Abridged Evil

(My roommate and I have a friend staying overnight. It is getting late and my friend and I are in the bedroom area of our house.)

Roommate: *from the main room, in a bored tone* “Mwa ha.”

Me: “Got it.”

Friend: “Um, what?”

Me: “Oh, that’s us-speak for ‘I’m locking the door and turning off the lights.’ You know, like ‘Mwa ha ha, now I have you in my evil power!’ Only it’s routine, so it’s just kind of…” *shrugs* “‘Mwa ha.’”

Friend: “You two are weird.”

Me: “This is not news.”

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15 things that make me happy

southernbelleeee tagged me to do this (like a week ago but it didn’t show up in my tags) 

1. Playing video games.
2. My friends (who are mainly all online, but the occasional IRL too :P)
3. Cosplaying!
4. Playing my guitar/piano
5. Going for long walks
6. Cats.
7. My job. (I actually love it.)
8. Nerf wars!
9. Thunderstorms.
9. Pulling someone out of a bad mood. <3
10. Making youtube videos. (When I actually can/do… :P)
11. Acting. (I really need to get back into that…)
12. Reading.
13. Photography!
14. Modelling? (Or at least, I feel like I’ll enjoy it? I’m just trying to start… O_o)
15. Fail compilations (I’m slightly evil like that :P)

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