lyra's con adventures


A few shots from today’s pseudo-cosplay shoot entitled Nikko’s Magical Pokemon Adventure.

I’m really happy with how well my phone takes pictures, I got some really cool lighting effects today. Obviously it’s nothing compared to if I had a Real Camera or either of us was any kind of professional, but we had fun and that’s what really matters :)

More pictures once we have a chance to parse the whole trip together. For now, have this added bonus:

-con was amazing
-really happy to have gotten to meet so many people :D
-really sad I missed Viri and Qu after the first day D:
-double sad over the con being jerks about Viri’s dad’s cosplay :/
-really happy I got some awesome decals and buttons
-really happy to have given out a ton of hugs
-pretty stoked about all the AMVs we saw
-kinda eh that we didn’t play more card games
-kinda eh that I didn’t get more group photos
-pretty stoked I get to sleep in tomorrow
-overall enjoying everything