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A screenshot redraw from “Wrong Exposure”. mostly.

I found it really cute how careful and gentle Ulrich was in nudging a very drained Aelita towards the tower, creating an unexpectedly intimate moment which was a great juxtaposition against their totally BRUTAL fight scene mere minutes ago, like talk about whiplash. What a gr8 episode.  

Rising from the ashes of the Code Lyoko fandom, I give you those chibi characters I’ve been working on for a potential open-world video game that’s never going to happen ; allowing you to play as a new Kadic student chosen between each lyoko warriors there ever was.

Most of you should already know Odd, Yumi, Aelita, Ulrich and Jeremy. A few more perhaps are familiar with William, who was introduced during season 2 and only joined the group after a rough journey.

As for the two last female characters, the first one is none over than the famous Eva Skinner, introduced as an American young girl with a very important role in the book serie following the events of season 4 : Code Lyoko Chronicles. She only exists in the universe from these novels, so I had to improvise with the 3rd volume cover (that features her in the front) for her look.

The last character is Laura Gauthier, a new Kadic student as clever as Jeremy but a lot more self-absorbed. She kind of forced her way to the group in the live-action serie : Code Lyoko Evolution, which proposes another continuation of the main storyline, and has nothing to do with the story told by Code Lyoko Chronicles. Once again, I had to improvise while drawing her because she was played by a real-life actress an never existed as a cartoon character.

So here they are, all Lyoko-warriors from all universes at last united in one picture ! Hope you like this silly and pointless drawing. Enjoy~

Code Lyoko au ideas?

Its been a long time since I’ve seen Code Lyoko and I never actually finished it but yo. I got thoughts.

So like Code Lyoko is descended from a student film called:  Les enfants font leur cinéma

Ok but the Lyoko Warriors knowing each other from a secret kid film club?

-adds a potential friend group

-potential backup warriors

And Garage Kids was it’s first try

Yes the kids keeping their powers in the real world. B/c if XANA can say fuck you to reality why not a bunch of kids that regularly come in contact with it and a supercomputer that can wind back time?

Unrelated but Code Lyoko being set in the same world as Oban Star Racers just much earlier in its history. Perhaps XANA and Canaletto have something to do with each other?

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Top 10 favorite animated boys

Hi Roya! :D Like the top 10 animated girls, they’re listed in no specific order and I’ll list one per show :3
1.James from Team Rocket (pokèmon)

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2.Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown

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3.Timmy from Winx Club

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4.Mephisto from LoliRock

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5.Steven Universe from SU

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6.Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir from Miraulous Ladybug

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7.Megaman from Megaman NT Warrior

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8.Odd Della Robbia from Code Lyoko

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9.Double D from Ed, Edd and Eddy

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10.Tristepin Percedal from Wakfu

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Honorable mentions:
Yuma Tsukumo from Yu Gi Oh Zexal

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Pacster from Pacman and the ghostly adventures

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