lyrical discord

weird parallels:

“Daddy said not to go downtown-” “Like I said, you’re free to go.”

“I’m with you, but the situation is fraught.” … “You are the worst, Burr.”

Peggy and Aaron are both hesitant to break the rules (either parental orders or societal revolution), and are met with derision from those they hang out with

Their concerns are also dismissed and overwritten by others who are more excited about the opportunities and intellectual upheaval that come with widespread social unrest, no matter how deadly the situation is

“It’s bad enough there’ll be violence on our shore-” “New ideas in the air!”

“If you talk, you’re gonna get shot.” … “Poppin’ a squat on conventional wisdom, like it or not!”

Both start out as part of a group allied with Alex but end up shunted to the side, only to return as obstacles against him (with Peggy as the dual-casted Maria)

There’s even a moment of lyrical discordance within their respective trios:

“Angelica!” “Eliiiiiiza!” “-and Peggy.”

“Southern Motherfuckin’-” “-Democratic Republicans!”

Peggy’s line feels just a bit late, whereas Aaron noticeably declines to sing the “Southern Motherfuckin’” bit; he’s not from Virginia and doesn’t have any strong desire for protecting Southern interests that would deserve a swear

This key hesitation within a group costs them notability and the opportunities to utilize their interpersonal relationships to the fullest.

How are both of them remembered? Historically, little more than a footnote. Peggy is what Aaron could’ve been if he hadn’t learned too much from Alex.

Which is worse, I wonder? Fading into obscurity, or eternal notoriety?

anonymous asked:

wait wait the lyrics for discord are "sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon" arent they

I feared me getting them wrong and I fucking did curse my ears I should of checked well damn…

(Also it makes me hella mad when The Living Tombstone gets all the credit for the song when he only remixed it It is not his fault I know but it must suck for Eurobeat Brony)

Biidama no Naka no Uchuu (Unofficial English Translation: The Universe Inside the Marble) album information (Soraru’s Solo Album)

Tracklist updated! Taken from Soraru’s website ( )

01. Atmosphere (song, lyrics: Harumakigohan)
02. Suteko no Stela (song, lyrics: Neru)
03. Discord Alien (song, lyrics: buzzG)
04. Rinki na Wakusei (song, lyrics: MikitoP)
05. Uchuu Sou (song, lyrics: Chintara)
06. Black Psychopath Hole (song, lyrics: YASUHIRO)
07. Chuu no Iriguchi (song, lyrics: NishisawasanP)
08. Towa no Superstar (song, lyrics: koyori)
09. Cosmos to Aoi Hana (song, lyrics: Pusu)
10. Haiki Robot no Yume (song, lyrics: Chroma)
11. Kiwoku no Sora (song, lyrics: Toa)
12. pluto (song, lyrics: Mafumafu)
13. Biidama no Naka no Uchuu (song, lyrics, vocals: Soraru)

Animate [normal edition / ¥2000 + ¥160 (tax)]: A4 file folder
Animate [special edition / ¥3000 + ¥240 (tax)]: A4 file folder, metal badge, waterproof pouch
Lagoa: 44mm metal badge (pre-order bonus | art by saine)
CDJapan (no tokuten available yet)

Release Date: July 19, 2016