This week’s Small Talk is with Kitty Pryde. We talked about her internet twin, the time her toe exploded and getting dissed by Grimes.

Pryde, the DW novel never written.

So in the Disc chatroom*, we were talking about how PTerry** never really got around to gender rights in Discworld, and I believe that this is only because he ran out of time. So many characters are obviously non-heteronormative that it seems that he was getting at it. Also, if you look at the Disc, major social revolutions happen just after technological ones,*** just like in our world. My personal headcanon is Sir Pratchett was working on a book called Pryde, containing the entirety of gender issues in the Disc, taking place in (of course) Ank-Morpork. What would it contain? I’m glad you asked.

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