’ve done that way I never used in the final product. :B

So basically, do the lyricstucks like a comic—you don’t finish a comic panel individually but rather work on the entire thing with whatever art process you use. Sketch everything, then lineart everything, then plan out the base colors for all the panels, etc. Do feel free to color and finish any panel depending on your mood. There were days where I just didn’t feel like sketching out storyboards, so I worked on coloring, and vice versa. Don’t let this method limit your inspiration.

I’ve done this for all of my lyricstucks at some point and it has helped me tie down the story better and if I ever want changes, they’ll be more consistent to the theme. 

Have fun lyricstucking, sugarplumfairy! 

anonymous asked:

Excuse Me, But It Would Be Met With Much Gratitude If You Were To Reveal Your Serkets To Uploading Lyricstucks, Especially If There Is Particular Detail Given For The Benefit Of Tumblr Newbs Such As Myself. Thank You For Your Time.

Yes Kanaya, that would be fine.

- Make a text post and an audio post in your Drafts

- Upload your lyricstuck panels on the text post

- Upload your music of choice on the audio post

- When you’re done, select all and copy your panels from the text post and paste it onto the audio post

Publish your audio draft and Bam, you’re done. c: Happy lyricstucking.

shtuts replied to your post “hey have you double checked your saving location? because sometimes you have to either save the image on your desktop or in a newly created folder when you’re on your mac”

Have you considered the possibility of excess sadness? that might be the cause (it’s a thing. I know it because science). all you need to do is make the lyricstuck all happy and that should fix it :D

Ha good one– you mean like this?

i think it’s funny how most of the lyricstuck previews that I’ve put up are being modified or dashed out entirely. So don’t be surprised if the stuff I posted before doesn’t show up in the Final.

I’ve just been learning a lot of storytelling and cinematic techniques that looking back at my hapdashed boards last year…yeah it needs to be fixed e~e. If I worked awfully hard drawing this thing it better have bloody decent composition too

but hey, here’s one WIP panel that’s definitely staying, if that holds any comfort

(Miiinndfang aw yiss)

crucify-ivy-deactivated20150703  asked:

Would you possibly be able to a Lyricstuck of Unconditional by Katy Perry with The Dolorosa and The Signless?? I would much appreciate it. ps i love your blog

Thank you c: The song’s catchy and nice, but I’m already doing a Dolorosa/Signless lyricstuck!

Plus (bigBIG plus), I spend a lot of time and effort  in lyricstucks (added with emotional investment that includes stress, frustration, and reoccurring feelings of inadequacy). 

So for nearly all of the lyricstuck requests I’ve gotten, the most I’ve done is listen to the song, consider a few scenes and the vague idea of a story arc, and move on.

So yeah, these kinda requests aren’t to be taken or thrown in lightly. There’s a huge difference between asking for me a 5 min sketch of Karkat in a tutu, and making me work 40-60 panels in the course of several weeks/months, putting thought in not only the technical aspects such as composition and coloring, but also how a story arc would emotionally impact the audience.

Difficult, demanding stuff. Dude, I do hope you understand. Thanks so much for your support.

danekez  asked:

Nice to meet you too. Hey, do you mind if If I ask you a question? I am an artist too and I can't Leo but admire the length of your beautiful Lyric Comics. I always have trouble maintaining motivation while I'm in the middle of a really long piece, like a comic. How in the world do you keep yourself so focused?


there are spans of days where i just dont feel like working on my projects—lose motivation and dont wanna look at my own work sorta thing. And there are plenty of lyricstucks that I abandoned because of that reason :P 

but to get over those challenging internal conflicts, I ask my friends to keep an eye on my progress and push me, and always try to work at it til the point of no return—meaning you’ve worked so long at it that you might as well get it done, haha.

Focus is important, but it only really comes in short, small bursts. What’s important is the things that you do while you’re not in that focus zone. It’s all about the willpower and patience to push yourself through a long project. Work on it one small step at a time. Certainly we get a blaze of excitement when we first start off, but when you hit a block and run out of energy, it’s time to be wise and start planning more carefully.

I’m not the perfect model for it no, but the important thing is to try. Try your best. Have patience for yourself and your work.

Good luck! ^u^