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01x10: The Swan Lake (spoilers! here)

Summary: Emma and Princess Regina continue their journey to the Brooke village to get to Henry, and the shortest journey takes them across the Swan Lake, not around it. Luckily for both of them, Regina has some pixie dust on her from Tink…if only they read the label properly.

Quote: ”So this pixie dust will just…fly us across the lake? And you are sure it is safe? Because I really don’t think this is the time for me to learn how to swim..“

"Well, the journey around the lake takes 3 days. Flying across it takes less than half an hour so it is our best bet if we want to make it to Brooke by tomorrow. Besides, flying is actually kind of fun. I promise I will catch you if you decide to get your feet wet.”

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01x11: The Lady of the Lake (spoilers! here)

Summary: After Emma almost drowned, the pair has to think of another way to get to Brooke Village. An unexpected meeting with a mermaid leads them to a deal: Ariel promises to get them through the lake in a matter of minutes instead of almost a day worth of walking in exchange for a favour. The girls find themselves promising the hopeful mermaid they will deliver her letter to Prince Eric from the Kingdom nearby and Emma finds herself jealous of the way Regina seems smitten with Ariel, perhaps more than she should for a friend.

Quote: ”Please, I haven’t met any humans in weeks and I need this note delivered to the Prince…I can get you to your Village, then! And really fast, too, we mermaids can use magic to help people in need like you but please, do this for me first. It will take you half the time it would take you to walk to the village anyway and Eric’s kingdom is only minutes away!“

"I don’t know, Regina, I think we should just walk. Deals with magical creatures never end up good for humans.”

“Don’t be absurd, Emma, Ariel is just lovely. We can take the note, dear.”

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Once Upon a Time; alternative SQ episodes follow at: #lyongirl

Once upon a time, an engaged and unhappy princess Regina wanders through her kingdom where she meets Emma, a peasant girl who got lost on her way to reunite with her long lost brother, Henry. Regina decides to accompany Emma and the girls set off on an journey filled with danger, magic and maybe even love.

That is, if Emma’s secret does not kill them both.

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The Wolf Who Cried Girl

Summary: As Red suggests they capture the wolf that’s been lurking around the woods, Emma and Regina have an argument about whether they should help the girl. After Red promises to give them a horse to get to the Brooke village faster, Regina wins the argument and the girls set of to capture the big bad wolf.



Dark Road

Summary:  Regina and Emma get into a fight when Emma shows lack of understanding to Regina’s privileged lifestyle problems. As they part roads, Emma realizes she can’t let Regina leave for more reasons than just the one that brought them together.