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Kingsman AU where Eggsy is a much more modern dancer and Harry a ballroom dancer who he wants to recruit. I also found this dance cover that I feel Eggsy would definitely dance like 👀💦

YES OKAY. I can see an almost “Save The Last Dance” kind of thing: Harry teaching Eggsy better technique, giving him classical training (Harry absolutely took ballet you cannot convince me otherwise). Eggsy showing Harry how to loosen up, just feel the music without choreography or mirrors.

Okay, sit back because I got some feels about dancer!Eggsy. Mom, ten years of dance lessons are paying off–for a gay spy AU.

I feel like Eggsy would be an AMAZING tap dancer. Loose limbed and quick on his feet, he seems lazy with his upper body but damn he hits every step clear as a bell. He makes music, actual music, with his feet. Maybe with a mix of uprock/toplock moves that catches Harry’s interest when he’s on his way to his studio one morning. Eggsy busking on the street corner, dancing with the kids who stop to watch, teaching them some of his moves. Harry catches him in the mornings, standing at the stove, shuffling his feet in tap combos, as he’s waiting for his eggs to cook (and trust me, you do–it’s been eight years since I did any sort of tap dancing and I still do tap steps if I am standing still for too long).

But really, a modern hip hop, pop-lock… there’s something called uprock that totally seems like something he would do. That and his gymnastics/parkour, he’d kill it. Maybe he has a dance group he competes with? Or they just do underground gigs? Him, Ryan and Jamal started by practicing out in the car park at Rowley Way and now they’re well sought after. They teach classes to the kids at the estates for free every weekend, give them something to focus on, put their energy in to.

Or maybe you mean modern by contemporary? Now imagine lyrical jazz dancer Eggsy. Imagine him fluid and powerful and emotional and graceful. He’s in a modern dance company that practices in the same space as Harry teaches his ballroom lessons and Harry catches him practicing late one night and is just stunned by this gorgeous boy, the way with which he moves with the music–his pauses as he lets the emotion of the song move through him, charges forward with force and intensity, eyes closed, as if in a trance as he moves about the room. Harry is enraptured by him from the start, the rawness and the beauty to it, to its rough edges, how it has grace in its unrefined corners, because that is where the sorrow and pain and joy of a person lies. You can everything, right there, in how Eggsy dances and it’s breathtaking.

Also, please picture Roxy dancing in high heels like this. Eggsy absolutely is signed up for her class.

Body Positive Dancer Roll Call

If you’re a fat dancer, I want to follow you. 

If you believe that dance is for everyBODY, that size does not determine talent, I want to follow you. 

If you believe that dance can save lives and show people how strong and capable their bodies are at every size, I want to follow you.

Tell me about yourself. Post a picture when you reblog this post if you feel brave enough. Show the world how amazing you are.

If we haven’t had one of these on tumblr yet, I’d say we’re long overdue.