lyon legacy

One thing that I really like about Cookie, my favorite thing about her is that she’s a mother first. Family comes first to her above all else. Even tho she can be ruthless and be about business when she needs to be, when her family needs her, when it’s made aware to her, she’s there. Even tho she was locked up for 17 yrs without any kinda contact with anyone, besides Jamal, she goes to all of them, she loves all of them, unlike Lucious who has been there but hasn’t really been. The contrast between those two when it comes to that is so obvious. And the fact that she loves all her children, unconditionally and without question and accept their “flaws”, basically who they are, is amazing. And also her one liners are amazing!


Adaira went to go talk to her and after a few minutes this guy (I gave him a makeover he was the one that she was talking to either in the green hat or was another sim that she met at the library). Aww, he’s pouting. After talking for hours and becoming friends he came over but they didn’t get to get closer because Adaira was exhausted.