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BTS-Trans Projects' WINGS Tour 2017 Banner Project Announcement

BTS-Trans / BangtanSubs is proud to announce the first part of our WINGS Tour 2017 project!

We previously released information about a raffle event we are hosting to raise funds for this project. We are now able to announce that we are planning a large scale banner project that will cover as many stops as possible on this tour!

Before releasing our raffle event, we polled fans to ask what their favorite BTS lyrics are. We have already sorted your submissions and organised the lyrics. Our goal is to link these BTS lyrics together, by having banners with different lyrics for each tour stop. Each specific stop on the WINGS tour (for as many as we are able) will have a different banner, and these banners will be handed out for free to fans. The lyrics will go in order of tour stops, linking together to create a message/letter to BTS and make it, what we hope will be, a memorable event for BTS. We have not yet determined which song the banners will be raised for, so stay tuned!

If you would like to help us with this project, you can participate in the raffle! Each ticket costs $1 USD, and there are lots of awesome prizes. All proceeds will go towards the funding of this banner project.

We hope to bring you a great project, and we will release more information about the banners once we finalize the designs. Currently, this is our only confirmed WINGS Tour project, but we are working on an additional piece, pending approvals. Thank you for your support!

Mary Yeh
Head Administrator


“永远有我 就算世界都冷漠”
You’ll always have me, even if the world turns cold
― Angel, EXO-K

“在心痛 如果能回到 那段幸福 “
If hurting more means we can return to that piece of happiness
―  Breath, Chen and Zhang LiYin

“只要在你身边 生命变得光彩”
As long as I’m by your side, life becomes dazzling
― What is Love, EXO-K

“我望眼欲穿   看我看不到的你”
I gaze longingly at the you whom I cannot see
― Miracles in December, EXO-K

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On November 30, 2016, we announced the first part of our 2017 WINGS Tour Project, which was a large-scale banner project to span across the stops of the concert tour, with the banners having BTS lyrics which will combine and form a message for BTS.

You may have previously seen our announcement about our lyrics banner project, and we are now glad to share more updates about this first part of our project! In addition, BTS-Trans / BangtanSubs is proud to announce the second and final part to our 2017 WINGS Tour project as well, a FanBook containing banners, messages and photos for and by the fans. This will be an international fan project for ARMYs in all the concert stops worldwide to come together and show their support for BTS as one.

To read the full announcement, please click this link:

We present to you the banner design for our WINGS Tour 2017 Banner Project!

As mentioned before, each city will have different lyrics on their banners. 
For more information on our project, please read HERE
If you would like to help us with this project, you can participate in our ongoing raffle

We hope to bring you a great project and thank you for your support!

Mary Yeh
Head Administrator