lyon vs real

What didn't you miss ?

midnitesunlite replied to your post: Oh Madridstas, get over about not being given a penalty

There was a hand ball by Gourcuff? Wow… I really did miss out on something ~great~, didn’t I?

This match was epic:

  • The special one, bullying a child. (Is child abuse legal in France?)
  • Gourcuff held another human’s (child) hand and did not flinch in revulsion.
  • Pirouetted into the Madrid bench in a vain effort to make contact with Kaka.
  • Snoodgate made an appearance
  • Lots of ‘oooh gurl, she didn’t moments’ from Michel Bastos
  • Lots of 'B***, I am the prettiest moments’ from CRON and Carebear
  • Xabi being classy, Veet crying moments
  • More questions to my psychic dog
  • Benzema/Ribery/Zahia debacle was discussed resulting in the following points: the need for a new Sky Sports show featuring Ruby Heart Breaker and Zahia and Karim making huge advancements in his literacy
  • The handballgate, Carebear stood there and acted like Gigi and was like 'vhaaaaaat do you mean the ball hit my arm, I vassss protecting mon visaaaaageeeee’ *Flutter, Flutter*
  • Yeah, there was some football as well but that was boring (o;