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I just got over drinking and being super unproductive
I don’t give my heart to people I don’t fuck with, but most of y'all do
Shit, I don’t really move how most of y'all move
I wish you know how empty I was, forget it, I’m cool
Wish I had genuine company instead of these feelings, being on isn’t as cool now is it..
—  Pryde

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Kitty Pryde
  • Here's some random facts about Kitty Pryde all in one blob:
  • Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde has dated 5 people throughout her run in the comics. 3 of which are named Peter (Piotr "Peter" Rasputin, Peter "Pete" Wisdom, and her now husband Star Lord aka Peter Quill). The other 2 are Bobby Drake and Doug Ramsey. Kitty is introduced into the comics at 13 1/2, and runs until about age 22. Kitty is of Jewish heritage, her grandfather, Samuel Prydeman, was in a German concentration camp. She has been going by the nickname "Kitty" since she was 3 years old. Kitty has gone through 3 different codenames as an X-men; the first codename was Sprite, suggested by Storm after Kitty chose not to use Xavier's suggestion. The second is Ariel (which, fun fact, was Xavier's suggestion). The third codename is Shadowcat, which she made up after being possessed by the demon Ogun. After getting married to Peter Quill, she took his position of Star Lord after he quit Guardians of the Galaxy. Kitty worked for Doctor Doom, and was apart of Excalibur, X-men, the New Mutants, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Guardians of the Galaxy. Kitty lost her virginity to Pete Wisdom (shameful Kitty, shameful 😑). Kitty phased an immense bullet through the whole earth and was trapped in space for months, everyone presumed she was dead until, after help was pulled out of space and the bullet by Magento. After this event she became fearful of space (which she later conquered this fear since she joined Guardians of the Galaxy). Kitty is the youngest x-men; before her was Bobby Drake aka Iceman. Kitty later could send herself or others into the past in the Years of Future Past timeline (which is Days of Future Past for everyone that's seen the movie and hadn't read the comic). Kitty has a bond with a purple dragon, which she named Lockheed after the x-men's jet, the Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird." Kitty is from Deerfield, Illinois, which is 25 miles north of Chicago. Kitty took ballet and modern dance for most of her early life.
  • That's a lot, just off the top of my head! There is way more that I know too, but its almost 1: 30 in the morning so, night!