Outfit of the day.
Haven’t posted an outfit of the day in a while now so voila!
As I mentioned before, these past few days it’s been freezing here and I’ve been trying to be all ”fashionista” and not freeze my butt off !
I decided to layer with my basic white T, ”motor” black jacket and to keep myself extra warm with my winter jacket.
For leggings I went with navy blue jeggings and my combat boots which I might add you will be seeing a lot of this season.

To make the outfit a little bit more fancy shmancy I topped it all off with my beloved Peter Pan necklace and white pearl earings!

As for my bag, I wanted to pull everything together with my Paul’s Boutique bag, which had gold detailing.

This winter,  I want to be able to be warm and still look classy. Stay warm people it’s going to be a very chilly winter!


Ps. All the details of where my clothes are from is in my older post!