lyra's art

Cleaned it at last ! It’s ruff but this is a sketch page I drew as I was finishing the first book of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. I had to post it, because re-reading the books was SO great ! I knew I already loved it as a child and would understand it a lot better now, but I didn’t expected to love it that much !!
I took the complete three volumes for my one month internship in this tiny-village-with-nothing, and ended reading all of it in almost one week ! (That’s an awful lot of pages.) I can only recommend the series, and  would totally make a badass animated TV show out of it.

Ps - If you’ve read it, you cannot forget Him. Yeah and that’s tiny Lyra and big Iorek :3

I commissioned the always wonderful @xandrassketchbook for a watercolor portrait of Rennah Shepard in her wedding dress, and I’m so excited about how beautiful it turned out. The detail is stunning! Thank you so much! 

Rennah is from my completed story Lights in the Sky and I’m currently working on her wedding oneshot.