My favorite song on this album is I Want To Write You a Song, purely because it’s the kind of song I’ve always wanted to write for somebody… and I haven’t really thought yet ‘this is the song that I’d have written for someone’

Liam talking about writing IWTWYAS

so, just to clarify, liam wants to

1. write zayn a song

     -one that’s as beautiful as he is sweet

     -with just a hint of pain for the feeling that he gets when zayn is gone

2. lend zayn his coat

     -one that’s as soft as his cheek

     -so when the world is cold, he’ll have a hiding place to go

3. build zayn a boat

    -one that’s as strong as he is free

    -so any time he thinks his heart is gonna sink he knows it won’t

4. write zayn a song

    -one to make zayn’s heart remember him

    -so any time he’s gone, zayn can listen to his voice and sing along