lyra's con adventures


A few shots from today’s pseudo-cosplay shoot entitled Nikko’s Magical Pokemon Adventure.

I’m really happy with how well my phone takes pictures, I got some really cool lighting effects today. Obviously it’s nothing compared to if I had a Real Camera or either of us was any kind of professional, but we had fun and that’s what really matters :)

More pictures once we have a chance to parse the whole trip together. For now, have this added bonus:

infynitystorm  asked:

As far as the presentation is concerned, thanks to youtubing, livestream co commentating, and the like, I've built up some resistance to speaking anxiety. I'm actually presenting an insight into the pokemon cosmology as a part of the AX anime and manga symposium, and, thanks to obsessively working on tuning the paper over the last three months, you could say I know it religiously XD I guess what I'm asking is what you'd recommend in general, other than resisting the urge to spend all my money

My first recommendation is that LA is hot as shit this time of year, so be careful. Wear sunscreen if you think you’ll be outside at all, drink more water than you think you need to, and stay inside as much as possible. If you do overheat, take a COOL shower not a COLD one. I say this as someone who nearly got heatstroke and did get a sunburn that was still peeling 3 weeks later on her only trip to AX.

My next tip is as a general convention goer - have a plan for your schedule. Pick things you really want to go to, maybe even rank them as far as how important they are to you, and give yourself at least 30 minutes to be in line for each of them - longer if it’s a MAJOR event. Cons in general are bad about lines, and AX is one of the worst (though I’ve heard it’s not AS bad anymore - I spent 4 hours in line just to get my pass.) Make sure you budget in time to eat, change costumes, anything else you might need to do, and always remember that all those things are going to take way more time than you think they will - parking will take forever, standing in line for food will take forever, etc. incidentally, getting your food to go and eating while you’re waiting in line for something is never a bad idea.

Get extra sleep before the con because you will definiely not get enough sleep during it. Figure out where the nearest places to buy caffeine are and be prepared to blow $40 on that alone if you plan on attending any late things. Budget in time to shower - con funk is a real thing and it occurs because no one ever fucking showers during cons and that’s how everyone gets sick with con plague after cons.

Money-wise, make sure you have an emergency $50~$100 or a credit card somewhere in case you need to go somewhere, eat, or pay for unexpected room charges and your wallet has been stolen. keep your cash and your cards in different pockets or even leave most of it in your room if you don’t need it. Don’t buy anything the first day unless it’s clearly extremely limited; by Sunday a lot of places will have sales on shit they don’t want to have to take home, and even if they don’t you’ll have had time to decide if you REALLY wanted that thing. Always buy at least SOMETHING though, even if it’s just a $3 button or quick commission - you’ll be glad you have something to remember the con by, and otherwise you’ll be kicking yourself for weeks going “ugh why didn’t I buy that”. That way you can go “at least I got this!”

Take risks (as long as they don’t involve money), jump in on all the dumb games and stupid sounding panels you can find, talk to people you normally wouldn’t (but my god don’t give them any more personal contact info than your blog just in case they turn out to be nuts), and just have fun. Take pictures, even though you’ll probably forget you even had them, because there’ll always be at least one thing you wished you had one of otherwise (but carry a phone charger everywhere). I’ve never regretted a con unless I sat on my ass doing nothing (well, in my car playing taxi) instead of actually attending things, and I feel like that’s the best lesson I can give anyone is just go to things. You will always regret NOT doing things more than doing things.

Oh and take a day or two off afterward if you can because you’ll need the rest.