In ‘Zayn: The Official Autobiography’, Zayn talks all about his time on the road with One Direction and his experience being an international superstar. Typical of the Bradford boy we know and love, he’s not afraid to get deep and really honest. Not to mention, there are tonnes of notes, drawings, and lyrics written and drawn by Zayn throughout. The book is available for pre-order here, and check out an exclusive excerpt from the book down below… 

“People often ask me whether growing up in the public eye is any different to growing up away from the limelight. Of course, in some ways it’s totally different – if you’re in the public eye, someone is always watching you. Media spotlight aside, though, I don’t know whether it really is that different deep down, in the place where all of us are confronted with our insecurities and fears, our aspirations and dreams.”



Made a lyric comic (rest of it is under the cut to prevent dashboard clogging)

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