I Got Banned On Tinychat This Fucking Morning . So I Said . Fuck That Ban Changed My IP And Got Back On Like A Boss Nigga . Then I Fuckin Made Bacon . And Cammed Up . But I Was Laggin Hard AF So I Was Like Fuck This . Got On Oovoo With Some Fine Ass Bitch . Then She Was Like Im Finna Go To Sleep . Im Like Bye . And Hung Up . Then I Was Playing Xbox . Bitch You Know I Was Playing Black Ops . Zombies And Shit . It Was Me, This Hillbilly, Some British Kid , And Some Kid That Sound Like He Was 5 . Hoe Aint Have No Bass In His Voice. PLayed Zombies And Shit Till Like 4 . Then My Twitter Shit Rang On My Phone . It Was That Nigga Tron (This Is His Link BTW) Nigga Said He Was Coming To My House . He Brought Like A Clan Of Niggas Too . They Was Cool As Shit . Tron Was Talking Bout He Was Cold And Shit ( This Nigga Short . And Look Like Frank Ocean Lmfao ) . Then We Met These Bitches . Then We Got In Trouble For Loitering And Shit . Being Bosses We Said Fuck Security . Got Back To Normal Hood Shit . You Know Screaming At Traffic And Other Ghetto Hoodlum Shit . But Away . Tron Left And Shit . And I Got In The House . Ate Some Tacos . My Bro Chris Called And Said Nigga . We Got Some Bad Bitches . Im Like … OOOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT . Then I Came Outside Eatin A Taco . Bitch Asked Me Is I Was MEXICAN . I Said . Look Bitch . Today Ain’t Yo Day . She Got Quiet . I Force Fed Her That Taco . Then I Went In THe House And Took A Nap . Then I Woke Up And Said . I Wanna Tell My Tumblr About This Shit . I Got On And Typed This Shit . Now Im Still Typing Tryna Figure Out Why The Fuck I Aint Stop Yet …

There .

Ok . Im Done

PS* I Exaggerated The Shit With The Taco . I Didnt Force Feed Her . I Politely Gave Her Some . 

PPS* Shoutout To You If You Read This Shit And Laughed . 

PPPS* Bitch 

PPPPS* I Hope You Like This Shit , If You Don’t Then 

Oh And Skip Gave R.Kelly A Lap Dance . 


Roast session: 

fun with the gang.