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Whalien 52 | Taehyung (1)

genre: fluff & light angst

summary: Of all the fish in the sea, Taehyung was so glad you swam to him.

pairing:  mermaid!reader x Taehyung

word count: 2,298

A/N: I’ve been working on this for so long, ever since I finished watching the Legend of the Blue Sea (which was the main inspiration for this along with Surplus Princess.) Anyway, this is more like a prologue/introduction to introduce the two main characters. I hope you all enjoy & I can’t wait to write more! <3

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A storm was coming.

He stood at the dock, watching as the turbulent waves lashed out against the rocks in an unforgiving manner. The air was heavy with a briny mist, gray clouds thickening and looming over him. Frantic shouts were thrown at each other as the fishermen nearby anchored their ships in a haste attempt to salvage what they can before the storm.

A dark shadow swallowed the last bit of light, turning the sky into a beautiful arrangement of various shades of grays and purples with the occasional flash of bright blue light. It wasn’t long before the rain teamed up with the harsh wind, furiously pouring down.

A part of him found a strange comfort under the dark skies and unrelenting rain, so he remained there for a while longer. He welcomed the storm, hearing it’s violent cries and sharing it’s sorrows.

Because for Taehyung, the storm had already arrived long ago. It raged on in his heart like a never-ending tempest since that dreadful day and left him to wonder if the pieces she’d left behind could ever be salvaged.

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them: hey whatcha listening to

me, listening to the spider and the kitsune-like lion, which is a japanese song produced by masa that is arguably the goriest song of the already gory onibi series and sounds like the cackling of the devil as he brews screaming and pleading mortals in the eighteenth circle of hell: country

Everything is Awesome! [Hongbin & Hyuk]

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Summary: In which you, a clumsy girl who isn’t allowed in the kitchen has to prepare a sandwich for one of your boyfriends, Hyuk.

Word Count: 1 698

Type: Fluff/ AU/ Poly! AU

Characters: Hongbin X Reader X Hyuk

A/N: This was requested by an anonnie! I hope the anonnie who requested this and you baby stars! I’m sorry for being so absent this past week, I didn’t have much access to Wi-Fi here, but whenever I get my hands on free wifi, I will post! Have a great day! x

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You were never a wiz in the kitchen.

Infact, every time you entered the kitchen and attempted to make yourself something to eat, it always ended up with something exploding and you having to draw on one of your missing eyebrows. Because of this, your boyfriend Hongbin didn’t allow you to go into the kitchen to cook while your other boyfriend, Hyuk would supposedly make sure you wouldn’t do anything you weren’t capable of or supposed to do.

Unfortunately, one summer afternoon while Hongbin was at a nearby shopping mall, both Hyuk and you sat on the steps of your front porch, fanning yourselves with your hands and trying to get a small fraction of the breeze the weather man promised since your air-conditioner conveniently broke, which is why Hongbin had gone out - to purchase a new air-conditioner. Or at least find someone who could fix yours.

“Geez, I feel like I’ve entered the gates of hell.” You stated as you fanned yourself with your own hand, feeling rather irritated with the fact that you were both boiling hot and possibly in the process of dying of dehydration.

“I feel like a stuffed turkey at Thanksgiving that’s just been shoved into the oven.” Hyuk humorously spoke as he laid his head down onto your bare and sticky legs while your fingers played with the short strands of his newly dyed blonde hair.

He lifted his head upwards rapidly, looking you directly in the eyes and adorably pouted as he stated, “I’m hungry.”

“And what am I suppose to do with that information?” You were quick to ask, amused by the not amused and almost hurt expression on Hyuk’s face.

“Well, that hurt,” Hyuk placed a hand over his chest where his heart should be, still pouting but gazing into your eyes with puppy dog eyes that he knew all too well made you putty in his hands. “Could you please make a sandwich?”

He held his hands and began to bat his eyelashes, thinking this would get you to make him his sandwich, which you actually didn’t mind doing because all of times Hyuk gathered some snacks and whipped up some food for you since the kitchen wasn’t exactly a place where Hongbin feel easy about you standing in.

“No, Hyuk. You know Hongbin doesn’t want me in the kitchen.” You insisted, trying to remind one of your boyfriends about the very strict rule your other boyfriend had made extremely clear to the point where you didn’t dare to step one foot into the kitchen.

Hyuk rolled his eyes and sighed. “Ah, come on (Y/N)! Hongbin isn’t even here, and you’ve made a sandwich before without something bad happening,”

He then gently took your clammy hands in his soft hands, tenderly holding them and looking into your eyes, momentarily batting his eyelashes yet again before claiming, “I trust you.”

You let out a heavy sigh, hearing Hyuk happily cheer and give you a sticky hug out of excitement. You cringed at the skin-on-skin contact, patting him on the back and releasing from the embrace before finding the strength in your legs to stand up and walk into the kitchen, secretly bracing yourself for security alarms to go off or for an explosion you caused to happen.

You walked into the kitchen easily, not hearing those blaring security alarms going off which you purely imagined and tried to gather all the essentials for a good old peanut butter and jam sandwich.

Hyuk followed you into the kitchen, only doing this because he had nothing better to do than watch his girlfriend make him a sandwich. He happily plotted himself down on one of the kitchen stools, humming along to a melody that instantly caused a snicker to leave your lips.

“You still like that song?” You questioned with a fond smile, referring to the famous song called ‘Everything is Awesome’ which Hongbin and you repeatedly kept on hearing for weeks on end simply because Hyuk was obsessed with the catchy song and you both loved him enough to put him with his mini obsession.

“How could I not? It’s my anthem,” Hyuk smiled a giddy smile, tapping his fingers against the white counter tops as he began to sing out loud, “Everything is awesome!”

Despite the fact you were growing more and more annoyed with the existence of the song, you couldn’t deny the lyrics were pretty catchy and found yourself singing along with Hyuk as you began to cut the crusts off the sandwich you successfully made without any disasters.

Everything is cool when you’re apart of a team! Everything is awe-shit!” You cursed loudly when you felt the butter knife cut into your skin, the cut producing a fair amount of blood that made you grimace, for you always got queasy at the sight of blood. Another reason why you didn’t enter the medical profession like your parents dearly hoped for.

“Oh my gosh, are you okay (Y/N)?!” Hyuk asked in alarm as he speedily hopped off his stool and rushed over to see the cut. “Oh my gosh, how did you manage to not cut your whole finger off?”

You rolled your eyes at Hyuk’s tendencies to incredibly over-exaggerate when it came to this type of scenarios. You sucked in a breath, glancing down at the cut with your teeth biting down on your bottom lip before you commanded, “Hyuk, this is no time to exaggerate. You need to get the first-aid kit.”

“Right!” Hyuk immediately turned around but turned back around again, “Where is that?”

You slapped your other hand against your forehead although you didn’t know where the first-aid kit was either. Hongbin was always the one who rose above the three of you and treated any wounds in these situations. However, he was out and you didn’t know when he was coming back, so just like Hyuk, you began to panic. Internally, of course, just so you wouldn’t freak Hyuk out even more.

“Okay, just calm down, calm down,” You calmly instructed your boyfriend, who didn’t even listen to you and began to freak out even more. “Calm the fuck down!”

Umm, what’s going on here?”

Both yours and Hyuk’s heads turned in the direction of the voice, nervous smiles breaking out onto the surfaces of both of your glowing faces when seeing Hongbin standing in the kitchen doorway with a suspicious look written all over his face.

You were the first to speak. “Hongbin, baby, you’re back! We missed you.”

“Oh so much!” Hyuk played along with you, even going to the extent of batting his oh so marvellous eyelashes again which had no effect on Hongbin at this point in time whatsoever.

“Seriously, what’s going on?” Hongbin stepped forwards and discovered why there was such havoc in the house when he returned from his trip to the shopping mall. “You’re bleeding?”

“Yes, she’s bleeding and she’s lost so much blood that I’m scared that we might lose her,” Hyuk over-exaggerated yet again, flinging himself into Hongbin’s arms as he dramatically cried, “We can’t lose her, sunshine. Not now, not ever.”

Hongbin witnessed you roll your eyes for the umpteenth time that day, a small amused smile spreading across his face all before he removed the dramatic Hyuk off of him and assured his boyfriend, “Don’t worry, baby boy. I’m here now, and I’ll help our princess, okay?”

The soothing tone in which Hongbin used, as well as the heart-fluttering petnames he used were enough to calm Hyuk down as he began to blush heavily, placing his hands over his hot cheeks as he simply replied with, “Okay.”

Hongbin then left the room to retrieve the first-aid kit which you now knew was stashed in the small closet space in the hallway, tending to your wound that wasn’t as terrifying as Hyuk made it out to be while he calmed Hyuk down at the same time.

After placing a smiley face plaster around your cut finger and kissing it better by Hyuk’s request, Hongbin easily cut off the crusts to the sandwich you managed to prepare and handed it to Hyuk, who straightaway devoured it, earning fond laughs from both you and Hongbin.

“So, what happened here?” Hongbin questioned yet again, crossing his arms as he leaned against the other counter top and faced Hyuk and you who sat on the kitchen stools. “I leave for what? Twenty minutes? And I come home to (Y/N) bleeding in the kitchen and Hyuk on the verge of dying because of an extreme panic attack.”

You were the first to speak once again. “In my defence, it was Hyuk who sweet-talked me into making him the sandwich and singing that Everything is Aweosme song while I was trying to cut the crust.”

Hyuk turned to face you in the blink of an eye, playfully and gently slapping your arm while calling you a tattletaler, which earned him you childishly sticking your tongue out at him and Hongbin shaking his head at both of your childish antics.

“I was just singing the song, it was her who decided to join in and dance with a butter knife in her hands.” Hyuk truthfully spoke as he tapped his fingernails against the countertop along to the melody of his current obsession.

  “The song is too catchy not to sing along to!” You argued before looking at Hongbin so he could back you up. “Right, babes?”

Hongbin only jokingly rolled his eyes, hearing a chorus of annoyed groans before childishly bickering started to beat against his eardrums. “Both you leave the kitchen, I need to prepare dinner anyways.”

The both of you stood up to leave the kitchen, still bickering with one another but that was quickly brought to a halt when you both heard Hongbin softly singing along to the catchy song. You two both looked at each other in disbelief, giggling like school children on the playground as you silently sang along with him while adding in your own dance moves that wouldn’t end up with you harming yourself this time around.


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Ten Things Goblins Don't Want You To Know!

  1. They Hate Horses: Horses have a tendency to step on goblins, seeming to deliberately go out of their way to smash them.
  2. They Hate Dogs: The only thing a gobbie hates more than the horse is the common dog. Sure, they ride worgs and have their own rat-like mounts called “goblin dogs” but goblins homicidally insist that these are NOT dogs in any way, shape or form. Dogs, likewise, hate goblins back.
  3. Your Junkyard is Their Treasure Trove: Any place where people dump refuse attracts all kinds of vermin like crows, bugs, rats and goblins. Goblins are pretty creative when it comes to crafting things out of junk- especially weapons. Some of the more sadistic goblins make a sport out of murdering people with the stuff they throw away.
  4. Goblins Love to Sing: Goblin songs are catchy tunes, if you enjoy morbid lyrics. Larger tribes have warchanters sing to inspire goblin troops on raids. Goblins insist that warchanters inspire goblins to fight harder, but dwarf warriors claim otherwise.
  5. Sneaky Bastards: Among elven rangers, the term “sneaky goblin” is an oxymoron, as the little green chatterboxes never shut up. But if pressed, a goblin can swiftly shift into silence and sneak through areas undetected. Goblins are also adept at hiding in all sorts of places like crawlspaces, rain barrels, firewood piles, bales of hay, ovens…..
  6. Crazy Bastards: Yes, I said ovens.
  7. Hungry Bastards: An ideal goblin diet consists of over a dozen meals a day. However, since few goblin tribes have the supplies and infrastructure to support this kind of hunger, this is why they are always going on raids. Strangely enough, cannibalism is taboo in goblin society- although this taboo does not extend to other races, including hobgoblins and bugbears.
  8. Gobbies Like Fire: Goblins are master arsonists, always happy to light someone else’s property on fire- and if no property is available, they burn creatures instead! Goblins are careful about lighting fires in their own lairs, since the average goblin bed is a mix of dead leaves and dirty straw, but see Fact #6.
  9. Goblins Get Stuck Easily: Goblins that get excited or scared often don’t think things through. Their small bodies can squeeze into virtually any space, but sometimes their bulbous heads get stuck. That incoherent screaming you hear? No, your house is not haunted, you probably just have a goblin stuck in the walls. Sewer backed up? Goblin in the pipes! (alive or dead is another story)
  10. Writing Steals Your Soul: Goblins do not have an alphabet. All of their history is recorded in pictographs on the walls of their tribe’s lair. Goblins are terrified of writing. They say it’s unlucky. They say it steals thoughts from your head, and you can never get them back. The worst thing someone can do, however, is write down a goblin’s name. Anyone who has written a goblin’s name down has made an enemy for life. For you have stolen the goblin’s soul, and the goblin can never get that back. Therefore, the goblin has nothing to lose now, and you’d best be checking the locks on your doors, the latches on the windows, and check to see what’s cooking in the oven, just in case…….
Heartbreak Made Me A Killer

Pairing: Y/N/Vampire!Michael

Rating: PG-All (Ish?? Blood appears and typical vamp shit)

Request: No

Words: 6.200+

Summary: Your best friend Luke drags you along to yet another frat party in the deepest hope of trying to put a smile on your face. But it’s difficult to enjoy when your ex boyfriend of a vampire tries to make your life miserable after breaking his black heart into pieces. 

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Pairing: Reader x Jimin
Genre: angst & fluff

Count: 2.338 words.


Dear Jimin,
Whether you can believe it or not, this is me, putting my heart on the line. You used to get mad at me all the time because I’d never state what I thought or wanted clearly, always hiding myself from the world, too afraid of getting hurt. You always wanted for me to be able to open up, to let someone else inside the mess that I am and you never realized that I already had done that, with you.
You’re the person that knows me better in the entire world and even though sometimes you can’t figure out what I’m thinking, you always managed to read my heart with a quick look of your eyes. You can read me like an open book and you don’t even realize that.
You know how bad I am with words and how uncomfortable it is for me to speak out loud about my feelings and I wished I was brave enough to say all of this to your face but, the truth is, I’m not and I will never be.
I wanted to grow up and become a fierce beautiful woman but I failed miserably. I’m still that little girl you met under the light blue Busan’s sky, running on the beach with her little dog, seeking a happiness I was always too afraid to actually find.  I used to dream big, picturing my life as a fantastical fairytale but, of course, reality hit me hard growing up and you have witnessed every single dark moment of my life.
You were always there when I needed you, when I was crumbling down to pieces and I needed someone to put me back together. You were there in my bright days too, laughing with me, rejoicing and cheering me up for every single little thing.
And today, I’m not afraid to admit that you were always my anchor, the milestone keeping me rooted to the ground. You’re my person, Jimin, you always were and I hate myself for never telling you this, for failing in showing you how much you meant to me.
You had always been right about me, about every single flaw of my being. I’m too shy, I’m too afraid, I’m a coward, I don’t put myself out there because I’m scared to fall and by doing so, I’m just letting my life pass me by, not fully living it.
You were right about all of this, even when I denied it, screaming at you at the top of my lungs.
Do you remember when I was crying in your arms, after I had been dumped again, and you told me that it was like I was looking specifically for the guy who would break my heart? You were right about that too, of course.
I had been burned, once, and that left me afraid of feeling all that pain again.
I’m a weak person, Jimin, even though I like to pretend otherwise, and I just can’t take another heartbreak.
I’m just so scared, it’s paralyzing.
I realized, though, that losing the man you love because you didn’t have the balls to admit it, hurt even more.
You know when I realized you were different? Do you remember that time when we ditched school and ran to the sea, eating ice-cream under the sun? You had this dazzling smile on your face and the way you looked at me, like you were in awe, made my heart beat so fast I thought you were going to hear how loud it was.
That was our last summer together before you started training to become the artist you are today. That was the summer I felt my heart breaking into million pieces.
I never told you this because I was afraid you were going to leave me behind, without ever looking back. But you never did, of course you wouldn’t, you’re better than that. But I have been so afraid, all this time, that you would actually leave once you realized how unworthy of you I truly am.
It’s almost comical that the real reason why I lost you it’s because I was the one that didn’t cherish you when all I did, for half of my life, was actually loving you, from afar.
You’re a special human being and I failed to make you realize how perfect you are to my eyes and for that, I’m so deeply sorry.
You’re the most hardworking and driven person I have ever met. There’s a fire inside your heart that never ceases to burn. It lights you up and I can almost see it inside your eyes every time your body flows to the music as if it was water.
You’re passionate and caring and loving and even when you’re too tired to even lift your body up, you never give up, you never leave people behind.
I admire the man you have become, Park Jimin, and I’m so proud of how far you’ve gone and I realized too late how lucky I was to have you in my life.
I remember, a few months ago, when you asked me if I thought fans would still love you if they got to see the real you. I should have told you back then all that I felt, but, of course, I didn’t.
You’re the most precious human being walking this earth and if they could witness only a glimpse of the person you are, they would all fall in love with you, hard. Just like I did.
Do you know what I love about you?
I love the way you put your desires aside to make someone else happy; I love how you’re not afraid to show to the people you love how strong your feelings are; I love how you always manage to say the right thing in the right moment; I love how supportive you are with everyone that surrounds you; I love how much passion you put inside every single thing that you do, always trying to do your best; I love your laugh that always manages to put a smile on my face, even when all I did was crying for hours; I love the sweet and shy smile that appears on your lips when someone gives you an unexpected compliment; I love how your nose scrunches up when you laugh or when you’re feeling insecure of your looks and you try to be cute to cover it all up; I love your deep onyx eyes and the way they always pierce through my soul, undressing the very core of my heart for you to see and understand what I’m going through; I love your sweet humming voice and your raspy tone in the morning; I love your angelic singing voice and the way it can lull me to sleep even in the worst nights of my life. I love every single thing that makes the masterpiece called Park Jimin.
I know I wasted too much time, I know I broke your heart and that there’s no going back, but I wanted to put my heart out there, at least once in my life.
You were always the best part of me and I always wanted to make you proud of who I become.
So this is me, trying, letting all my walls crumbling down for you to actually see inside my heart, with no filters.
I love you, Park Jimin, and I’m so sorry.


He kept reading the letter you had left on his doorstep, over and over again, until the words had no meaning anymore and they were carved inside his heart and mind just like lyrics to a catchy love song you sing along to, without even noticing.
Your words, inked on the white sheet, had turned his world upside down, changing all of what he thought was the truth. He had never felt something as such intensity as the wat your words had moved him, bringing tears to his eyes.
Your love for him was absolutely pure and mesmerizing and he couldn’t believe it was really happening, not a phantom of his own fantasy.

He had fell in love with you the very first time he saw you: you were running with your dog, your feet barely touching the hard sand from how far you were moving, the sunrays hitting your beautiful face, whitewashing your skin into a yellow and red hue, your long hair flying in the air, slightly covering your features from time to time. He was still a kid, back then, and yet, you had captured his heart and he had been hopelessly devoted to you since that long gone summer day.
He had watched you become a wonderful young lady and then a beautiful woman, so unaware of her beauty and the effect she had on him and everyone else. He had watch from afar whenever you started a new relationship, his heart breaking a bit more every single time, and he had been there to put the pieces together when your heart got broken for the millionth time. He knew, if you could only look at him as a man, even for a second, he could make you the happiest woman on the entire planet because he was willing to give you everything he owned and was.
He took in a deep shaky breath, trying to calm down the beating of his wild heart and, closing his eyes, he knocked on your door, the tension running wild inside his veins.
You were watching a movie on the couch, your pajama already on even though it wasn’t that late at night yet, your hair messily tied in a bun, your face bare of any make up, ready to spend yet another night all by yourself, thinking about how much you had thrown away and how much you missed his texts or silly calls and selfies.
When you heard a knock on your door you looked at the clock, furrowing your brows, wondering who on earth would come to your place announced, at ten o’clock.
You walked towards the door and with uncertain hands you opened it, finding yourself looking inside the eyes you had started to fall into a very long time ago.
“Jimin?” you murmured taking in the uneasy expression on his face, the trouble behind his eyes, the restlessness of his body, his hand clutching hard a piece of paper you knew way too well.
“Is it true?” he asked, licking is lips in nervousness, “What you wrote… is it true?”
He looked tormented, conflicted, uncertain on whether to believe in your feelings or not.
“Yes” you whispered, your heartbeat catching up beat as the blood rushed to your face bringing a purple hue on your cheeks, “I’m in love with you. I’ve always been in love with you, Ji-mph…”
Your words died down in his mouth when he grabbed your waist, pulling you close to his body, his lips taking yours with all the desperate need he had felt over the years.
One of his hands rested on the side of your face, guiding the inclination of your neck so he could kiss you deeply, roughly, knocking the oxygen out of your lungs.
You parted your lips almost immediately, closing your eyes as his tongue encircled yours, flavoring the taste of his mouth, your legs becoming jelly as he kept exploring you, desperately.
You didn’t register the fact that you were moving until you felt the cold surface hit your back, your body trapped between the wall and his body; his legs between yours, his hands roaming up and down, stroking every single inch of your clothed skin, the desire firing up inside of him.
You were starting to feel lightheaded when his kiss got slower, more rational and controlled, almost sweet, but still carrying the remain of his heated passion.
He kept giving you long pecks, his eyes always closed as your taste invaded his own mouth, sending chills down his spine.
He could almost taste the salt of the sea on your lips, combined with honey and a hint of cinnamon tea: your favorite beverage during the winter days.
When he opened his eyes he found himself looking directly into yours, his forehead resting on your own while he caught his breath, his head spinning like crazy.
“Say it again” he whispered, brushing your lips with his again, taking a deep breath, the perfume of your skin invading his nostrils.
“I love you, Park Jimin” there was no hesitation, this time; there was no fear, no boundaries or walls against your heart, keeping you away from true happiness.
He smiled, one of his embarrassed smiles, and brushed his nose with yours into a sweet eskimo kiss, the happiness he was feeling radiating from his body, mirroring your own.
“I will never get tired of hearing you say that” he whispered, resting his head in the crook of your neck, planting small kisses there, your body shivering under him at the sensation of his lips touching your skin.
“I love you” you whispered in response, your arms found their way around his neck, keeping him in place against your body, “I’m so madly in love with you” you added when he started sucking on your neck, leaving his mark there, for everyone to see.
He started planting butterfly kisses on the soft skin under your ear, making your eyes roll inside your head every single time, the goosebumps covering up your entire body.
“I love you” you said again, your neck inching backwards, granting him more access as he kept biting and kissing and licking your heated skin, making every inch of it his own.
“You’re my everything, Y/N” his voice was hoarse, raspy, as he bit your jaw, jokingly, kissing the pain away right away. And for the very first time, you weren’t afraid of getting your heart broken because you knew, that was the truth: you were each other’s world.

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CNBLUE’s ‘Can’t Stop’ Celebrity Reactions Part 2

씨엔블루의 미공개 신곡 ‘Can’t Stop’을 미리 들은 스타들의 반응 공개!

배우 김우빈씨, 박소현씨와 그룹 제국의 아이들 광희씨의 리액션은?

#씨엔블루 #CNBLUE #캔트스톱 #CantStop

Kim Woo-Bin, Park So-Hyun, and Kwang-Hee’s reactions to CNBLUE’s new song, ‘Can’t Stop’!

(Captions for photos from left to right)

  1. Kim Woo-Bin: (This song) Has not been released yet, right? I get the feeling from the beginning of the song. *listens* I think this song is great. If released, CNBLUE absolutely will be #1.
  2. Park So-Hyun: I want to listen! Ah. Jung Yong-Hwa must have written a great song again. I’m looking forward to listening to the melody and the lyrics. *listens* OH! This style of song is my personal favorite. Only CNBLUE, with their looks and emotional talent, can compose and play music like this. It is definitely the title song of CNBLUE. No other singers would be able to sing it like CNBLUE. I am so happy to listen to this song!!! I feel as if I’m gaining my youth back!! I used to simply think that CNBLUE is great. This song makes me want to be with them. I think this song, when released, will be on the playlist of the radio programs where I DJ. Now I should listen to Lee Jong-Hyun’s song. *listens to Lee Jong-Hyun’s song* (Nodding) Lee Jong-Hyun has his own emotions and susceptibility, and it goes well with him. If he sang for this song as an OST of a drama, it will be a big hit. He would look so gorgeous if he sings this song himself!!
  3. Kwang-Hee: You know I’m not the kind of person who say every songs are great in front of cameras, right? I even say ZEA’s songs are bad if it’s not that great—in front of the composer!! Well, you are not composers, so I’m going to speak up and say my honest feelings of this song. Okay.. ‘Can’t Stop’? *listens* Ooh. This song is good. CNBLUE’s songs have a very good chorus part. Did Jung Yong-Hwa write the lyrics too? OOOHHH. Really?? Composed and wrote the lyrics? Wow. Hahaha. He should buy me lunch sometime. Jung Yong-Hwa, buy me lunch!  *listens to another song* OOOOHHHH. I think this song has great lyrics. Song is catchy. I could sing along and I’ve only heard it once. Is he heart-broken??? (suddenly laughs) The lyrics are about sad or hurtful love. I am surprised by these songs! Jung Yong-Hwa’s good at everything… Entertainment shows, singing, composing… When is their comeback? Spring? To the singers, I suggest that you choose other time than this spring for a comeback…
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I really like that f(x)’s songs have meaning! They’re not just catchy with a bunch of a repetitive lyrics singing about love and so on. I really loved Red Light for talking about freedom, Rainbow - for describing the feelings when you’re in love or MILK - what you do after breaking up (anon)