Pearl: “omg a baby I’m gonna try to murder him, manipulate his friend to believe she’s worthless and literally let him hang over a cliff because my “gf” didn’t as spend much time with me as she did with ,,,Greg… Also im gonna guilt trip Garnet cause she got mad at me for lyong to her“

Y'all: It’s called having character flaws!! Why do y'all hate mentally ill lesbians????

Bismuth: "Listen I know immediately attacking Steven/Rose was wrong but Rose did not care about the other gems, she only cared about the earth and its humans. She lied to me, my friends and lost the war cause she didn’t wanna kill the very enemies who would kill us for not following their rules. Not to mention Steven was acting the same way and I didn’t want to be lied to again”

Y'all: Omg!!! She’s such a big meanie!!! Shes the real villain! She just wanted to shatter gems for funsies!! Y'all romantize Bismuth too much!!! *goes back to worshipping Pearl and Blue Diamond because they cry so all their wrongs are excused*

Current Draft of List of Serpents In My Generic Fantasy Setting

I’m certain it’s not finished, because I know there’s probably a dozen or more monsters from around the world I’ve probably left out, but it’s a start!  Or hopefully a middle.  Maybe even a start of an end?

I didn’t include things that will be chimeras (i.e. a magically created hybrid of two or more unrelated animals) unless a dragon or basilisk was involved in the mix, because there are too many goddamn chimeras in mythology that have snake parts in ‘em to count.  So serpentaurs, Gorgons, and Questing Beasts (and a billion other critters) will have to wait their turn.

• Dragons
• Dragonets: catchall term for young dragons
• Knuckers: catchall term for aquatic/amphibious freshwater dragons
• Guivres: catchall term for aquatic/amphibious saltwater dragons
Hydra Syndrome: a genetic disorder common to all dragon species where they grow more than one head, and is often tied to having enhanced healing abilities
• Zmeys – three headed variant of Hydra syndrome, lacks enhanced healing
• Orochi – the only known case of hydra syndrome affecting a loong
• Lesser Drakes: a clade of dragons with four legs and no wings
• Peludas: a subclade of lesser drakes that has spikey armored scutes on its back
• The Tarasque Peluda - a massive species of peluda that resembles the mythical tarasque
Greater Drakes: a clade of dragons with four legs and two wings
• Flightless Greater Drakes – greater drakes whose wings are used for other purposes than flight, a missing link between lesser and greater drakes
• Piasa – the only greater drake ever known to be found outside of Midgaheim and Meditera .  Was driven to extinction by competition with Thunderbirds.
• Lindorms: a clade of dragons with two forelimbs and no wings or hindlimbs
• Wyrms: a clade of legless dragons
• Wyverns: a clade of dragons with two wings, two hindlimbs, and no forelimbs
• Sting-tailed wyverns: wyverns whose tail spades have developed into venomous stingers
• Zilants (aka False Wyverns): a clade of dragons with two wings, two forelimbs, and no hindlimbs
• Amphipteres: a clade of dragons with two wings and no legs
• Tatzelwyrms: a clade of dragons with two hindlimbs, no forelimbs, and no wings
• Loongs: A clade of dragons native to the North-Eastern continent that my lazy ass hasn’t named yet - i.e. Asian dragons.
• Loong Life cycle
• Imugi: water snake dragonet
• Kiao: water snake with carp-like head, 1- 500 years old
• Kiao-lung: carp-scaled serpent with loong’s head, 500 – 1000 years old
• Kioh-lung: near-mature loong, most recognizable type, 1000 – 2000 years old
• Ying-lung: “wing” horns develop, 2000+ years old
• Tien-lung: celestial dragons, most powerful of loongs, guard palaces of the gods.
• Shen-lung: spirit dragons, control wind, rain, and storms, help farmers, have blue scales, lazy
• Imperial Loongs: shen-lung with five toes that are especially exalted
• Fut-lung: subterranean loongs, guard treasures of the earth, cause volcanic eruptions when they emerge above ground
• Ti-lung: earth dragons, watch over rivers, lakes, and streams
• Tao Tieh: a loong with one head and one pair of forelegs, but two bodies (i.e. the spinal cord branches), with two pelvises, two pairs of hind legs, and two tails
• Yu-lung: an aquatic loong with a fish-like body
• Ryujin: a particularly fierce saltwater loong
• Druk: Short bodied loongs
• Notable Hybrids
• Draikainas: Dragon, Titan, & Serpentaur hybrid
• (The Original) Chimaera: dragon, basilisk, lion, goat mix
• Cerberus: half dragon, half hound, suffered from the Zmey version of Hydra syndrome
• Cetus: half dragon, half kraken
• Lou Carcolh: Dragon & Snail Hybrid, enormous, resembles a snail-shelled dragon with tentacles over its mouth, drips with slime
• Tarasque: a complicated chimera: hybrid of dragon, basilisk, turtle, and lion
• Zburator: Dragon & Fenrisbrood hybrid
• Alphyn: Dragon & Cathaneg hybrid
• Grootslang: Dragon & Behemoth hybrid
• Kirin: Loong & Unicorn hybrid
• Hai Ryo: Loong & Phoenix hybrid
• Dragon Turtle: Loong & Turtle hybrid
• Dragon Fuu: Loong & Fuu Dog hybrid
• Gye-lyong: Loong & Rooster hybrid
• Chi Wen: Loong & Leviathan hybrid

• Basilisks
• Creeping Basilisks
• Slithering Basilisks
• Cockatrices: hybrid of chicken and basilisk
• Draconic Cockatrices: hybrid of chicken, basilisk, and dragon

Other Magical Serpents
• Sirrush: a four legged, antlered serpent
• Unhcegila: giant, armored, creeping basilisk-like creature
• Jaculus: a small, bipedal serpent that leaps out of trees.  Its neck frill can resemble wings and allows it to glide for short distances.
• Ichneumon: a serpent that preys upon larger serpents, burying itself in mud to attack its foe from beneath.  Similar in appearance to the Jaculus.
• Sciatale: a bipedal serpent with brilliantly colored, shining scales that can hypnotize prey.  It is extremely warm.
• Plumed Serpents: serpents with forelimbs that have been modified to serve as wings, with a mix of scales and an integument that superficially resembles feathers
• Quetzalcoatl
• Peuchen
Amphisbaena – a two headed serpent (two serpents conjoined at the hip)
• Horned Serpents
• Cerastes – horned serpents from Midgaheim and Meditera, have ram-like horns
• American Horned Serpents have deer horns
• Estakwvnayv – aquatic, iridescent scales, large crystal in forehead
• Tcinto saktco – red, blue, white, and yellow horned varieties
• Uktena – similar to estakwvnayv in appearance, with rings/spots along its length, uses the light reflected by its diamond to lure enemies, breaths poisonous gas, huge in size.  
• Other names for species in this group: Kitchi-at’husis, misi-kinepikw, msi-kinepikwa, misi-ginebig, mishi-ginebig, pita-skog, sinti lapitta, unktehi, unktehila, olobit

Actual Magical Snakes
• Boyg – a massive snake that oozes acidic slime
• Rainbow Serpents – massive, flying serpents with brightly colored stripes
• Hoop Snakes – intelligent and durable snakes who curl into a hoop and roll down hills to travel swiftly
• Yurlungur – a massive copper-colored snake
• Nagas – large, magically attuned cobras that sometimes take on human-like features (an imitation act, rather than a true hybrid like serpentaurs)
• Tsuchinoko – a fat snake with a stinger tail that can speak.

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Kiss Me by New Found Glory
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No Remedy by The Flavr Blue
Pilot Jones by Frank Ocean
Everything I Didn’t Say by 5SOS
Lyong-Lyo by TJ Monterde
Show Me by ALina Baraz 
We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off by Ella Eyre

I literally have no recollection of half these songs and the other half is from maybe 2-3 years ago kdjfhsla

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Shawn: Shawn would probably tell you to stop studying and just relax and you would but your mind would still be stuck on the work. He would probably just hold you close and kiss your neck and back shoulder and let you know how much he loves you making you calm down and forgetting everything about work.

Nash: He would defintaly be one to get you off school work.

“Come on Y/n lets do something you’ve been staring at the screen for hours!” He always said something like that.

“Nash this is important” You always responded with evtually Nash will get you off and you too would make stupid vines and YouTube videos together.

Brent: Brent would always want to make you happy so he would always get school work off your mind by just acting like a loser and making you laugh your face off. He always would hold your hand in public whil fans attack you. You thought it was pretty funny when people would say “You look so happy and free doesn’t school kill you?” School did but Brent made you happy and you forgot about all of it

Carter: Carter was always one to get you off the computer and work with you through the books and try to get you to understand it. One day you were working extra hard, you were about to rip out your hair. “Babe are you okay?” Carter asked “Do I look okay!?” You shouted in a pissy tone you weren’t trying to sound so mean but you were just so pissed and stressed you didn’t know what to do. “No come here let’s just watch moives or something.” Carter said standing by the door. You nodded knowing you had the best boyfriend ever. Taylor: “Come on get off the computer!” You complained “You have been on there for 3 hours!” “I don’t want to fail” He mumbled “If you did the work you wouldn’t have this problem.” You said “I know!” He shouted “Well what if I sucked your dick?” You asked cocky. He turned and looked at you wide eyed. You walked over to him taking off your shirt “What do you say?” You asked smirking and he closed his lap top lid right away. Dillon: “Are you okay?” Dillon asked rubbing your sides “Yup” You said simply while your head was laying on the bed. “Are you sure?” “No.” “Babe whats wrong?” He asked kissing the back of your neck. “Just stress.” You said sighing he turned your body so you were lyong on your stomach. “I’ll give you a back massage” He said kissing your neck again. Matt: These finals were killing you so you didnt study just thinking about the work made your stomach drop. You and Matt were going to hang out so you can get your mind off things. Matt soon was at your door with his adorable smile “Hi” he said like a little fairy you smiled and kissed his lips softly and you were out the door forgetting everything. Aaron: Aaron would always help you out. He would help you out with school work he would help you out with anything. He would pretty much do anything you asked. You found yourself burried in books gaining a headace. So you decided to call Aaron so you guys can hang out. Aaron agreed to take you out and do anything you want. When he finally arrived you told him you wanted ice cream so you two walled down for ice cream and in the middle of the night there were no cars out no people it was just you two. Your laughter and talking filled the sky. He really made you happy. Cameron: You would always be stressed about family stuff. Cameron was really the only one you could trust. You and Cam have been together for over a year he was your frist he was your everything. You could only trust him. After having a huge argument with your father you just called Cam telling him to come get you and thats what he did. That whole night was spent with giggling talking and sweet kisses. Chris: Chris of course would always cheer you up by rapping little cute shit. One day after you were wanting to jump out a window because school was killing you. You asked Chris if he could come over. He said yes and soon he was there with a couple movies and popcorn and that was the rest of your day. Dyaln: Dylan always found some way to cheer you up. Weather it be making you laugh, hugging you, kissing you or whatever he was always cheering you up. Well of course you had him over and he was too busy working on homework so you decided to get him up to do something. So you walked over to him and kissed his lips softly causing him to look up he smiled at you and you just kissed him. “Come on lets do something” You smiled widely he just nodded. Jake: Jake would just treat you lile a princess when you were down he’d stay up with you he’d do anything for you. Well you had him over while you were writing a 3000 word essay which was killing you! You were about ready to cry. “I can’t do this shit!” You yelled looking right at him. He cupped your face and kissed your nose. “Baby just calm down. Work on it someother time.” He said in a clamming voice you nodded and kissed his lips softly “Thanks babe” You smiled Jack G: Jack was one to cheer you up but this time you had to cheer him up. Jack has been stressed for all this graduation stuff he was just always worried about it. Well its graduation day and now hes freaking out because he thinks he is going to mess up. So right before he sat down you did a epic make out session whispering “If you mess up you won’t be getting more.” with a wink and of course he got up and nailed it. Jack J: You were always stressed about work the way your boss treated you made you feel like shit and you had enough. You came home to Jack on the couch. You flopped down angry wanting to sleep and forget all about today. Jack came up and kissed your forehead. “Babe are you okay?” He asked kissing down your jawline to your neck “Yeah I’m better now.” You said kissing Jacks lips. “Lets go upstairs so I can make you forget all about your bad day.” He said picking you up while you just nodded Sorry I have no idea why it all came together as one. Love y’all