Outfit of the day.
Haven’t posted an outfit of the day in a while now so voila!
As I mentioned before, these past few days it’s been freezing here and I’ve been trying to be all ”fashionista” and not freeze my butt off !
I decided to layer with my basic white T, ”motor” black jacket and to keep myself extra warm with my winter jacket.
For leggings I went with navy blue jeggings and my combat boots which I might add you will be seeing a lot of this season.

To make the outfit a little bit more fancy shmancy I topped it all off with my beloved Peter Pan necklace and white pearl earings!

As for my bag, I wanted to pull everything together with my Paul’s Boutique bag, which had gold detailing.

This winter,  I want to be able to be warm and still look classy. Stay warm people it’s going to be a very chilly winter!


Ps. All the details of where my clothes are from is in my older post!


Hello chiquitas, I apologize I haven’t been posting regularly lately but tonight i’ll be posting 2 outfits I wore this week, I wore this on on Monday:

Monday’s are always shit great days! I was really lazy that day and woke up supah late… as usual really. But today I was running a bit later than normal, so I went for pieces which almost felt like my pj’s. I’m wearing black leggings, a white cotton top, denim jacket with grey hoodie lining and finally to actually make it look like I tried I threw on this gorgeous neon yellow necklace.

 This is what I wore today:

It was raining today and it’s still winter here unfortunately, anyways I wore my winter jacket from Zara which really keeps me nice and warm!

Underneath all that bundle of warmth and cosiness I wore a sheer black top, which i’ll be styling more since I’m starting to get obsessed! I paired it with my favorite skinny blue jeans and my Ice watch and my daily jewelry. I
honestly just place this outfit together in 2 minutes, I had a quick in pulse to change out of my baggy T and switched with this classy black top.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that these two outfits were all last minute outfits. The key I think is to find unique and comfortable piece that fit nice and perfect. Once you have that you can honestly just rummage through your closet in 2 minutes and get a cute outfit. 

Here’s what I would put together if I only had 2 minutes to get ready. I’ll be doing more last minute outfits as I’m always in a rush! I think by investing in all the basics and I mean a lot of them, you honestly can’t have enough black or white t shirts, tanks, jerseys etc. I’ve got about 6 different grey tops and I can style them differently each time!

TRUST. Invest in all the basics you can get get a hold of, what i mean by basics is, classic pieces like V necks, U neck one colored top! As well as getting statement pieces as well! Having those are always good to make an outfit look so much more put together/ you looked like you tried hard, but in reality you just quickly threw it on!

Top collar necklace with pearled details is by Zara and classic gold chain is by H&M.

And there we go!

Conclusion Chiquitas is waking up late and only having 5-10 minutes getting ready in the morning is really stress full! So 1. GET DEM BASICS! and 2. INVEST IN STATEMENTS! That’s what I did and little by little getting ready in the morning is so much more easier than before!

I’ll be posting something on basics soon and how to style them! So stay tuned guys!