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Copa América Rules- Tag Ten

thanks to @sassybartra for the tag !!

1. Favorite Clubs- Real Madrid || Chelsea, Lyon feminines

2.coaches- Ancelotti, Antonio Conte, Klopp

3. Favorite Strikers- Ronaldo, Diego Costa, the MSN, Marta, Le Sommer

4. Favorite Midfielders- Ozil, Iniesta and Xavi, Modric and Kroos, Marozsan, Hazard, Vidal

5. Favorite Defenders- RAMOS, Piqué, Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Dani Alves, Renard, Carvajal

6. Favorite Goalkeepers- SAN IKER

7. Favorite Captains- Iker and Ramos

8. Favorite Stadiums- Bernabéu

9. Favorite Retired Footballers- Beckenbauer, Ronaldinho

10. A Moment That Made You Smile- every real madrid game ever

11. A Moment That Made You Cry- Ronaldo’s injury in the Euro final

12. A Player You Used To Dislike And Now You Like- none tbh

13. Players You Like From A Rival Team- oh my there are so many– Piqué, Neymar, Messi, Suárez, Iniesta, Alba, Dani Alves…

14. A Player You Respect For Their Talent- all of the mentioned above?

15. A Player You Want To Hang Out With- I wanna say Ramos but ill just start fuckign crying i dont want him to think im a crybaby so no Marozsan

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Awesome to see PSG get so much support hosting the second leg vs Bayern. Well done, Paris! Fantastic match and turnaround.

PSG 4 - Bayern 0 (4-1 aggregate)

3′ Delie
13′ Cristiane
41′ Cruz
51′ Cristiane

Lyon’s possession game is really wonderful to see. No wonder the match ended with OL having a 61% possession rate. Just look at this sequence of passes that starts with Alex and only ended when ELS loses the ball on the twelfth pass.

I feel like Ashley Lawrence does not get enough praise??? She’s one of the most complete players in the women’s game right now - great on the wing, superb pace on and off the ball, great defensively, puts in great crosses, incredibly hardworking. Great college career, great for her NT (especially in Rio) and fit in perfectly with PSG.

Beautiful football from Ol Feminin. Another amazing series of passes that involved a big portion of the team and half of the field. Too bad it didn’t lead to a goal in the end.

Note: Sorry the video doesn’t have any sound.

I’ve watched both UWCL matches this morning/afternoon and then there’s 4 NWSL matches on tonight too. Great to be able to say you can watch women’s football all day and have the accessibility.