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The gross thing about like stupid real love is that it’s all peaches and gravy until one person just falls out of sync. Like it might not be anyone’s fault and it might be entirely someone’s fault but the worst feeling might be watching someone who used to look at you with stars in their eyes fall out of love right in front of you.



Today we celebrate the brilliant, talented and renown Native Son Billy Strayhorn. A extraordinary Jazz Composer, Lyricist and Pianist, Mr. Strayhorn collaborated for 30 years with the legendary Bandleader Duke Ellington most notably on the classic Take The A Trane. He has success as a solo artist with his own brilliant and beloved album Lush Life. Mr. Strayhorn was very dear friends with Lena Horne and is credited with helping shape her musical career. He also was active in the Civil Rights Movement and supported and collaborated with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Audacious and fearless, Mr. Strayhorn was an openly gay man at a time with most people lived in the closet and homosexuality was not socially acceptable. We thank you Mr. Stayhorn for you inspiration, creative cultural contributions, and serving as a role model of how to live an authentic life. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Groundbreaking Hip-Hop Musical,Hamilton, Hits Broadway

One of the hallmarks of genius is an ability to spot connections between seemingly disparate things and then go on to create something that reveals the world in a new light. The young lyricist-composer-performer Lin-Manuel Miranda made such a connection about seven years ago, during a break from the Broadway run of his musical In the Heights, in which he was also starring. Miranda was, he says, “just chilling” in Mexico, reading Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton, when suddenly: “I was like, This is an album—no, this is a show. How has no one done this? It was the fact that Hamilton wrote his way off the island where he grew up. That’s the hip-hop narrative. So I Googled ‘Alexander Hamilton hip-hop musical’ and totally expected to see that someone had already written it. But no. So I got to work.”

The result, as you may have heard, is Hamilton, a musical that uses the vernacular of hip-hop (not to mention R&B and Broadway) to turn the life of the “ten-dollar Founding Father” into the story of the immigrant experience and the birth of a new nation. With a stunning multiethnic cast under the masterly direction of Thomas Kail, it exploded onto the stage of the Public Theater in February for a three-month run, driving critics (including this one) mad with joy, drawing insanely starry crowds, sweeping the Obie, Lortel, and Drama Desk awards, and setting off a frenzy for tickets. Happily, Hamilton isn’t history—it’s coming to Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theatre this month, and it is, quite simply, miraculous. “Lin’s telling America’s origin story with people and music that look and sound like what America looks and sounds like today,” says Jonathan Groff, who gives a comic turn as a foppish King George III. “It’s a game-changing piece of theater.” - The cast of Hamilton in ‘Vogue” US Magazine July 2015

  • Sirius: Now I'd like you to listen to these words which were written 500 years ago by Don Miguel de Cervantes: "Hear me now, O thou bleak and unbearable world. Thou art base and debauched as can be. But a knight with his banners all bravely unfurled now hurls down his gauntlet to thee!" That was Don Quixote.
  • James: Those words were written 45 years ago by the lyricist for "Man of La Mancha."
  • Sirius: Didn't think you'd know that, but the point's still the same-- it's time for Don Quixote!

Jeezy - “Magic City Monday” f. 2 Chainz & Future (Video)

Jeezy kicked off his summer with the nudie bar-ready “Magic City Monday,” which also guested (2016 Lyricist of the Year candidate) 2 Chainz and Future. Now the three return back to Al Bundy’s home away from home for the visual treatment. It’s fairly simple: take three top-earning Atlanta-based rappers, stick them into one of the city’s most popular night spots with stacks of money, and let the good times roll. Hey look, Young Dolph and Trey Songz pull up too! I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: must be nice.


Bob Boilen’s Top 10 Albums Of 2015

“2015 was a year for lyricists to excel and express. And with one exception, all the albums at the top of my personal heap were perfect examples of that richness:

“Courtney Barnett is my favorite lyricist. Her words are smart, funny and memorable. Sufjan Stevens came to terms with the loss of his mother so eloquently. Björk’s open-chested treatise on betrayal and heart regarding the end of her relationship with artist Matthew Barney is likely the best record ever to document such loss and broken spirit.”

Fuck BET and their 'Hip-hop' awards

Or why I think hip hop is under attack from BET

BET announced their nominations for their now 5th annual ‘Hip-Hop’ awards. The usual suspects are all here, your kanye, your 'lil’ wayne, all the people you hear on the radio… constantly. I have no problem with the majority of the categories or nominees, what I do have a problem with is the 'lyricist’ of the year category.

Lets look at it shall we?

Lyricist of the Year


Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj

Rick Ross

Kanye West

Right off the bat I have a problem with at least 2 of these nominees. I wont even talk shit about lil wayne here, that’s for another time.

Nicki minaj: Seriously BET, you have her up for LYRICIST of the year? Have you actually heard what she says? She is not a lyricist. A lyricist is someone that gives you an 'oh shit’ face. Nicki only gives me a 'wtf’ face.

I mean really? From her verse on 'super bass’

This one is for the boys with the booming system
Top down, AC with the cooling system
When he come up in the club, he be blazin up
Got stacks on deck like he savin up
And he ill, he real, he might gotta deal
He pop bottles and he got the right kind of bill
He cold, he dope, he might sell coke
He always in the air, but he never fly coach
He a muthafuckin trip, trip, sailor of the ship, ship
When he make it drip, drip, kiss him on the lip, lip

No, just no. Not at all. Not even close. If she is a lyricist, then I am a lyricist

Nicki minaj got skills on the mike
She’s really dope, she really is, …sike
If she is top 5, something is jacked in the game
If she is wins, it’s a got damn shame

You can literally throw coins into the audience of the hip hop awards and find better lyricists

Rick ross

I can’t. I just can’t.

My gun dirty, my brick clean
I’m riding dirty, my dick clean
She talks dirty, but her mouth clean
Bitch I’m MC Hammer… I’m about cream

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…

Fuck you BET for once again proving why you are not worth watching

J. Cole Lands 8 BET Hip-Hop Award Nominations

J. Cole has been nominated for seven BET Hip Hop Awards (eight nominations in  total for being nominated twice in one category.) The nominations include Album of The Year, Best Live Performer, Hustler of The Year, Impact Tract, Lyricist of The Year, MVP of The Year, and Producer of The Year. The show is set to take place Tuesday October 13 8p/7c, and you can check out his list of categories in full below. 

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