Brain regions activity when making a word choice decision in second language. With the decision to become an expat, often comes the challenge of learning the new home country’s language. This can be a daunting task, especially for an adult who has never taken classes pertaining to that particular language. CLICK HERE for a few helpful strategies that one can apply in the quest for bilingualism.

A living green innovation: Tour Végétale de Nantes integrating luscious plant facades into his designs, architect Edouard Francois is raising the stakes by adding trees to the balconies, visually transforming the structure into a small mountain. The tower will host retail, office space and apartments, and is a full-service urban project with quality of life and energy savings at its core

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A profile of Christophe Lemaitre, the incredibly fast & nice French national champion of the 100 & 200m sprint. He set another record at the 2011 French Championships in Albi, on July 29th 2011

If you’re moving to live in France permanently or for a prolonged period of time it makes sense to open a French bank account. Many utilities and service providers prefer to be able to debit a French bank account and if you’re renting, your landlord will also want to be able to directly debit your account once a month. 


Who is Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet?

Born to an affluent bohemian family in Paris, she studied biology and graduated from the national school of forestry, water and rural management.

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet was born in Paris on 14 May 1973 and is often referred to by her initials NKM, is the current spokeswoman of Nicolas Sarkozy presidential campaign.

She is described by Le Monde as “smiling, yet abrupt; sophisticated, yet able to hold her own in expletive-filled conversations.”

She is also, like many in her generation, techno savvy. Her blog NKM is an interesting read. And she invites all to visit.

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Lyon’s Ludovic Morlot is the 16th music director of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Musical chemistry can occur unexpectedly, spurring curious unions.

Mr. Morlot, a 37-year-old native of Lyon, France, first led the ensemble less than two years ago, in October 2009, when the nearly 100-year-old orchestra was looking for a successor to Gerard Schwarz, whose tenure began in 1985.