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Why I love the Xeno series

Treehouse Live host: So a lot of your games start with the “Xeno” prefix. Why is that?

Tetsuya Takahashi: *waxes lyrical about how all conflict arises because we treat the unfamiliar first with fear and apprehension instead of trying to understand it, and if we as a species and as a society learned to treat the unfamiliar with curiosity and openness instead of anger and fear and accept diversity in all forms we’d be better off for it*

Treehouse Live host: Okay cool, here’s some more gameplay of anime kids beating up giant monsters with ridiculous weaponry

warning signs are fuel to the flames but I kept talking about gravity

I dreamed of you 

but you were smoke

and I was coughing. I gave

up on oxygen. 


I still wander through outer space,

but it is mine – I took that from

your constellation. The lines that held 

you together

got mixed up and

fell to the ground like firewood.


Your words were many falling 

feathers and I was so full of thoughts of

weightlessness that

I did not see the bird that

died in the same breath that ended your sentence.


Do you remember when I pointed to the trees 

that were still black from the wildfire 

seven summers back

and you looked away

and said nothing about how tragic

it was to burn – 

My INFP Music Series #1

Disclaimer: This is all based on my own preferences and opinion. Not all INFPs would necessarily agree with me.

Each entry in this series will be of a song that I believe I enjoy based on my INFPness. I used to just post the song or lyric but I wanted to go into a bit more detail on why I believe the song resonates with me or what impression it has left on me, whether it is serious or playful. Maybe some people can find new favorite artists through this!

Kitchen Sink - Twenty One Pilots

I was going to write my own thoughts about this one, but the interview with Tyler(lead vocalist) takes care of the words I wanted to say. Here are some excerpts that stood out the most for me.

“The whole concept of that song is that I feel that humans are always struggling all the time when it comes to purpose, trying to figure out their purpose is, what purpose even is, what’s the point, justifying your own existence.”

Notable Lyrics:

“No one else is dealing with your demons

Meaning maybe defeating them

Could be the beginning of your meaning, friend.”

“When someone asks me what the logo means to me, the logo means something to me because I made it mean something to me. That’s the point. The point is that I created something that only I understand and whether or not I decide to disclose the meaning of it, that’s the beginning of purpose for me. The meaning of purpose for me, is by creating something, if it be by writing lyrics, painting a picture, by expressing yourself through art if it’s photography or music or theater, or whatever it is.”

Notable Lyrics:

“Then write something, yeah it might be worthless

Then paint something then, it might be wordless”

“It doesn’t have to be artistic, but if you create something and only you know the meaning of it, that’s the beginning of purpose for you. When you’re in the room by yourself trying to decide whether to stay alive, you can tell yourself “I should probably stay alive because I’m the only one who knows the meaning of that thing.”

So yeah….he said it much more beautifully than I could.

Te wo Nobaseba (Part 02): The Tale of Two Touken Danshi and their Masters featuring Kashuu Kiyomitsu, Yamatonokami Yasusada, Okita Souji and the Saniwa

Discussion Notes:
“Saniwa” - the master of the Touken Danshi who has the ability to bring the Touken Danshi to life and send them back into the past to defeat the opposing forces that try to change history.

In my previous post entitled, “Te wo Nobaseba (Part 01): The Tale of Yamatonokami Yasusada featuring Kashuu Kiyomitsu”, I wrote about how the song “Te wo Nobaseba” was used to narrate the development of the relationship between Yamatonokami Yasusada and Kashuu Kiyomitsu, specifically from Yasusada’s perspective.

(Part 01 of the discussion can be found: HERE )

Throughout the franchise, “Te wo Nobaseba” is sung a total of three times:

  • Bakumatsu Tenrouden - “Te wo Nobaseba” which is sung as a solo by Yasusada
  • Bakumatsu Tenrouden - “Te wo Nobaseba (Reprise)” which is sung as a solo by Yasusada
  • Itsukushima Shrine - “Te wo Nobaseba (Itsukushima Shrine Version)” which is sung as a duet by Yasusada and Kiyomitsu

I have discussed the first two versions in my previous post, and would now like to take a closer look at the final version; the only version of “Te wo Nobaseba” that is sung by both Kiyomitsu and Yasusada.

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I remember you was conflicted, misusing your influence. Sometimes I did the same — abusing my power, full of resentment. Resentment that turned into a deep depression… Found myself screaming in a hotel room. I didn’t wanna self destruct. The evils of Lucy was all around me, so I went runnin’ for answers until I came home, but that didn’t stop survivor’s guilt. Going back and forth, trying to convince myself the stripes I earned or maybe how A-1 my foundation was…

But while my loved ones was fighting a continuous war back in the city, I was entering a new one — war that was based on apartheid and discrimination. Made me wanna go back to the city and tell the homies what I learned. The word was respect; just because you wore a different gang color than mine’s doesn’t mean I can’t respect you as a black man. Forgetting all the pain and hurt we caused each other in these streets… If I respect you, we unify and stop the enemy from killing us. But I don’t know, I’m no mortal man. Maybe I’m just another nigga.

—  Kendrick Lamar

anonymous asked:

Speaking of Alone on the Water, what made you decide to write such an incredibly sad fic? lol. And did you ever anticipate it becoming so incredibly popular?

Wow, I haven’t thought about this in awhile.  There isn’t really a story there, but I’ll try to answer your question.

I first saw Sherlock when it aired in the UK, what was it, fall of 2010?  I loooooooved it but wasn’t fannish about it immediately.  It wasn’t till the following spring, after I’d shown it to a couple of interested friends, that the fangirl in me woke up and decided that this was Her Next Thing.  And for me, the first thing the fangirl does is WRITE FIC.

I can’t really say why I chose that subject.  I mean, it’s not like I just sat down and went “You know what’d be fun?  DEATH.”  I suppose I wanted to get at Johnlock somehow, and the first thing that occurred was “terminal illness.”  Call it a morbid bent of mind.  AOTW was partially inspired by an old semi-obscure movie called “It’s My Party” starring Eric Roberts (yeah) in which a man with a month to live decides to end his own life, and he throws a weekend-long party with everyone he’s ever loved there to say goodbye, at the end of which he swallows pills and dies with his closest family and friends around him.  Obviously the tone of AOTW is quite different, but the “choose your death on your own terms over a slower more painful and debilitating death” thing came from there.

Actually, re-reading that - I DID just sit down and go “You know what’d be fun?  DEATH.”

I wrote it in one sitting.  I wasn’t sure whether to post it.  I was very very  new to the fandom and didn’t have a good grasp of its tone - some fandoms react badly to deathfics, some thrive on them.  I asked the lovely-and-talented mazarin221b, who I’d known for a long time, to read it - she’d already been around the fandom and could advise me.  She said yeah, post it.  So I posted it.

Did I anticipate the response?  Of course not.  Nobody ever expects The Spanish Inquisition that kind of a response.  And it wasn’t immediate.  Upon release, the fic got a fairly normal response.  Complimentary, but it wasn’t like a TORRENT or anything.  It sort of built over time.  It wasn’t until I joined Tumblr a few months later that I started realizing the kind of response it was getting.  The day I discovered that it had its own TAG was interesting.  It got a huge boost from deductivism’s fanvid as well - I credit that vid with a LOT of the story’s visibility.

So there you have it.  My DVD commentary for “Alone on the Water.”  Let me take this opportunity to answer a few frequently asked questions about it.

1.  Was it based on “Third Star?”  I get this question all the time.  No, it wasn’t.  I didn’t see “Third Star” until months after I’d written it.

2.  Will you ever write a sequel?  You know, when I first released it, I actually had a sequel planned.  I even started writing it.  But no, I’m never going to write a sequel.  I sort of don’t feel like the story is mine anymore.

3.  Why’d you have to put slashy stuff in it?  Because I wanted to.  Next.

4.  Moffat/Gatiss/Ben/Martin need to see this.  No, they really, really, REALLY don’t.

5.  Where’d you get the title?  From the song lyrics that are at the top of the story.  :-)

6.  Those lyrics are wrong, you know.  There are conflicting lyrics to “Sorrow” online.  Some say “don’t leave my half a heart alone on the water” and some say “don’t leave my hyper heart alone on the water.”  I like the former better both as a lyric and as a connection to the story, so barring confirmation from The National I’m going to stick with it.  And if you know of such confirmation - I’m still keeping it the way it is, so no need to send me Asks about it.

7.  You should do a reading of it at a convention.  It’s been suggested.  I’m open to the idea.

Basically, I never could have dreamed of the kinds of things people have done and made based on my story.  There’s been so much fanart, fanvids, graphics, gifsets - even original songs! - and it’s…well, those of you who are authors as well can imagine what that means to me.  Every day it’s humbling and gratifying in a way I can’t put into words.  Every time I get a review (and I read all of them) telling me the story has affected someone, and that they’ll never forget it…it makes me feel like I’ve left at least a tiny footprint on the world, and on someone’s life, and that is the most amazing thing ever.

People thank me for the story.  Don’t thank me.  I’m thanking YOU for reading it.  


Song of the Day - November 24, 2017

NCT127 - 0 Mile

[M] 0 Mile was the track that NCT127 ended up promoting on a few of the music shows, as they wouldn’t let them promote Cherry Bomb due to lyrics conflicting with the channels policies. I think 0 Mile was a great song to showcase off of Cherry Bomb in its place. It is such a fun track and it shows a different side of the NCT127 boys who are usually in your face with extremely attention demanding tracks (think Firetruck, Cherry Bomb, Limitless) and I think this gives the guys a chance to attract other fans that wouldn’t necessarily be interesting in their in your face title tracks. I find NCT127 does both really really well - their titles and all of the other tracks on their album. They manage to cover a tonne of different sounds and styles and promoting 0 Mile finally gave them a cance to showcase this side of their music. 

[S] It is no secret I am NCT127 trash! ( and if you ask M I am also a dirty bias stealer XD) this group definitely causes me to have a wandering eye between my orginal Bias Yuta and M’s Bias Taeyong but DO YOU SEE THAT COTTON CANDY HAIR?! I CANNOT HELP IT!!! Yuta also looks so good in this performance I really have a hard time taking my eyes off the both of them.
0 Mile is a fun song I find myself listening to it fairly often and I would love to see them really do it live one day. ( I have a hard time actually believing they are actually doing this performance live) however even if this song is playback the dance is fun and NCT127 has a lot of stage presence. they are really everything I expect from an SM group and I hope SM lets them have a comeback quickly!

[C] S and M are always fighting over Taeyong and then I’m just sitting here in the corner thinking he looks way too perfect to be real that when I look at him it almost bothers me. So I’ll stick with my Canadian boy, Mark. I wasn’t crazy about 0 mile right away just because I couldn’t get over Cherry bomb and the songs are pretty different. Now I love 0 Mile it’s a really catchy song every time I listen to it it’s always stuck in my head I’m probably gonna end up listening to the Cherry bomb album all night now.

Reflektor is that difficult record; it’s perfectly flawed. Its release was a series of MacGuffins- those expecting dance music got something closer to slowed-down konpa, those expecting synth-pop got smears of soundscape. Instead of affirmation, there was conflict; its lyrics simultaneously mythological and personal, deeply funny and deeply serious. When I heard it in its early stages I knew it would both inspire and frustrate. The beauty of the album Reflektor is in all this, in its feeling of an unachievable whole. It is a peon to the now-dead city format, a pun on the Beatles’ Revolver. It is filled with hidden bonus tracks- an album that requires rewinding and disc-swapping. An album that was complemented so strongly by the live show that the two began to feel intractable. The sound of Win and Régine’s voices swooping around each other, no song belonging solely to her or to him. Sentiments expressed by both voices, conflicting, even within the same moment. Reflektor is one-of-a-kind and I’m immensely proud to have been asked to work on it.
—  Owen Pallett

that autism feel when one of your favourite bands has multiple songs that use the r-slur in the lyrics, and you’re conflicted because, apart from the usage of the r-slur, you actually really like the songs and the lyrics and the tune of the songs…but then every time you listen to those songs, you feel really uncomfortable when those parts comes up