“Long live the car crash hearts.”

Pete Wentz made playing the bass cool for me, I look at him as a role model, someone that inspires me by breathing. The things he says, the way he acts, that's how I want to be. Pete Wentz is the dad I didn’t get. He inspires me.

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Let Me Know or Tomorrow?

I love both songs so much ;u; but I think I like the lyrics of Tomorrow a bit more~

“Life isn’t about living along but living through
As you live through, you’ll disappear some day”

Rapmon and Jin - Trouble or Rapmon and Jungkook - Waterfalls?

I LOVE BOTH OF THEM because I can never get enough of pre-debut BTS. But Trouble just because oh my god the lyrics (   ͡ º  ͜ʖ  ͡º ) huhuhu.
- Kylie

Make me choose between (BTS)