lyric poets

When he saw her, he realized how much she had changed.
Her stomach had flattened and her body gained more shape,
Her hair longer and darker than ever, falling in large curls.
Her usual scars and imperfections had left her face,
Revealing even more of her sun kissed skin.
Her laugh was louder and her smile was brighter.
And for the first time in 8 months he noticed her beauty,
And realized he had lost her
—  A.P
I appear whole.
And I am proper.
But my insides have been scrapped
like a piece of sandpaper.
They been have churning and churning
igniting a silent inferno.
And I have been burning and burning
like a dormant volcano.
—  When they say they are with you, but bring chaos in your life // @abillionlittlethoughts 

in an ideal world,
you show up at my doorstep
at 3 AM,
and tell me that you left her
and have always loved me.

but this is not an ideal world,
and you do not love me.

—  tjr 16/1/17
If you were a song I would learn every beat, know the lyrics by heart, let the melody flow through my veins and listen to it every night. If you were a song it would be my favorite
She was beautiful.
There was no denying it.
But she wasn’t that kind of beautiful that made everyone turn,
Or took everyones breath away when she entered the room.
Her beauty was hidden,
But once you’ve seen it she becomes nothing but beautiful.
Shes the kind of beautiful that keeps you up at night,
The kind that makes you love every part of her.
Some people may not see it,
And you know she can’t,
But she’s beautiful.
Theres no denying it.
—  A.P

i am no longer the girl i was when i loved you. i have reinvented myself. i no longer like coconut chapstick or gold eyeshadow. i no longer like horror movies or your stupid posters in your room. i no longer stay up until 5am just waiting for your name to pop up on the screen. i no longer cry everyday. i no longer barely make it through the day. i like sunshine and pale eyeshadow and coffee and art and thunderstorms and i am now everything you will never get the chance to know. i am better. i have found sunshine rooted in my very own veins. i am new, and i hope you envy the newfound warmth that i have found in myself.