Lyran café

 magnax23 said: Skansen?

No, this is a café situated by lake Mälaren close to Bredäng, with a stunning view over the lake and towards the city. It was built as a summer house in the mid 19th century but became a gathering place for the cultural elite during the 1870s and -80s; the expression “att vara på lyran” is said to originate from this place. The building was expropriated by the city of Stockholm in 1963 and has been a café since 1966.

View from the balcony towards Stockholm city.


Fandom: RWBY
Raza: Humano.
Fecha de nacimiento: 7 de Agosto — Leo.
Edad: 17 años.
Altura: 1'62
Peso: 49kgs
Orientación sexual: Bisexual.
Academia: Beacon.
Ocupación: Estudiante.
Alusión: Kusanagi no Tsurugi.
Accesorios: Cintas para cabello, funda para su arma.
Lateralidad: Diestra.
Colores: Rojo, negro.
Semblanza: Invisibilidad.
Arma: Kurenai (Espada con un impulsor en la parte inferior del mango, para darle a sus golpes mayor potencia).
Color del aura: Roja.
Team: SWRD (Sword) @heishimare @nindread-fatalis @madnessinthishouse
Compañero: ???
Ship: Abierta a sugerencias. 
Brotps: Oh, pero bienvenidas.
Face claim: Harukawa Maki (New Danganronpa)


Fandom: RWBY
Raza: Humano.
Fecha de nacimiento: 30 de Mayo — Géminis.
Edad: 24 años.
Altura: 1'70
Peso: 55kgs
Orientación sexual: Bisexual.
Academia: Shade.
Ocupación: Cazador.
Alusión: Loki (Dios nórdico).
Accesorios: Piercings, navaja.
Lateralidad: Diestra.
Colores: Negro, dorado, verde.
Semblanza: Chaotic (Puede manipular la densidad molecular de su cuerpo, adquiriendo la habilidad de, por ejemplo, volver su piel tan dura como una piedra, o traspasar objetos sólidos).
Arma: Ragnarok (Revolver que dispara descargas de láser. Es capaz de cambiar cartuchos que pueden volver frías o calientes las descargas).
Color del aura: Verde. 
Team: CELS (Ceslestial) @heishimare @madnessinthishouse @nindread-fatalis
Compañero: ???
Ship: Abierto a sugerencias.
Brotps: Oh, pero bienvenidas.
Face claim: Orihara Izaya (Durarara!!!)


Fandom: RWBY
Raza: Humano.
Fecha de nacimiento: 2 de Octubre — Libra.
Edad: 17 años.
Altura: 1'60
Peso: 50kgs
Orientación sexual: Heterosexual.
Academia: Heaven.
Ocupación: Estudiante.
Alusión: Dragón Amarillo.
Accesorios: Armadura, lazo para cabello.
Lateralidad: Diestra.
Colores: Azul, plateado, dorado.
Semblanza: Light (Su cuerpo es capaz de emitir una fuerte luz que es capaz de cegar. También puede absorber esta).
Arma: Golden + armadura (Una espada de empuñadura de metal mezclada con oro, de hoja larga. Es herencia de su familia).
Color del aura: Dorada.
Team: DRGN (Dragon) @heishimare @nindread-fatalis @madnessinthishouse
Compañero: ???
Ship: Con @nindread-fatalis
Brotps: Oh, pero bienvenidas.
Face claim: Saber (Fate Stay Night).


Fandom: RWBY
Raza: Faunus (Su rasgo es una cola de tigre blanco).
Fecha de nacimiento: 25 de Diciembre — Capricornio.
Edad: 23 años.
Altura: 1'85
Peso: 60kgs
Orientación sexual: Bisexual.
Academia: ——.
Ocupación: Cazador.
Alusión: Byakko (Bestia Sagrada).
Accesorios: ——.
Lateralidad: Diestra.
Colores: Azul, plateado, dorado.
Semblanza: Gone with the Wind (Habilidad para manipular y crear corrientes de viento).
Arma: Black Bakuhatsu (Espada de aleación negra. La hoja mide un metro sesenta centímetros; No tiene funda, siempre la carga en la espalda).
Color del aura: Blanca.
Team: SCRD (Sacred) @nindread-fatalis @madnessinthishouse @heishimare
Compañero: ???
Ship: Abierto a sugerencias.
Brotps: Oh, pero bienvenidas.
Face claim: Archer (Fate Stay Night).

Question Everything - Alien Cat-People?

I have a reason to believe that there exists a race of humanoid alien felines. Before you immediately dismiss this as nonsense, read the explanations below. Conduct your own research about this topic, and then you can draw your conclusions. Until then, keep your mind open. Question Everything.


Throughout ancient Egyptian history, felines were often worshiped. In fact, many wall-carvings and statues depict felines as gods with humanoid characteristics. Anthropologists and such have always wondered why this was the case. Well, I’m about to explain it to you:

A very long time ago (B.C), a group of advanced feline aliens traveled across the stars and dimensions and stumbled upon a planet we know today as Earth, in an area known as Egypt, whose population at that time consisted of very primitive humans.

In an attempt to aid in the evolution of these primitive humans, the feline aliens introduced to them certain tools and technologies such as inter-dimensional-traveling boats, aircraft and submarines. This allowed the primitive Egyptians to travel beyond unknown territory to discover new horizons, leading to an evolutionary leap in their spiritual and intellectual development.

When the Alien Cat-People were done with the Egyptians, they returned to their home planet. The Egyptians were so thankful, that they produced statues and wall-carvings of their Cat-Gods in appreciation of the gifts they had given them.

Who Are They? Where Did They Come From?

The Alien Cat-People come from different star systems such as Lyran and Sirius. Their appearance resembles the feline kingdom on our planet. They do not like to be referred to as Cat-People–they are humanoids who have catlike qualities. They are agile, they possess tremendous physical strength, and they are extremely intelligent and spiritual.

Due to their advanced spiritual development, the Alien Cat-People have supernatural psychic abilities and they operate primarily on the higher dimensions (perhaps the 5th or 6th dimension). These higher dimensions vibrate at a much higher rate than our 3rd dimension, rendering them invisible to us. However, if they choose, the Alien Cat-People may manifest themselves into our 3rd dimension. The Alien Cat-People still live among us today, but on higher dimensional planes.

Cats are Descendants of the Alien Cat-People

Back in ancient times, when the Alien Cat-People returned to their home planet/dimension, they left behind what we know today as cats, lions, tigers, and the entire feline kingdom. These animals are direct descendants of the Alien Cat-People, and were left here to help watch over us and to aid us in our spiritual development and evolution.

Have you ever wondered why domestic cats are able to detect spirits? It is because they have inherited supernatural and psychic abilities from the Alien Cat-People. With these abilities, the cats can protect us from evil inter-dimensional entities. You ever wonder why cats sometimes stare at nothing?Now you know why.

By: Macchoi 


Lyran Pleiadian Atunya March 1 2012

Lately I’ve been learning about starseeds, walk-ins, the kryon implant, other dimensions, guides, star systems and past lives and it’s so interesting and exciting! 
I’m not sure on how much I believe so far but I discovered if I am a starseed I’m possibly Lyran! I wish I could master astral projection for answers and I wish I knew more people who know about all this stuff!