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Есть только ты одна
Прекрасней всяких снов -
И счастье и весна,
И сказка и любовь.


You’re the only gal
Amazing like a dream,
You’re my fairytale,
My happiness and Spring.

He saw it in her eyes.
Behind the laugh,
The smile, the
“Everything’s okay”
They say the eyes are the window to the soul,
And on her perfectly made up and faked face,
The eyes gave her away.
He could see her brokenness, the long nights spent crying until she fell asleep.
How sad and tired she actually was.
He knew everyone was fooled by her act, pretending to be happy all the time.
And he knew he couldn’t fix her, but he could try
—  A.P
he buscado por todo el universo
y me he encontrado a mí mismo
en su mirada
—  This I Love.