lyrics saved my life

  • Me: Bands meaningful lyrics saved my life.
  • Twenty Øne Piløts: Coconut coconut shark in water
  • My Chemical Romance: so give the BLOOD, BLOOD! GALLONS THESE STUFF.
  • Panic! At The Disco: Everybody scream, its almost halloween, do the trick or treat!
  • Fall Out boy: dhdh hfhfjd frjsof susjef cm

let’s forget everything, forget everything for a bit

I feel like Sign of the Times is gonna be Harry’s epic, signature song like Rhiannon is to Stevie Nicks. And years from now we’re gonna have a collection of performances and someone’s gonna go “my favorite was the graham norton performance” and someone else is gonna go “yeah, but have you heard this one…? It’s rare and maybe not his best, i heard he was sick that night, but he did this little [note or lyric] change and it saved my life.”