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anonymous asked:

can i get a masterlist of your prefs please.

yes you can! i just updated and i have a new pref coming soon :)


Preference #1. The first time you meet.

Preference #2. Babysitting Lux.

Preference #3. Cant sleep. 

Preference #4. Lyrical phone prank.

Preference #5. He’s your teacher.

Preference #6. What he does when he’s upset/sad/mad.

Preference #7. How you kiss.

Preference #8. What T.V show you watch together. 

Preference #9. What heels he buys you. 

Preference #10. Vacation.

Preference #11. The food he makes/buys.

Preference #12. The dog he gets you. 

Preference #13. His fav bag

Preference #14. What he calls you. 

Preference #15. How you cuddle.

Preference #16. How he holds your hand. 

Preference #17. Cute things he does.

Preference #18. You see him cry for the first time. 

Preference #19. Wedding dress.

Preference #20. Your kids (Harry)

Preference #20. Your kids (Louis) 

Preference #20. Your kids (Zayn)

Preference #20. Your kids (Liam)

Preference #20. Your kids (Niall)

Preference #21. Matching. 

Preference #22. Christmas decorations.

Preference #23. Christmas morning.

Preference #24. He walks in on you shaving. 

Preference #25. Red carpet dress.

Preference #26. He tweets a pic of you snowboarding. 

Preference #27, The phone case he buys you. 

Preference #28. He tweets a pic of you playing soccer.

Preference #29. The sweater he buys you.

Preference #30. He tweets a pic of your kids.

Preference #31. Your babies nursery (Liam & Niall)

Preference #31. Your babies nursery (Harry, Louis & Zayn)

Preference #32. What you do at the park.

Preference #33. Dip dye. 

Preference #34. Couple photos

Preference #35. How he reacts to you being pregnant.

Preference #36. Secret spot.

Preference #37. Childhood photos.

Preference #38. How he reacts to the first time he sees you.

Preference #39. Songs. 

Preference # 40. Painted Nails. 

Preference #41. How he reacts to you going into labor.

Preference #42. He tweets a pic of your pet. 

Preference #43. Late night.

Preference #44. Protection. 

Preference #45. How he reacts to you singing “Were all in this together.’

Preference #46. Bubba.

Preference #47. “I love you because…”

Preference #48. How he reacts to you sniffing your pits.

Preference #49. Bubbles.Preference #50. How he reacts to you kissing another member. Preference #51. Your sex tape. Preference #52. Gay love. Preference #53. How he reacts to your 3 year old giving the finger.  Preference #54. Proposal.Preference #55. How he reacts to you clogging his toilet. Preference #56. Bruises. Preference #57. Future thoughts.  Preference #58. Baby names.Preferences #59. Weddings.  Preference #60. Past.  Preference #61. Rooms.Preference #62. Stay. Preference #63. Beaches
Lyrical Prank Phone Call | a Luke story

Hey hey, I made a little Luke story about prank phone calling him lyrically. Got the idea by ThatcherJoe from youtube as he did this in reallife and I laughed so hard. Check it out if you want right here. :)

ThatcherJoe | Lyrical Prank Phone Call

Now on with the story! The parts that are bold are the lyrics to the song I used. Enjoy and tell me what you think if you like!

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Lyrical Phone Prank | ThatcherJoe (by ThatcherJoe)


It’s Sunday again, and you know what that means!

Basically, I called up a bunch of friends and recited song lyrics instead of regular conversation.



Lyrical Phone Prank | ThatcherJoe

Imagine #3 ~ All I Want

Taking a seat on my bed in front of my camera, I waved both my hands with a large smile, my regular opening for my Youtube videos.

“Hello everyone! I thought id play a little prank on a little friend of mine that im sure you all know. Today, im doing the lyrical phone prank on my boyfriend, Luke Hemmings.

Currently the band has been away on tour for a while, so of course this would be the perfect song to prank him with! The song I will be talking to him is, All I Want by Kodaline!”

After pulling out my phone, I sent a wink to the camera before dialling Luke’s number.

“Hey, Y/N!” Luke answered, sending a smile to my face.

“Hey, what’s up?” I ask, noting the sound of people in the background.

“We’re just in the studio, what about you?”

“All I want is nothing more, to hear you knocking at my door…” I started, biting the inside of my lip as I gave the camera a look.

“I miss you too, love.” Luke sighed, my heart cracking at the sound of his voice.

“‘Cause if I could see you’re face once more, I could die a happy girl im sure.” I paused, letting him have time to reply, but instead he stayed quiet, making me cover my mouth to stop myself from laughing. “When you said you’re last goodbye, I died a little bit inside. I lay in tears in bed all night; alone without you by my side.”

“Y/N, I- What are you saying? I love you- maybe we could get you to come out and visit like last time-” Luke sounded worried, making my heart break some more.

“But if you loved me, why’d you leave me? Take my body… Take my body…” I interrupted, hoping he would get what I was singing.

“All I want is, and all I need is, to find somebody, find somebody!” Luke sang along, making me burst out into laughter. “God, you scared me half to death.”

“That was the worst thing ive ever done for a video, im so sorry, Luke!” I laughed,  placing a hand on my chest.

“This just helped me miss you so much more, we need to get you out to visit.” Luke’s words made my cheeks flush, making me bite my lip to contain my giggles.

“I got to end this video before it goes on forever, bye Luke, I’ll call you later, love you!" 

"You better! I’m going to get you back Y/N, I swear.”

After ending the call, I turned to the camera with a grin.

“Thanks kids, I almost lost my boyfriend because of that request.” I laughed, shaking my head. “I’ll probably never do that again, anyways, like and subscribe and ill see you next week for a new video!

Bye lovelies!”

I’ve never tried writing a youtuber little thing, so I thought I might as well- plus lyrical prank calls are hilarious and this would be so adorable if I was youtube famous and had a boyfriend-


Like and if you have a idea of any requests you want, leave it in my ask box!